6 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Clean

Keeping your pet clean is very important for their hygiene. A clean pet is a pet who’s less susceptible to diseases, which means that they can remain happy and healthy for the longest time possible. Raising a clean dog is also one of the attributes of a responsible pet owner.

One of the biggest misconceptions most pet owners have is that keeping their furry friends clean will require a lot of money and effort. However, this isn’t true because there are actually many easy and inexpensive ways to maintain your pet’s cleanliness, such as the following:

Make Bathing A Habit

Just like human beings, your dog also needs to take a bath. Regular bathing keeps your dog’s coat and skin healthy, and ensure that they’re free from dirt and parasite. This is especially important if your dog loves to spend time outdoors.

When bathing your dog, make sure to only use products that are apt for their breed and age. You can also invest in products that suit the color of their fur. With the number of pet products available in the market today, you won’t have any problems finding one that can make your dog’s white, brown, or black fur shiny and healthy.

For more tips, visit Petsumer or other reputable pet websites, or ask your vet for recommendations, so you’ll know which products to use when bathing your dog.

Brush Their Fur Regularly

Keeping your dog healthy and clean is very important, and you should start maintaining their skin and fur. Brushing your dog just takes about five minutes, making it very easy for you to add this routine to your lifestyle.

Brushing your dog’s fur helps to remove any dirt, debris, or loose skin from your dog’s coat to prevent bacteria from thriving and breeding. Regular brushing will also allow you to inspect their skin for any potential health issues, as well as prevent matting. As a pet owner, you should make sure that your dog doesn’t have any matted fur, as this can restrict their blood circulation and cause skin problems in the long run.

Ideally, you should use a soft brush on your dog’s skin to prevent allergies and injuries. If your dog isn’t used to brushing, introduce the routine to them slowly and don’t forget to reward them with treats whenever they remain calm as you’re brushing them.

Take Them To A Professional Groomer

As mentioned, you’ll be able to find and buy several grooming products in the market today. Aside from shampoos and brushes for dogs, you can also invest in towels and even perfumes for your furry friend. However, keeping your dog clean all the time will not only require the right products; but skills are also necessary.

For you to keep your dog clean, take them to a professional groomer once every three months. If your dog is naturally active or has fur that tends to grow fast, you can decide to see a professional groomer more often.

Taking your dog to a professional groomer is important because groomers have the equipment and skills to clean your dog from head to toe. Professional groomers don’t just bathe your dog, but they also trim your dog’s fur and nails and even clean their ears.

Pay Attention To Their Oral Health

Another tip to keep your dog clean is to make sure that you keep their teeth and gums healthy. If you don’t take care of their teeth and gums, your dog will eventually develop oral health problems, such as bad breath, swollen gums, and even cavities.

One of the best things that you can do to take care of your dog’s oral health is to brush their teeth once a day with a soft toothbrush. Don’t forget to brush their gums as well. Make sure only to use a toothbrush and toothpaste that are solely made for dogs.

If your dog doesn’t like the idea of using a toothbrush, you can always give them dental treats. Unlike common types of treats, dental treats are made specifically to remove tartar and plaque buildup from your dog’s teeth. Giving dental treats is one of the easiest ways to improve or maintain your dog’s oral health because these come in many different flavors that pooches love.

Focus On Cleaning Their Paws

You should also pay attention to your dog’s paws because they can harbor bacteria and other parasites that can cause infections. Your dog’s paws are very prone to bacteria because they’ll be stepping on different surfaces using this body part. Dogs will also put their paws in their mouth, and having dirty paws can become the reason why they’ll ingest germs and bacteria.

There are many ways on how you can clean your dog’s paws. You can start by training them how to wear booties and letting them wear a set whenever you’re out or buying wet wipes that are designed especially for your dog’s paws. You can also use a damp cloth to clean your dog’s paws, and carefully check between pads to ensure that you remove any dirt.

As long as done regularly, implementing any of the aforementioned strategies is enough to keep your dog’s paw clean.

Clean Their Bed

Sleeping is important to your dog’s health, especially when they’re young. Getting enough sleep can improve your dog’s immune system and ensure that they’re less susceptible to illnesses and diseases. Your dog spends at least 12 hours of sleep, which is why you should make sure that their bed is clean.

Cleaning your dog’s bed is actually very easy as you’ll just have to load it in the washing machine and use hot water with a pet-safe laundry detergent. Using hot water is a great way to kill pests and eggs that might be present in your dog’s bedding.

Ideally, you should clean your dog’s bed once every one to two weeks, or more often if your pet sheds a lot or spends a lot of time outdoors.

Start Now

Most of the tips to keep your dog clean are really simple and can easily be followed by almost anyone, with a little bit of practice. Following the tips presented in this article is enough to keep your dog clean and healthy and will even allow you to create a healthy bond with them.