American bully VS Pit bull Terrier: What is the Difference?

Most people seem to lump the American Bully with the Pit bull Terrier treating the two distinct breeds as one kind. It is true that the American Bully was a product of crossing other dog breeds with the American Pit bull Terrier, but it clear to anyone who takes the time to compare the traits and temperament of the Bully and Pitbull that the two are now different breeds in spite of their common origins. Currently, the Bully is becoming a separate breed from its progenitor the Pitbull in both form and temperament.

American Bully VS Pit bull Terrier: Spot the Difference

American Bully

American Bully And Pit Bull Terrier Differences



This dog was bred during the 1990’s, and the sole purpose of the breeding was to create an ideal family canine companion. Years of careful selective breeding has ensured that this breed is very friendly and loyal to its owner and its owner’s family in spite of its rough and tough looks which belies a lovable, affectionate dog. The general appearance of the dog is thick-set, strong, compact build.




Has a broad and large head that does not have a disproportionate size when compared to its overall size (body and limbs). Possess a deep, but moderate stop that is well-defined. Possess clean and deep flews. Muscles in the cheek are wrinkle-free and prominent. A muzzle is shorter than the skull looking blocky and broad with the top muzzle being straight and lower jaw is deep and wide as well as being well-developed. Possesses a well-opened large nostrils with pigments of any color and is sometimes harmonious to its coat color


The deep chest that is close coupled broad form with well-sprung ribs. Chest width is deep yet not exaggerated. The extension of the forechest does not extend beyond the shoulder point. Expect a strong and firm back that is wide. Has a slight downward croup to the base of the tail and short yet wide loins.


Gentle and friendly behavior with a tolerance for children and strangers. Also, has zeal and exuberance in life making it an ideal family companion dog.

Pitbull Terrier

American Bully and Pitbull Terrier Playing



Originally bred in the 1800’s to be a competitive kind of dog. Used in dog fighting sports during the time it was legal, so it is kind of aggressive, but it is balanced with a tolerant temperament to prevent the dog from biting its handlers. It is more or less a gladiator kind of dog that wouldn’t harm a human. With dog fighting now illegal it is now relegated as a pet. General appearance is that of a medium size short coat dog that is solidly built with a well-defined smooth musculature.


Has the shape of a broad yet blunt edge when viewed at the front. Skull and muzzle are parallel to each other when viewed from the side. Expect a moderately deep stop that is well-defined. It gives the impression of having great power due to its largeness and broadness as well being proportionate in size compared to its body size. Overall head gives the impression of a well-chiseled form that has character, elegance, and strength. Eyes have supraorbital arches that not pronounced yet well-defined. Muzzle that is shorter than the skull has a broad and deep form that slightly tapers from the stop to the nose. Cheeks are wrinkle-free yet prominent. Also, wrinkles form on the forehead when the Pitbull is concentrating.


Possess a wide, deep chest, but the width of the chest should never exceed the depth. The chest should have enough room for the organs like the lungs and heart. Its forechest does not extend beyond its shoulder point. From the spine, its ribs extend well back with a flattening form giving it is the deep body that extends to the elbows. Strong and firm back as well as a top line that has a very slight downward incline from the withers to its back that is at a level height and is broad as well as muscular. The loin is also muscular and short. Said loin has a slight arch that reaches the croup that is narrower in form compared to the rib cage. There is a slight downward slope to the croup


Makes an excellent family companion dog. However, most Pitbulls have a certain level of canine aggressiveness that is coupled with a powerful physique. Its owner must train obedience into the dog and must carefully train it to socialize as well. It is friendly to strangers who make it unsuitable as a guard dog. Also, has a high level of intelligence and great agility

Pit bull Dogs and Behavior

Knowing the difference between an American Bully and a Pit Bull Terrier is often important especially if someone was deciding to buy or breed any of the mentioned breeds and not make the mistake of choosing the wrong breed. This distinction is important for the worldwide register known as the American Bully Kennel Club (A.B.K.C.) correctly classifying each breed.

Regardless of what breed a person chooses the important thing here is to give the chosen dog lots of love and affection as well as caring for its physical health so that it can fulfill its role as a family companion dog.

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