The Best Pet Blogs That Can Make You Laugh And Relax

These days it seems like our social media feeds are filled with negativity. Opening your phone can quickly cause you to be stressed out about any number of crazy news headlines. Stress levels are at an all-time high due to the 24-hour news cycle, and social media, compounding on top of the stress you have to deal with every day at work, home, and school. So that’s why you definitely deserve a break from it all. And if you’re into pets, there’s no better way to laugh and relax than scrolling through blogs that show you funny and cute photos of dogs and cats.

So, let’s get into the list of the top best pet blogs (on Instagram and online) so that your feed is saturated with funny, cute pets rather than negativity that can lead to a lot of stress. Plus, we’ll give you tips on how you can create your own destressing pet blogs of your own furry friends using an easy Instagram post maker.

1. Can I Have Cheezburger?


If you’re into funny animal memes, look no further than this blog called “I Can Have Cheezburger?”. The site is laid out similarly to a social media site, except that the only content you’ll see on here is funny or cute pictures of people’s animals. You can sort by what kind of content you want to see and submit your own funny animal pictures. Then, sort by popular on this site to see the funniest memes of the day.

2. The Furrtographer


The Furrtographer is an awesome blog run by professional pet photographer Josh Norem. Norem has photographed thousands of dogs and cats, from Grumpy Cat to Bo the dog. If you’re interested in pet photography, The Furrtographer is the place to go. Search by recent shoots to see all of his pet photos. The blog also has a page dedicated to celebrity pets.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own pet photography, or you just like looking at cute pictures of pets, this is a great blog for you. You can even book Josh Norem to photograph your furry little friend!

3. Dogs of Instagram


Source: @dogsofinstagram

Dogs of Instagram is a great place to get started if you’re more into Instagram. This Instagram page is dedicated to posting the funniest and cutest pictures of dogs you’ve ever seen. They post several times daily with submissions from followers, from videos to photos, to memes. This is a great page for a compilation of all the funniest dogs on Instagram.

Follow them for your daily dose of cute dogs. Plus, they often post fun quizzes so you can see which character your dog would be in Friends, Star Wars, and many other shows and movies. Finally, if you have a cute or funny dog, we highly recommend submitting your photos, videos, and memes to Dogs of Instagram. There’s a good chance you’ll be featured on the page.

How to Make Your Own Pet Blog

Making your own pet blog, Instagram page or Instagram post is super easy. The first thing you need is a super cute pet: a dog, cat, hamster, mouse, gecko… you name it! Then you’ll need to pick a platform for your pet blog. If you want your pet blog to be online, you can purchase a website domain to host your pet blog. You can also create an Instagram page dedicated to cute and funny pictures of your pet.

Once your blog is set up, it’s time to take photos! First, make sure to have an introductory post. After that, take as many photos and videos as you can to always capture the funniest moments your pet has. Once you have a cute photo, you can use an Instagram post maker to create an attention-grabbing Instagram post that attracts followers to your page. In no time, you’ll have a super fun pet blog that showcases your favorite furry friend in all of their cuteness.

Happy Scrolling!

Scrolling on your phone or computer will be a much more enjoyable experience once you have filled your feed with cute and funny animals. You can now expect to wake up in the mornings, laugh at memes, and smile at cute cats rather than read exaggerated scary news stories.

Plus, we hope that you can create a pet blog of your own or submit your photos to one of the pet blogs we discussed! Being able to share cute photos of your cat, dog, or other pets is super fun, and you won’t want to miss out. So, check out these blogs today and get to sharing!