3 Different Styles Of Ear Crops For Your American Bully

Ear Cropping Guide for American Bully

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If you breed an American bully or Pit Bull and you want your pet to look extraordinary then crop your dog ears. Cropping Dog Ears is very popular for American Bully and Other Bully Pit

The 3 Most Popular American Bully Ear Crops

Show crop – this crop is the most popular crop for American Bully and Pitbull. It gives the General appearance of alertness

Short Crop – The Most Recommended Crop for all American bully and pitbull. It is recommended because this crop is the combination of Show crop and battle Crop.

Battle Crop – The Shortest and popular crop for your American bully and pitbull. Nowadays, most popular breeders uses the battle crop for their bully. The only problem with this crop is the Bully’s ear will be susceptible to infection. We need to make sure that we always clean it and use the veterinarian prescribed antibiotic tablets.

Common Questions you need to Know about American Bully Cropping

Age of American Bully before Having Ears Cropped?

We advice cropping the ears when your bully puppies are 8 to 16 weeks old. The older your Bully, the more developed the ear cartilage develops into, and also, the more challenging the treatment can be for the bully. On the other hand, if the bully is too young, ear bracing maybe needed for a longer period of time because the cartilage was most likely developed enough.

How long does healing take?

This could vary. Usually, stitches are cleaned up and removed 2-3 weeks after the operation. Unless of course, the ears end up being injured for some reason, after 3 to 4 weeks, the ears should heal.American Bully Ear Crop Different Styles

Why do I need to Crop the Ears of my American Bully?

Ear cropping is generally to make your Bully look good and extraordinary. However, there are some health benefits your bully can get for ear cropping. Here are the example benefits you can get:

Improved the air flow to the ear canal may possibly decrease chances for bacterial and fungal ear infections. Additionally it is suggestive for your American bully or any breed you have, and it has been done since pre-history. On the other hand, it’s a surgical operation, which usually basically has risks and really should definitely be performed by a certified professional of ear cropping.

American Bully Puppy The ear has been Cropped

What Aftercare can you suggest after the Ears Crop Surgery?

After the surgery, a professional vet will give you a set of instructions that you should follow. He will also give you a recommended antibiotics such as Cephalexin. It should be administered for at least 10 days immediately after the ear crop operation. It is very important also to take each and every procedure to make sure that the dog does not scratch the ears or injure the stitches at the time of the healing process. Starting on day 2, at least almost every 6-12 hrs, clean the ears and stitches with the help of Bactine spray. This lessens pain and irritation and helps avoid infection. When you finish cleaning with Bactine, add 1% hydrocortisone cream around the suture area. After that, apply triple-antibiotic cream to the stitches and cuts. When you notice the dog is often attempting to scratch the ears, spray the cuts with Bactine and also use hydrocortisone. Maintain with this aftercare until such time the stitches are taken off, and the cuts are recovered. These steps will speed the healing process and reduce the appearance of scars.

What are The Best Medicines That Can Help American Bully Ears Crop Heal Fast?

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