Why Trimming a Bully Nails is Really Important? Best Trimming Dog Nails Tips You Need To Know

Bull Dog Cleaning and Nail Trimming

Grooming a Bully is not just about hair brushing and a good thorough bath. It also includes trimming dog nails for American Bully. It is a very important part of pet grooming for an American Bully dog and to some extent other pets like non-Bully's and cats. We all know that a Bully is a dog with a gentle, friendly and playful personality that makes it is an ideal companion pet for its owner and families. It is also a tough dog that has very high tolerance and endurance to injuries. This trait can be a liability to the dog since it will just shrug off and not show that it has injuries that can easily be overlooked or is internal. It will do harm to the dog in the long run if not given medical attention. Long toenails in a Bully can cause harm to it, and you might not notice it until it becomes a serious problem.

Why is trimming a Bully’s toenails is important?

A very long toenail has a tendency to break. If your Bully is the very energetic type of dog, who loves to run, play and jump almost if not all day then your pet will experience this. Breaking a toenail is painful to the dog, but since Bullies have a high tolerance for the pain caused by the broken toenail they won’t show that they are injured. The result is an infection in the dog’s broken toenail that will cause problems for the dog when not treated immediately.

Another reason is that long toenails can cause your Bully to have an irregular gait. The Bully is forced to adjust and compensate for the unevenness of the toenail when walking or running which causes the dog to adopt an irregular gait. An irregular gait may not be a big thing, but in the long run, it will cause skeletal damage to the poor dog.

Normally you or an owner of a Bully would trim its toenails to avoid this, but you may have some hesitation doing it since it may cause bleeding and pain to the dog. Also, you and a Bully owner might think that the hassle that your pet Bully does when trying to trim it is too much work. An understandable sentiment since your pet will try to get out of the hands of the one doing the toenail trimming. It may even resort to biting. Trimming dog nails for American Bully need not be a hassle or a traumatic experience for your dog.

Trimming dog nails for American Bully Trimming Diagram


Important Reminders you need to know first before you trim your dog’s toenails

When to start trimming the toenails

Always check the dog’s toenails and see if they are long enough to be trimmed. If you can’t sure try this: make your Bully walk on an uncarpeted area and listen. If you hear a “click-click-click” sound when your dog is walking it is a definite sign that a trimming should be done it.

What to use for trimming and clipping

There are two types of nail clippers to choose: a scissors type or a guillotine type. Scissors type clipper works like a normal pair of scissors while the guillotine has a stationary hole in which to put the nail and a blade that moves up to cut the dog’s nail. There is no difference in choosing between the two when trimming dog nails for American Bully. Just find which of the two is comfortable for you to use. Get some styptic powder or any products to stop the bleeding if your nick the dog’s quick.

Prepare your Bully physically and physiologically for trimming

It will take a few days, but it is necessary if you want to avoid the hassle when trimming. Get your Bully Dog used to have its paws picked up and gently touch his nails and toes for a few seconds. Repeat this action for a couple of minutes. Give the dog a treat while you at it. After a couple of days do this exercise again with an actual nail clipper (don’t cut the nails yet). Your Bully will soon learn that toenail trimming is a good thing once it gets used to the exercises.

How to trim or clip your Bully properly to avoid bleeding

Choose a nail to clip and take your Bully’s toe where the nail is. Hold the toe gently, but firmly between your fingers. If the nail trimmer is a scissors-type hold it at a right angle to the nail with the toenail’s tip between the blades. If the trimmer is a guillotine-type try holding it perpendicularly with the toenail’s tip in the hole with the cutting blade facing the dog.

Amazing American Bullie Clip Nails Guide

Next, begin the trimming while avoiding the Bully’s quick. The quick carries the blood supply in the nail. If this is cut, the dog’s toenail will bleed. If the Bully has clear transparent nails, you can see the quick looks pink and avoid clipping it to prevent a bleeding. If you can’t see the quick, try feeling the toenails instead. They feel spongy and soft so avoid clipping it. Do a 45-degree cut on the nail below the quick. Do some small cuts instead of one large cut to avoid the quick. Trim the Bully declaws while you’re at it.

If you managed to cut the quick apply styptic powder to the bleeding

If this is your first time doing the toenails just trim the toenails two or three at a time, and then continue the next day. Eventually, your Bully will feel comfortable with your toenail trimming to the point that you can finish it in one sitting. An alternate way of trimming the toenails is to have the Bully constantly walk on surfaces of concrete floors that wear down the dog’s toenails. Still, a proper trimming is the best option available. Always keep your Bully in top condition by grooming to maintain its health. A healthy Bully is a happy Bully, and a happy Bully makes a great dog or a pet.










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