Artificial Grass for Dogs: The Top Choice for Low-Maintenance Pet Owners

Are you a dog owner who’s getting frustrated trying to maintain a luscious-looking lawn? Then, welcome to the club! It is a challenge for every dog owner we’ve known to create the garden of their dreams – one where their dog run and love, but will also be lovely to look when visitors are around. Yes, this is possible with the best artificial grass for dogs! 

Filling out pits that your pooch paws keep digging out for no reason or reviving dried up grass leaves is a tiring job. Some pet parents think that having a lush green lawn is a distant dream; however, all these doubts and hard work ends here. 

You can have all the fur babies you want and maintain a mess-free, easy to maintain artificial turf. But there are thousands of top dog turf products available, how you do you find the best ones?

Lucky for you, we know how hard it is to keep a lawn when you have monsters around. So, we have comprised an ensemble of synthetic turf product that is perfect for the front yard, backyard, and indoors. And do keep on reading as we also prepared some tips and guides to help you set up the lush greens of your dreams.

How to choose a good Fake turf for dogs

Yes, using artificial turf when you have pets around is an answered prayer. It comes with a lot of benefits which we will tell you more about later on. But first, you have to know how to choose a pet-friendly synthetic grass product that suits your needs. Knowing what to look for will ensure that you are putting up the next best alternative to natural grass. Here are the factors to consider before going out to buy one.

Grass Material  

As a pet parent, you only want what is safe and harmless for your pooch. In choosing the best synthetic turf, the fiber used in making its grass blades will assure its safety. There are three types that you can consider – polyurethane, polyethylene, or polypropylene. These types of fiber material vary in range, resilience, and durability. Among them, polypropylene is a popular choice for its durability, good water flow, and natural aesthetics. 

Lawn Size 

The measure of lawns is in square meters; thus, it is best to measure your area before buying the pet grass you need. This way, you won’t end up buying something too small or too big for your place. 


Choosing eco-friendly products should also matter when buying anything fake grass for dogs. If it is good for the environment, then it is also f good for you pooch! 

Fade Resistant

For outdoor turfs, choose products that are fade resistant. You want your place to look great; thus, no amount of water or sunlight should harm it in a short time. 

Odor Protection

Odor issues are one of the most pressing concerns for pet owners. Some turf product have mattresses that provide ultimate odor protection. Your lawns will not just stay good looking, and it won’t stink too! 

Fire Resistant

Make sure to choose fire-resistant materials. Your lawns should not catch fire in the most volatile situation. 


Keep everyone at home safe by choosing antimicrobial and hypoallergenic synthetic pet grass. 

Easy to Install and Cost-Savings

With a rambunctious pooch around, make sure to use artificial turf that is easy to install and won’t come off quickly. On the other hand, there are reasonably priced products with most of the characteristics that your fake grass should have.

Our Top Picks For Best Artificial Grass For Dogs

Natural Vs. Artificial Grass Which is Good For Pets?

Both natural and artificial kinds of grass have benefits that pet owners and their dogs can appreciate. A natural yard makes your place inviting, serene, and ever lush-looking. However, it is high-maintenance and requires lots of watering. An artificial thatch, on the other hand, addresses these environmental concerns. When you go for synthetic lawns, you don’t need watering, mowing, or use fertilizers. More so, most manufacturers use recycled materials like plastic bottles or tires to create these products. Although the initial cost is expensive, it will give you lots of savings in its lifespan.

Artificial Grass For Dogs Review

Grass and dogs may not be the perfect pair to put together. But with our list of the top pet grass products, you’d be able to let your dog run around without worrying about damage from their little paws.

1. SavvyGrow Artificial Grass Dogs Pads


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Pet parents highly suggest SavvyGrow artificial grass products for those who wish to have synthetic grass for dogs that looks and feels great. It is one of the most popular options because of its durability and likeness to real grass. More so, it can withstand damage and heat of the sun and comes with four-tones to appear like real grass. Pet parents love it’s low-maintenance, excellent drainage holes and easy cleaning features. With this synthetic turf, you can have an amazingly natural-looking lawn all year through!



2. MTBRO Artificial Perfect Realistic Dog Grass

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Versatility and durability make the MTBRO artificial grass a top-rated choice for homeowners with pets. You can use it in your yard, play areas, patio, garden, balcony, swimming pool area, or even as a doormat! It is made of high-quality material with anti-UV ray properties; thus, it will not age nor fade due to sun exposure.

They guarantee up to 20 years of excellent looking turf without you worrying about rain, dog poop, or pee ruining it. Moreover, it has a superb rubber patch designed with drainage holes to drain stale water and dog pee away. If you want to get the best value for your artificial lawn, this product is your best bet!



3. STARROAD-TIM Artificial Grass Rug Turf for Dogs

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Are you looking for the perfect-sized artificial grass for your small areas? This product from STARROAD-TIM is the ideal choice for small dogs or puppies. It is portable and versatile for use in terraces, balconies, sunrooms, and apartments. If you are training your pooch in your apartment, having this grass rug works like a magical potty patch! Are you worried about messing up?

This product promises excellent drainage features for easy maintenance. Likewise, it also boasts of weatherproof and non-toxic material. It is entirely lead-free; thus, it is safe for pets and kids. For pet parents looking for the perfect patch of grass, this is our top pick for you.



4. Golden Moon Artificial Interlocking Self-Draining Grass for Dogs

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Artificial realistic grass such as this Pet Grass from Golden Moon is designed to save you from all the hassle of puddles and mud. But of course, it is also made extra durable to tolerate your boisterous pooch. It is made with non-toxic materials, so it is entirely safe for kids and furry friends. And just so you know, it is altogether antibacterial – a plus factor for pet parents who put health and safety on top of their list. 

Your pooch will also love its super plush and soft feel of this product. Another highlight of this fake grass is its excellent drainage system. It is easy to clean and maintain. With fresh water and mild detergent, you can have a turf that smells and looks as good as new! If you want something comfy to encourage your pooch to do their business in, this is a perfect pick for you.



5. Golden Moon Realistic Artificial Outdoor Dog Turf

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Are you getting tired of your pooch’s relentless war with your yard? Are destructive paws, doggie issues and puddles getting on your nerves? We’ve got something that will sure to get you back on track. This synthetic grass product from Golden Moon can withstand all your pooch’s abuses and stay lovely-looking all year long!

This product can meet all pet parents’ needs in synthetic turf. It is highly porous, and its thickness makes feel and looks like natural grass. Water and dog pee drains away quickly, making it convenient for you to clean and maintain. Also, you don’t have to fear for their safety because this product has non-toxic, antibacterial, and safe materials. One of the best things about having realistic grass at home is that you don’t have to worry about keeping it lush-looking. If you decide to purchase this product, you can enjoy lovely-looking yet easy to maintain lawns too!



6. DoggieLawn Disposable Dog Potty Medium

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Are you looking for something more real and convenient? The DoggieLawn disposable dog potty medium has everything pet parents will love for a small grass pad. This patch of lawn is something that your pooch will surely claim as their own. It is ideal for potty training and apartment dwellers. It helps neutralize odor and is free from toxic chemicals that can harm your dog.

This product is 100% real grass without any preservatives or maintenance needs. You’ll get it in a pre-watered package to instantly start your potty training sessions. Yes, it’s real, and it is ideal for pet parents who want the all-natural, mess-free alternative.

This grass pad is an excellent solution for pet parents who are worried about using fake grass but has little space in their homes. What’s great about this pad is that it’s easy to clean and remove doggie messes too!



7. ZGR Artificial Training Turf for Dogs

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Versatile, functional, and long-lasting. Your must-have list is growing long, but if these qualities are your priorities, the ZGR Artificial Training Turf is the top choice for you. It is one of the best fake turfs around that promise quality at a reasonable price.

This product is made from the tricolored model yarn that is comfortable to touch. It also has drain holes to keep water away. Similar to other more expensive options, this one is also UV resistant and non-toxic. You can expect years of great looking lawn that does not fade with sun exposure. More so, you don’t need fertilizers, gallons of water, or lawnmowers for its upkeep. With this synthetic lawn product, you can easily enjoy comfortable green spaces without guilt!



8. Fortune Star Artificial Drainage Training Decoration Grass Turf

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This low-profile training mat is a superb choice for pet parents in small apartments or rooms. Not everyone has the luxury of having a massive lawn, so you’ll have to make do with the next best thing – a thick grass pad! This product from Fortune Star has everything you need for indoor turf for your pet.

It has thick and realistic fibers for that soft and lush thatch. You’re bound to have year-round greenery to enjoy. Additionally, it has resistant synthetic materials that are durable, weatherproof, and highly resilient. Plus, you don’t have to worry about cleanups and odors. This fake grass is easy to clean and quick to dry. If you’re looking for something compact, this product is the perfect patch pad in size and the price for you!



Artificial Grass For Dogs FAQS and Buying Guide

Are you looking for a comfy and safe place in your backyard or patio for your furry friend to play? Look no further than artificial grass for dogs! This amazing synthetic turf offers plenty of advantages – low maintenance, durability, easy cleanup, good drainage, odor control – plus a realistic look and feel!

Small Miniature pincher walking on fake grass

Is Artificial Grass Safe for Dogs?

The answer is yes! Artificial grass designed specifically for pets doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or toxins. Plus, it’s actually considered safer than natural grass since there’s no need for pesticides, fertilizers or other chemical treatments. It also provides better cushioning that helps prevent joint pain & arthritis.

Is artificial grass safe for dogs?

Yes! Artificial grass for dogs is completely safe as it does not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins. In fact, it’s often considered safer than natural grass because it eliminates the need for pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemical treatments.

What Should You Watch Out For When Shopping Around?

When shopping around for quality turf, make sure that the materials are non-toxic and durable with easy cleanup. You’ll also want a good drainage system to avoid water pooling on the surface; an antimicrobial feature will help prevent foul odors too.

Professional Installation or DIY?

If you’re new to installation – or would simply prefer professional help – it’s better to hire someone who can properly install your artificial grass so that it lasts long term. However, if you have DIY experience (or want some extra savings!), it may be possible to do it yourself as well.

Where To Find Artificial Grass For Dogs

Ready to get started? You can find artificial grass for dogs at most home improvement stores or pet stores. You can also purchase online from reputable sellers who offer a huge selection at competitive prices. Now get ready – with our help and advice plus this awesome landscaping option – your pup is sure to be living in luxury!


Artificial grass for dogs is an incredible investment for pet owners who prioritize their furry friends’ well-being. This guide has provided you with all the factors you need to consider before making a decision. With this information, you can confidently select the best option for your dog’s outdoor play area. Don’t hesitate to invest in the safety and comfort of your pet. Order your artificial grass today and watch your dog enjoy their new outdoor space!


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