How to Protect Yourself against a Dog Bite?

Dogs make amazing pets. They are loyal, playful, and protective, and they can make every day feel better. Unfortunately, dog bites occur frequently in both children and adults because not all dogs are going to be friendly. If you watch the news, you will hear about these situations where people are attacked by a dog and end up injured.

Dogs tend to bite when they feel afraid or threatened somehow. Their instinct is to attack. So, if you are ever in this situation, you must know how to prevent it. Here are some tips on how to protect yourself against dog bites:

1. Don’t Walk by Houses that Have Dogs You Fear

It’s normal for dogs to bark at people who pass by their territory or even try to attack them. Dogs are territorial animals, and this is exactly why so many people keep dogs in their yards.

If you know any houses with dogs that you are afraid of, you should avoid them. If there is a different path that leads to your destination, you can take it instead. If there isn’t, you could try to walk on the other side of the street so you don’t have to deal with the dogs.

2. Carry Treats with You

Whether you expect to see a dog on your walk or not, you should carry some treats with you. Dogs love treats, and if you make sure to give them something tasty, they will focus on it instead of you. This is why you should throw a nice treat to dogs that try to jump over tables or fences to get at you: they will not even pay any attention to you anymore if they have something delicious to eat.

3. Assess the Situation to Protect Your Body

Dogs may bite just any part of the body. Smaller dogs will go after toes and ankles, whereas bigger ones may target your neck and face. If a dog is chasing you or is about to attack you, you should assess the situation. Of course, if everything happens quickly, there’s hardly any time available to do this, but you can do a few things to protect your body as much as you can.

Check out the dog’s size and weight. If the dog is a larger one, you should try lifting a knee as high as possible in front of you, preventing the dog from touching your face in any way.

Afterward, you should cover your face by crossing your arms. Consider tucking your head under the arms and rolling into a ball. Don’t fight back. Lay still, because trying to fight will result in more severe bites. Dogs usually fight until there is no movement from the prey anymore.

Smaller dogs may go towards the feet or back of the legs, so it should be easier to protect yourself.

You can fight a dog if you think it will not be dangerous and if you are comfortable with its size. This only applies as long as the dog is not too large and dangerous.

4. Carry a Whistle with You

Whistles may be good at keeping dogs away. Therefore, you should wear one around your neck or in your pocket. Dogs may retreat when they hear the long, annoying noise.

If you look at dog trainers, you will see that many of them wear whistles in case of a fight. Loud noises like whistles have helped stop dog fights before.

5. Know What You Shouldn’t Do

There are also a few things you should not do if you want to prevent being bitten by a dog.

Don’t use pepper spray against the animal. It may be unsuccessful and you may also end up getting some on you, causing more discomfort. Also, do not kick the dog, as they may be more tempted to keep attacking. It will only bite you harder if you fight back.

If a dog bites your leg and is latched onto it, don’t pull it to free yourself. The dog may only latch on to it tighter. Moreover, make sure not to run away from the dog, because it will see this as a challenge and will chase you until it catches you.

Final Thoughts

If you do get bitten by someone’s dog, you can get compensation. For example, in Washington, the law is on your side. You can look for Washington state dog bite lawyers and if you can prove that the owner of the dog is liable, you will be able to get compensation.

However, the ideal case would be to prevent dog bites. Make sure to recognize the signs of a dog that is going to attack you and protect yourself accordingly.