The 10 Most Adorable and Gentle Dog Breeds

Everyone desires to welcome the best dog pet in their homes to enjoy companionship and have fun. Dog breeds vary a lot in terms of calmness, just like children.

A calm pet may not necessarily fail to be energetic or lively, but with the right training and breed, you can have a perfect dog and enjoy life at home. It is important to take into account some exercise that you need to stay fit and also the availability of space in your home. Here is a list of ten gentle breeds.


gentle dog (PUG)

Pugs are small, muscular, very calm, and friendly, making them suitable for homes with little children. Pugs usually have human-like physical expressions such as curiosity, happiness, and surprise, and thus can communicate easily with people.

They are also very lively, sociable, and able to fit into a family set up as they get easily attached to their owners. The older they get, the calmer they become. This means that you can opt to acquire a pug and maintain it in your home for as long as you wish.

Great Dane

Great Danes are regarded as gentle giants and are known for their intelligence, protective character, patience, and gentleness with children. Because they are large, they require running around and stretching their legs quite often. Therefore, if you love taking early morning or evening walks with your family, this breed can be quite ideal for you.

Danes have great calm effects as they interact with their peers or human beings. They may appear imposing but in reality, they are affectionate, greatly natured, sweet pets that love to play, especially with children. It’s much like the Basset Fauve de Bretagne as both have strikingly similar characteristics.

Shih Tzu

These breeds are well known for their long shaggy hair. Shih Tzus are small in size and can adapt well to different environments and lifestyles, such as apartments. As such, you don’t need to have a lot of space to accommodate them, as in the case of the Great Danes.

They are cute, loyal, and incredibly loving, although in some cases, they prefer to be in their mother’s company. Bred as companions, Shih Tzus are happy, affectionate, and very outgoing. They love to follow people in every part of the house and often find comfort in people’s laps.

Labrador Retriever

Gentle dog (Labrador Retriever)

This breed is popular for its kindness, calmness, loyalty, loving nature, and comfort in the company of adults and children. They are very easy to train due to their level of intelligence. They can give you great companionship since they are often happy, especially when engaged in various family activities.

Labs are quite energetic and can easily spot and come to greet you as you enter the house. You need to allow them to accompany you for your daily jogging because they require to burn off excess calories. They like engaging in physical activities such as running, swimming, and hiking for long hours.


These are large loving, gentle dogs that can often be likened to ordinary cats. They are very reserved and independent and enjoy quiet and calm environments to allow them to stretch their legs. People like them because they are mild and sweet, although they are sensitive to extreme weather conditions.

Greyhounds are generally quiet and very intelligent, making them a great family companion. They adapt very well to their family setup and get very concerned when they meet strangers. They are also very good runners, and thus you can easily socialize with them during your daily routine runs.

English Bulldog

English Bulldogs are a perfect choice for sweet loving homes where they can be accommodated with love and affection. They are loving, gentle in disposition, sweet, loyal, and can act as good guard dogs. They are gentle and often love interacting and playing with children.

The Bulldogs tend to be predictable and dependable and can deliberately solicit human attention. This makes them social to people of all ages. They love brief walks and taking some sofa naps and can adapt easily to apartment living where they can get some quality stimulation.


Collies are quite popular and preferred for a perfect family for purposes of socializing and companionship. They are energetic, protective, loyal, and very loving. They are considered intelligent and, therefore, easy to train, meaning if you train them to be gentle in handling children, they will easily adapt.

They are of boundless energy and sweet temperament. They are also fun-loving, gentle, and energetic as long as you give them proper attention. If you are looking for good-natured pets, collies are perfect options.


These are loving, curious, and always happy and enjoy people as well as other dogs’ company. They are funny due to their naughty behavior, easy-going, and gentle to human beings. This breed can entertain you not only due to their funny behavior but also due to the shape of the nose and how they express their curiosity.

Beagles require to be exposed to different people, sounds, sights, and experiences at a young age and this is what makes them maintain gentleness. The early socialization also makes a Beagle puppy grow well and be well-rounded.


Newfoundlands can be distinguished from other larger dog breeds by their level of intelligence and calmness. These dogs are loyal, caring, and very concerned with what is happening to the people around them. They also have a sociable character, can adapt easily to life with peers, and are also very good with children.

Newfoundlands have a sweet disposition and appear like big, soft, and lovable Teddy Bears. They are intelligent, love children, and always endeavor to please. They tend to be happier when with people and they don’t like being left alone in a kennel for a long time.


These are easy to train, cute, sweet, and calm breeds, appearing in a wide range of hairstyles. They are also very outgoing and typically caring and gentle to the people they love. Poodles play a lot, tend to be loyal, and rarely get snippy or annoyed; hence they are easy to interact with.

This breed is very attractive to people who have allergies due to their coat that is hypoallergenic. When such people gravitate around them, they get some relief, although they require constant grooming.


Gentle dog breeds tend to be friendly, attractive, and sociable and are therefore preferred to other breeds. Today, you can choose the best breed, depending on your preference and circumstances. Whether you have a lot of space in your home or you live in an apartment, you can enjoy their companionship and desire to adopt more with time. Such creatures can be suitable for all age groups and, more specifically, children who desire affection and companionship.

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