Pitbull Great Dane Mix and Why It Is a Great Addition to Your Family?

Pitbull Great Dane Mix and Pitbull Terrier Playing on Beach

The best thing about Pitbull Great Dane mix is that is undeniably a loyal and loving companion. This is the main reason why a lot of people want to own one of these dogs. If you are one of them, you might want to know more first about this dog mix and how you can take care of it. By understanding the characteristics and everything about Great Dane Pitbull mix, you will also determine if this dog is right for you or not.

Here are some of the interesting facts about Great Dane and Pitbull mix that you should not miss:

The Origin of Pitbull Great Dane Mix

Great Dane Pitbull is a playful and affectionate result of crossing Pitbull and Great Dane. Among the best traits of this dog include friendliness with kids, alertness, loyal, and loving. Even if the origin of this mix is not clear and has no precise information available, this hybrid dog is a dog that everybody will surely love to have. It’s ideal for active owners or those with lots of time to spend.

Great Danes are actually a German dog breed that is known for their big size. Back in ancient Greece, huge dogs resembling Great Danes were used for hunting and appear in frescoes from the Tiryns, which date back as far as the 14th century. Such boarhounds made appearances in art during the Hellenistic period. Some bigger dogs were imported from across Europe to the countries of Austria and Germany to boost the stature of boarhounds. It is also believed that the combination of these big dogs grew into what you now consider the Great Dane of the present.

During the nineteenth century, the dog was renowned as a German Boarhound and used for hunting other animals including bears, deer, and boars. Some people who wanted to market this dog as a luxury instead of a working dog made an effort to name these as German Mastiff, yet due to the tension between Germany and some European countries, these dogs were referred to as Great Dane.

Nowadays, Great Danes aren’t known as work dogs, but as big domestic dogs. The AKC describes these dogs as a combination of elegance, regal strength, and dignity. They have a well-formed, powerful, and muscular body. In spite of its big size, AKC claims that this should have confirmation so well balanced that it doesn’t appear clumsy and move with a long reach with a powerful drive. Great Dances have a fine coat.

The ratio of Great Dane in terms of height to length must be equal, providing them a square figure. Adult males reach a height of over thirty inches with females reaching only about twenty-eight inches. Anything less is basically disqualified from the AKC’s standards. Great Danes are considered to be the tallest breed of a dog. Until the year of 2014, Zeus, a Great Dane, was the tallest dog across the globe with a height of about forty-four inches. More often than not, the stature of Great Dane suggests fiercer nature, yet these are friendly dogs. They love physical affection from their rightful owners and frequently referred to as the gentle giants. They also have a good disposition towards some dogs because they aren’t considered to be aggressive by nature. When compared to other breeds of dog, these are gentle and perfect for families for the reason that they bond very well with young kids.

Pitbull Great Dane Mix Playing on Water

Pitbulls, on the other hand, are loving and highly intelligent animals. They show respect for their owners with strong temperament and personality, making it essential for you to train them well and disciplined in the right way. These dogs respond well to some disciplinary actions and would be a great dog once trained at their early age. Pitbulls also have lots of energy and require exercise on a regular basis. They require at least forty-five minutes to an hour of daily exercise. Without this, they can be hyperactive, badly behaved, and aggressive. Therefore, it is essential that you’re also active and willing to spend more time with your dog.

In spite of looking like an aggressive animal, Pitbulls are not. As mentioned, they develop a strong bond with their owners and are not that protective. That is why some do not rely on these dogs as their guard dogs. The reason behind it is that in reality, Pitbulls are mild mannered. Due to their history as a fighting dog, some would believe that they don’t like humans and aggressive by nature. But, that is not true. Pitbulls are loving and loyal if trained well and provided with the care they deserve. These dogs are also territorial sometimes and might not take well to what they could perceive as their home’s invasion.

When compared to other dogs with short hair, Pitbulls don’t need maintenance with grooming. They never shed a lot of hair, no matter what the season is. This makes these dogs ideal for people who take pride in their home’s cleanliness. Pitbulls are also highly energetic dogs. So, you have to provide them a well-balanced diet. They must be fed with lots of high protein foods, and a chicken-based kibble is a great option. However, adding raw eggs to the diet of Pitbulls can be beneficial. When feeding your Pitbull Great Dane mix, make sure to consult your vet first.

Great Danebull Pictures

Great Danebull Puppy Looking Up

Pitbull Great Dane mix Sleepy

Great Danebull Relaxing

Black Pitbull Great Dane Mix on Car

Pitbull Great Dane Mix Picture

Happy Black Great Dane Pitbull

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Life Span of Great Danebull

This dog mix forges an emotional bond with the home and family he lives with. That is why it’s recommended to this dog indoors no matter what the weather condition is. The lifespan of a Pitbull Great Dane mix is an average of 8-12 years. Basically, it depends on the overall health condition and size of the dog.

How to Train a Great Dane Pitbull Mix

Although Great Dane Pitbull mix is a big dog, training this is not a difficult thing to do. It is a smart dog and isn’t hard to train for the reason that this dog is known to be eager to please its owner. Nevertheless, if you are getting a puppy of this mix, see to it that you train as well as socialize him at an early age so that he will learn good habits when his mind is most receptive to such habits. Once you get a Great Danebull that was not socialized and trained properly at a young age and you like to train him, the job might be much harder because you have to change what he is used to doing since he was young.

Overall Stats of Pitbull Great Dane Mix

The appearance of Pitbull Great Dane mix may differ in appearance from one puppy to another based on which genes of the parents are dominant. The trend seems to favor Great Dane when it comes to appearance, and this dog mix is often big, lean, and long. The coat is smooth and short like Pitbull and Great Dane. But, you will like how Great Danebull performs when training. Since this dog is smart, he can easily learn the habits that you have taught him, provided that you start training him at an early age.

Weight and Size of Great Danebull

It can be hard to give a general description of this dog mix for the reason that cross breeds do not have a standardized appearance of purebreds. These dogs may look more like a Pitbull or a Great Dane in many instances. They are about 24-30 inches in height and must weigh around 60-100 pounds.

Temperament and Exercise Needed

The best way for you to know more about the character and temperament of a Pitbull Great Dane mix is to research about the dog’s parents because you are most likely to get a combination of what is found in both. In spite of what you might be thinking about it being a complicated idea to mix a strong and fierce looking Great Dane with an aggressive Pitbull, what you will actually get is a beautiful dog with a good soul. This is especially true if you had trained or socialized this dog mix when he was still little.

If you want to get a Great Danebull as an addition to your growing family, it is always a good idea to have a big backyard where you can spend time with him. It is not a good idea if you will get this dog and your place is too small.

When it comes to exercise requirements, this dog likes playing outside. You may get a soccer ball or a Frisbee. For this size of a dog, the amount of exercise daily is one to two hours.

Foods and The Tips to Feed Pitbull Great Dane Mix

Frequently, diet is done depending on the needs of the dog. Every Great Danebull has unique dietary requirements. Majority of dogs in the US are overweight, and this dog is prone to elbow and hip dysplasia. For this reason, glucosamine and fish oil supplements are important for Pitbull Great Dane mix. Overfeeding isn’t a good idea since it can exacerbate health issues. This dog can also eat about three to six cups of high-quality dry dog food daily. You may split it into two meals to get rid of any problems like bloating. See to it that your dog has access to fresh water on a regular basis.

Appearance and How Much Does It Cost to Own This Dog Mix?

You may expect this dog to have lean and long body like Great Dane and with less muscle like Pitbull. You should also expect that your dog is very elegant as he will have long legs. HE will also have ears that are smaller than of Great Dane’s as well as lower set like the Pitbull. Its tail must curl upward slightly, and it must have a shiny, smooth, and short coat. When it comes to the weight and size, it might swing either way to represent smaller Pitbull or big Great Dane.

The puppy of a Pitbull and Great Dane mix costs about $600. This dog requires a leash, collar, and crate, which cost $450-$500. The annual medical costs for an emergency medical saving, flea prevention, vaccinations, and checkups are $480-$600.

Health Concerns You Should be Aware of from Taking Care of Great Danebull

Majority of dog experts think that hybrid dogs like Pitbull Great Dane mix live a much healthier life compared to purebred parents because of the hybrid vigor, which is a fancy phrase for not being inbred for many years. Even if this dog mix is healthier, it still has the possibility to inherit disorders and diseases common to the parent breed. That is the reason why you visit both parent dog breed sites and understand more about the common ailments. Bloat, hip dysplasia, and allergies are common with some serious health conditions.

Other Names and Recognized Clubs

Pitbull Great Dane mix is also referred to as Great Danebull, Pitbull Terrier, and Great Dane Pitbull.  This mix is recognized by two clubs as a mix breed and, not a purebred dog. These clubs include:

Owning a Pitbull Great Dane mix isn’t a laughing matter. Before you consider this dog mix, you need to ensure that you have enough space to cater all of its needs. A bigger home with a backyard is ideal for this dog. Also, training this mixed breed dog might take a lot of time, and you would want to hire a professional if you like your dog to be trained properly. Yet, if you have time and you believe that you can do the job without the help of others, it’s not a problem.

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