6 Tips That Will Help You Decide Which Dog Is Perfect For Your Family

When choosing the perfect dog for your family, there are some major considerations to keep in mind. These include the space you have available in your home, the exercise needs of different breeds, and their temperament, that is to say how well they get on with other dogs or children. It is vital to bear all of this in mind, rather than choosing a dog purely based on its aesthetic and physical appearance. You will want to contact a trusted, ethical, and responsible local puppy adoption service to discuss which pups they have available that suit your needs.

And remember, buying a puppy is not just something you do on a whim. You are committing to loving your new furry friend for its entire life. If you think you are ready to take this leap, read on for more information.

Choosing Your New Puppy

If you have decided to take the leap and become a proud puppy owner, you will be excited to get online and start browsing the available options in your area. You can check out your local puppy adoption service’s website to find puppies for sale in Florida that suit your needs. While it can be easy to settle on the first cute face you see, it is important to remember that adopting a puppy has its responsibilities and that you need to consider certain key factors before deciding on the breed you will be taking home. Below are six top tips for choosing your perfect pup.

1. Consider the Space You Have Available

Depending on how much space you have in your home and garden, you will need to choose a dog breed that will be happy and able to flourish in the given space.  It is not fair to keep a dog that needs a lot of exercises confined in a small space. Here is a list of dog breeds that require room to run. For more information on this topic, it is recommended that you discuss the size of your home with your local puppy adoption center and they can help you to choose the appropriate pup.

2. Bear In Mind Energy Levels and Exercise Needs

Moreover, consider the energy levels and exercise requirements of given breeds. Compare these needs to your own energy levels and find a breed that fits your lifestyle. Just as it would be unfair to keep an energetic dog in a small space, it would also not make sense to buy a low-energy dog if you want it to accompany you on long runs in the park.

3. Choose A Breed That Will Work With Your Kids/ Other Pets

Remember that different dog breeds are known to have different temperaments. While you cannot over-generalize, and there are exceptions to every rule, it is still worth keeping in mind that some breeds, in particular, are expected to be less tolerant of young children or other pets in the house. If you have kids or other animals, it is best to avoid this potential issue.

4. Do Not Pick A Puppy Based On Appearance

This one should be obvious – but please ensure you are choosing your puppy based on your ability to give it the best life possible and its capacity to fit well into your home and family. Do not choose a dog because it is aesthetically pleasing, or it fits in your favorite handbag. Dogs are not accessories, they are our friends. It is far more important to find a puppy that you know you can look after well than one with just the right shade of blue eyes to match your Instagram aesthetic.

5. Use A Trusted and Ethical Seller

Once you have made the appropriate considerations and have landed on a breed that suits your lifestyle, you will want to start browsing the available puppies. Do not reach out to unethical backyard sellers, especially those who use untrustworthy online platforms to sell animals. Find a local adoption service that is USDA-certified to ensure you are adopting a happy, healthy pup.

A good seller will give you a health guarantee, a health certificate, a dog that has had its vaccinations and worming treatments, and even free microchipping. You can adopt a puppy with the confidence that it has been well looked after and is healthy and strong.

6. Be Committed To A Lifetime of Love

Make sure when you are shopping for your pup that you are committed to loving and caring for the little guy for a whole doggy lifetime. This is a real and precious life for which you are opening your heart and home, not just a cute Christmas gift or a passing whim. Your new dog will become a member of the family and share in all of your big milestones, like birthdays, holidays, and moving house. Make sure you are ready for the level of devotion and love required to bring a new family member into the home.

Adopt A Puppy Today

This has been a brief guide to the top six considerations you need to make before choosing the perfect dog for your family. For starters, you should think about the size of your home and garden, and the energy levels of certain dog breeds. Some breeds more than others need space to run and play and require long walks in order to satisfy their high energy levels. If your lifestyle and home do not suit these needs, you should adopt a puppy with a lower energy level and less of a requirement for large open spaces.

As it has already been stated, we should not over-generalize dog breeds and their temperaments, but it is still recommended to heed the warnings of experts who suggest that certain breeds are less suited to being in a home with small children. It is much more important to choose a dog based on its needs and temperament than on its appearance.

Finally, once you have chosen the perfect dog breed for your family, you should contact an ethical adoption service that is USDA-certified. This is the best way to ensure you are buying a happy, healthy dog. Remember that a puppy is a valuable and loved member of the family, so you are committing to a dog’s lifetime of devotion to your new pup. Good luck and happy adopting!