Watch: Marco Suarez Vision for Ideal American Bully Dog

Every Bully Kennel in America strives to fulfill the dream of breeding the best kind of Bully that every Bully dog owner will love. One of these kennels is Suarez Bulls located in Los Angeles, California and Marco Suarez, who is one of the well-known Bully breeders in the US is the owner of this kennel.

Marco Suarez aims to breed the perfect Bully and states that this is the vision goal of Suarez Bulls kennel. He admits however that achieving the perfect dog is impossible, but he does state that the Bully that he and his kennel wants to produce is what they envision a Bully should be. For Marco, the perfect dog entire body is in harmony with all it parts like head, legs, back, etc. In other words, Marco’s perfect dog is the one type that matches to the standards of Suarez Bulls kennel. For Marco Suarez, the feat of breeding and producing the perfect dog that lives up to his standard is a challenge yet a beautiful as well as a worthwhile goal in the same time. One his dogs named Master Shifu, who belongs to the fourth generation, is an example of these kinds of dog that Marco has in mind.

Though it may sound strange for people to know that Marco does not let Master Shifu who is an excellent contender for Bully dogs enters in dog competitions. He even hides the fact that his dogs are from his kennels and even go as far as to use different handlers for his to maintain the anonymity of his Bully's. For Marco keeping the anonymity of his dogs is important so that the judges decisions are not influenced in his dog’s favor.

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