Why An American Bully is not Just a Man Best Friend

Dogs like the American Bully breed make excellent canine companions for humans. We play with; we feed them, we look after their health needs, and we give them love as an emotional bond to bind them to us. An owner of a Bully dog may in some cases unknowingly deprive their dogs a sense of purpose. When this happens, a Bully dog’s personality can become unpredictable and wild instead of being gentle and obedient. To prevent a Bully dog from becoming unpredictable and wild, giving them an outlet to exercise their mind is a necessity

There is one thing most people forget or don’t know about a Bully do is that Bully dogs are descendants of working dogs. Bullies are not a long-lost pedigree separated from the main bloodline nor are they separated from their working dog sires by long years. The actual length of time that separates Bullies from their sires is merely a generation or two. In human terms, their sires are either their fathers or grandfathers.

Don Tran American Bully Man's Bestfriend

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This bloodline descent is the reason that Bullies should not be just sitting on the couch, taking up space, lounging indolently and being idle. Their working dog's sires were used by humans to help families feed the farm, hunt game animals, guard their owner’s home, etc. Being bred as a pet is what a Bully dog is, but the genetic predisposition for work remains active within them. If this trait is allowed to languish in the idleness of a Bully, it can have some serious adverse effects on their mental and physical well-being.

Three things that can be very useful in exercising your Bully dog’s mental and physical aspects to ensure their welfare. These three things are physical activities, obedience training, and protection work. Another bonus to these traits is that they can teach a Bully dog discipline, loyalty, instill a love for their owners and significantly improve their minds as well as their bodies.

  • Physical exercises develop a Bully mental and physical aspect, but it is in its physical aspects that affect a Bully. Physical activities include weight-pulling, running, walking, playing catch and fetch, etc. All of can strengthen your Bully’s muscles, increase its stamina and improve its muscular physique.
  • Obedience training is related to physical exercises. Some of the basic obedience training are teaching commands like sit, come, stay, down and getting used to the leash. Physical activities go hand-in-hand with advanced training, so it is advisable to start with the basics. Obedience training strengthens the bond of loyalty, friendship, and love between the Bully dog and its owner. Just make sure to give lots of encouragement and positive motivation to your Bully dog when training it. Obedience training sets up the base of what a Bully is capable of doing.
  • Protection work involves training the Bully for security. It is one of the hardest jobs that a dog can do due to the kinds of training as well as exercise involved. Bullies in this type of activities are trained to recognize a gun, to identify a weapon, discern a friend from a foe, to apprehend a suspect, etc. It is very oblivious that this kind of training is intense even for a Bully. Bullies are gentle and affectionate dogs thanks to their breeding, but it does not mean that the dog is wimpy or a pushover. The Bully still retains it a canine genetic heritage that is to protect and defend. Note that this exercise does not make a Bully vicious, it merely enhances its protective nature,

By giving your Bully sense of purpose in its life besides being just a common pet, you enrich the dog and forge a very powerful bond with it.


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