American Bully – Temperament, Types, Best Companion Dog Breeds

The American bully is getting popular as a pet despite being a new breed. Knowing how to take care, feed and maintain the well-being is something that any potential owner (or has owned one) must know. American bully is a popular family dog so learning some trivia about the dog breed can be a fun thing as well.

American Bully XL

The history, appearance and temperament of this companion breed are interesting topics to read and you as the owner of this canine will them find them useful in dealing as well as caring for your pet. You will also find out that the American bully comes in different types and sizes as well as how to buy or adopt the dog or pup that you want.

Origin of American Bully

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The American Bully origins are more recent unlike other dog breeds since the founding is between 1980 and 1990. The American pit bull terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers are the foundations used to breed a Bully Pit. Nonetheless, there are at least five other breeds used to get its Bully-like look. The breeds are the French Bulldog, American Bulldog, English Bulldog, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and Olde English Bulldogge.

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In the early years when the breed first appeared, a lot of dogs have other physical traits from other canine breeds. As a result, the owners of these kinds of animals have been given penalties by the registry. The result of these penalties forced owners along with breeders to create new methods of breeding.

American Bully Temperament & Appearance

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An American Bully should not have aggressive towards you or any human. The Bully Pit has been bred to be a family dog. Thus its temperament must be zesty, gentle and friendly. If the Bully is aggressive, the chances are that it has non-Bully dog breeds in its lineage.

A Standard American Bully has a body mass with the thick-set sturdy build and proper muscle tone. The body’s muscles have absolute soundness, and it must have correct athletic proportions. The dog’s head is in proportion to its body. Note that the traits above are the general appearance of Bully Breeds and variations are depending on their size. Read this article about the Difference between American Bully and Pitbull. White American Bully

Source: caesarbluebully

American Bully Standard

Recognized Sizes

Despite being a modern breed, American Bullies have variations when it comes to the size of a particular canine. Perhaps you have a preference on how big you want your companion dog pet. If so, then this list can be your guide.

  1. Standard – The dog’s compact body is medium or large that gives you the impression that the animal is strong. Along with the canine’s gentle behavior, it gives the idea of bearing a rough and thought, yet friendly pet. Males are 17 to 20 inches, and females are 16 to 19 inches.
  2. Xl – One of the most popular and largest American Bully in its category. Regarding the appearance and personality, the Bully XL dog is similar to other American Bullies expect that it is taller. Males are 20 to 23 inches, and females are 19 to 22 inches.
  3. Classic – This canine possesses all of the Bully breed’s characteristics, but it has a lighter body and less body mass. In comparison to an American Staffordshire Terrier and American Pitbull Terrier, the dog has more substances as well as bones. Simply put, the Bully Classic canines have lighter body frames. The Bully Classic’s size is the same as the Bully Standard.
  4. Pocket – Also called Pocket Bully, this canine is a shorter version of the Bully Standard dog. Except for the breed’s small size, it’s Bully traits are similar to the Bully Standard. And despite the word “pocket” in the canine’s name, it won’t fit in your pocket. Males are 14 to 17 inches, and females are 13 to 16 inches.

Several types of American Bully breed dogs are unofficial breeds that do not adhere to standards. There’s the Micro Bully, the Bully XXL, Micro Mini American Bully and Extreme Bully. Kennels clubs do not recognize these breeds are legitimate variations due to being alternate names for other American Bully. Just remember that if you have an unofficial breed, you can’t enter your pet in dog shows due to it not fulfilling the breed standards in competition.

Pocket American Bully
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Now that you have decided which of the American Bully breeds you decide to adopt, you must know important things that will ensure your chosen dog’s health. A healthy American Bully is a reflection of how its owner care and loves it.

American Bully Health Issue

A typical American Bully is relativity healthy, but it does suffer from several health problems. Here are at some of those problems:

  • Hip dysplasia – The most common disorder affecting canines and it is genetically inherited. Hip dysplasia is a malformation of the animal’s hip joint that causes lameness. Usually, only one hind leg shows laming, but in extreme cases, it’s both hind legs.
  • Cataracts – A dog’s eyes can turn opaque when it gets older due to the onset of cataracts. The size of cataracts often determines how significant the impact is on the animal. Very small cataracts do not affect the dog’s eyesight, but cataracts get more opaque as the canine ages.
  • Hypothyroidism – The dog’s pituitary gland produces thyroid-stimulating hormones, but should the gland fail to produce hormones then hypothyroidism sets in. Weight gain, decreased appetite, dry skin, hair loss and recurring skin infections are signs of hypothyroidism. Insufficient iodine also causes hypothyroidism.
  • Mange – Should mites infest your pet; you can expect mange to follow if you don’t take action to prevent mange. Mange is a condition in which the dog’s hair fall out and it due to incessant scratching. Mites cause irritation and itchiness in the canine’s skin hence the scratching
  • Flatulence – Also known as farting, though in the dog’s case, the farting is excessive. Should a canine have flatulence, it’s a sure sign that your pet is eating food that is spoiled or not easily digestible. Spicy food, peas, soybeans and high-fat foods are the causes of flatulence.

As long as American Bullies receive proper care and maintenance, they can live out relatively healthy lives. Some illnesses require a visit to the veterinarian, but you can deal with other problems by yourself.

How Much is the American Bully?

Black Standard bully pit
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One thing is sure about an American Bully is that it is an expensive animal to buy. If you have the money to spend, then the price tag of the breed should be of no problem to you. Still, you need to know the exact price to get your money’s worth.

When buying American Bully Puppies, ask yourself if you want one as a pet, a show dog or a breeding stud. The price of an American Bully for show and breeding purposes is higher than that of a house pet. The cost of a puppy can go as low as $2000, as high as $7000 or somewhere in between.

This fact may surprise you, but the highest price for a Bully is $250,000. Another factor in determining the rate of a pup is its bloodline that has a track record of producing outstanding or unique puppies. If you want a regular dog pet, then you are better off buying the least expensive ones.

Clubs that Recognized the American Bullies

Most dog breeds have clubs that give them recognition, and the American Bullies (despite being a modern breed) now has their recognition status.

There are two reputable Bully Clubs in the U.S. that give recognition to the breed. They are the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) and the United Kennel Club (UKB). Also, the two Bully clubs have a list of reputable Bully kennels in their list.

  • Gottiline – Produces top-quality Bullies whose foundation sire is Notorious Juan Gotty. The founder of Gottiline is Richard Bajaras.
  • Remyline – Founded by Fabian Chichester when he bought the Bull Remy Martin. Also, Fabian bought Bella a female Bully to serve as a foundation dame for Remy. Technically, the name of the kennel is “Lowjack”, but the names “Remyline is more well-known.
  • Daxline – This kennel has gained a worldwide recognition thanks to its high-quality Bullies. Ed Shepherd is the owner of Daxline and its founding sire Dax. Dax currently holds the Grand Champion title among Bullies.

Other Bully Dog Breeds

Practically every American Bully breed is a favorite with families who want a pet as well as doggie family members. As much as you want to own every Bully breed, the reality is that you can’t since at best you can two or three. Nonetheless, you’d want the most popular American Bully; then this list will be of some help to you.

Boxer – This breed dates back to the 19th Germany and created by crossing several varieties of bulldogs. The name “Boxer” comes from the canine’s playful attitude of standing up with their hind legs and bats their owners with their front paws…like a boxer. Boxers besides being just pet also act as eye dogs for the blind and message couriers during World War 1.

Alapaha – This canine is bred to have natural herding instincts making it a beneficial working animal for keepers of sheep and livestock. The breed is from Georgia, and its ancestors the mountain bulldog, old country bulldog and old southern white are extinct. This loyal yet protective and friendly (especially to kids) dog arrived in America during the 18th century.

American Bulldog – Despite the word “American” in the canine’s name, its origin is from merry old England, and it was a dog bred to guard farm property and drive cattle. You can create a strong bond quickly with the American Bulldog due to its protective instincts. The animal will fearlessly protect you from any perceived threats. Socializing the dog with children and other pets results is a friendly and happy American Bulldog.

American Staffordshire Terrier – The American Staffordshire Terrier or Amstaffs is more or less a symbol bravely and courage during the first part of the 20th century. The dog’s visage is on many war posters. England is the canine’s place of origin and is a working dog that guards homes and lends help to farmers. Fun fact: Pete the Pup who is a star in the 1920s and 1930s “The Little Rascals” series is an Amstaff.

Boston Terrier – People like to call this dog the “American Gentleman” due to its white and black coloring looks like tuxedo-like and gives the canine a neat appearance. The breed was first developed in Boston Massachusetts by crossing the White English Terrier and English Bulldog. The Boston Terrier has a small frame, but it lively and highly intelligent. Boston University chooses this dog to be their mascot.

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Living with American Bully Dogs

An American Bully is one good example of a family dog. The canine show a lot of loyalty along with love to its family and kids are safe from it. Just make sure to supervise any interaction between your pet and kids to prevent an accidental mishap.

While the dog’s aggressive behavior had been bred out, it can have problems with other dogs or pets. So if you do have other dogs or other pets like cats, there are going to be problems in their interactions.

Adopting an American Bullies

Short American Bully

If buying a Bully Pitbull is not possible for you due to insufficient money, then adopting one is your other alternative. There are plenty of Bullies that need a home and taking one means that you save one dog’s life. Also, you can save more money with the adoption fees.

Here is a list of a rescue organization that helps Bullies. Just remember that the Bully you are adopting is not a pup (except in some rare cases), but an adult.

  • Amazing Grace Bully Rescue, Pensacola Florida
  • Brave Bully Rescue, Houston Texas
  • Peaches Bully Rescue
  • American Bully Rescue of Ontario, Canada

How to find a Good or Legit Breeder (Quick Tips)

Getting an American Bully that is worth every dollar you spend is quite a challenge if you don’t know where to find the right breeder. Here some tips on how to spot a reputable breeder:

  • Reputable breeders are affiliated with the ABKC or the UKC.
  • The breeder will let you meet the puppy’s father and mother as well as siblings.
  • Refrains from selling puppies via brokers, pet stores and online.
  • The breeder provides a certificate of health to all dogs.
  • Must know about Bullies
  • Breeds Bullies only or another different breed.
  • The breeder’s charges are in good health.
  • Lastly check is the Bully breeder’s puppies are the type of dog you want like say a Standard, XL or Micro Bully.

How to take care of your American Bully Puppies (Quick Tips)

Tri Color American Bully Puppy
Via: tylumley

You must maintain the well-being of your American Bully by grooming and protecting it from cold weather. The beautiful thing about a Bully breed is that its short, smooth coat only requires brushing once a week. You won’t have to devote lots of time just for grooming.

The only disadvantage of the dog’s coat is that the animal can get cold too quickly. You can either make your pet remain indoors with heating or give it a sweater or jacket to wear. When going out in cold weather, the sweater or jacket is going to be helpful to the dog.

Training Your American Bully

Right from the start; establish the behavior and habits that you want in a Bully pit puppy. Don’t spoil the pup, but instead discipline it firmly, yet gently. With this method, you can remove the pup’s negative behaviors. Always use positive reinforcements to encourage success from the pup. Training also includes socialization with other animals or people and making the puppy accustomed to its environments. Of course don’t forget the usual doggie training like training your pet to “sit”, “stand”, “rollover”, “fetch”, etc. If you want to start training your dog make sure to check our guide on Best Collars for Pitbulls and Best Pitbull Leash


The best kind of food for a Bully Pitbull is high-quality meat that contains lots of protein and high fat. How much food you give to your dog depends on it an appetite, but the general rule is not to overfed or underfed your pet.


Walking your Bully outdoors and going on outings can keep the dog fit and healthy. Not to mention that these exercises are enjoyable for the canine. There are also other exercises that an American bull can enjoy.

Swimming can be fun since American Bullies love to play in the water and it is an all-round exercise as well. Dog agility is a physical activity that requires jumping, dodging and crossing obstacles. This exercise also counts as obedience training.

Lastly, keep the canine’s mind occupied via mental stimulation to prevent boredom. A bored Bully tends to have destructive behavior.

Whether you want an American Bully for a pet companion, a breeding foundation or a dog show competitor, never forget to give it love and care. The information presented here should help you ensure that your precious Bully is a happy and healthy pet. If you want an American bully as a pet, but don’t have one yet then don’t delay in getting one. There’s Bully out there waiting for your love and companionship.

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