Key Tips For Maintaining Your Pitbulls Health

Pitbulls are known for being people-oriented and confident dogs that may develop a strong sense of dependence on people who take care of them. Due to their dependence on humans, they respond well to positive training and praise as they always love to impress their masters by learning new tricks.

In terms of health, pitbulls are generally healthy and can live on average 12-14 years. However, like any dogs, they also have some health issues as they’re susceptible to allergies as adults, parvovirus as puppies, and hereditary cataracts and hip dysplasia as seniors. Fortunately, there are some ways to keep your pitbull healthy. Aside from providing quality products like Innovet Pet Products, below are the several tips you can consider to maintain the health of your best friend:

Pitbull Puppy having a check up

Regular Exercise Is A Must

the key to your pitbull’s balanced and long life is regular exercise. Since most pitbulls are full of energy, they’re much more solid and muscular. Putting this energy to good use through exercising can benefit them dramatically by dissipating all of their stored energy into productive exercise. Just make sure that your pitbull gets enough of it. If possible, take your pitbull out on a 1-hour run or jog to satisfy its need for exercise and activity. This will also help in enhancing and forming the bond it has with you.

You can also let your pitbull play with other dogs. If your friends have pitbulls, you may schedule a playtime together so everybody’s dog may get their exercise daily. Setting up a backyard obstacle course may also be a good idea. Other than that, you may purchase a treadmill designed for dogs if you don’t have a backyard.

Visit A Vet Regularly

It’s essential to visit a vet regularly. Regular checkups may help maintain the health of your Pitbull and prevent any serious problems. Even if it’s additional expense, your vet is more knowledgeable about the necessary vaccines that your dog requires. So, make sure to schedule a visit to the vet every now and then to ensure that your dog is healthy.

Brush Your Pitbull Always

This is important to keep your pitbull’s skin clear. Regular brushing reduces shedding. It’s also recommended to clip the nails of your dog. If you don’t have time for this, regular walks may reduce the need for brushing your pitbull often.

Proper Diet And Nutrition

The most important focus to ensure a healthy pitbull is proper diet and nutrition. There are various options you can choose from when it comes to the food you can feed to your furry friend. Some of these include home-prepared diet and commercial dog food.

Typically, dogs that are fed with a home-prepared diet aren’t overweight. In case your pitbull needs to get rid of extra weight, it’s easy to lessen the caloric value even without decreasing the overall amount of food fed by adding a lot of pureed vegetables and low-fat meats.

If you have a hectic schedule and can’t prepare meals for your dog, choosing premium-quality dog food for pitbulls may also be a good idea. No matter what your budget is for your pitbull’s food, make sure not to choose cheap kibble since it only results in weight gain.

It also provides excessive carbohydrates and doesn’t give the proper nutrition for metabolic function and optimum health. Moreover, low-quality dog foods contain some additives, which encourage overeating since dogs wouldn’t touch such grain-based foods if they didn’t include artificial enhances.

Regardless of the food you prefer to feed your pitbull, always avoid poor quality feeding practices like overfeeding and free feeding. The reason behind it is that it may just greatly contribute to your dog’s obesity.

If you’re using food rewards when training your pitbull, you might have to lessen the amount you feed during mealtimes. You also need to reduce the table scraps and treats your pitbull may be getting throughout the day. Adding extra may add up over time, which may result in more unwanted pounds if you aren’t careful.

Let Your Pitbull Socializebig pitbull smiling

Pitbulls are loving and friendly by nature. They like interacting with humans and always love to meet new people. These lovable pets can be a bundle of joy, most particularly if you can use their energy to build a lasting and good relationship with you and other people around them.

The best way to let pitbulls build relationships is through socializing, which is also essential to keep them healthy and happy. Just make sure to do socializing in an appropriate manner. If you can’t do it properly, you can always hire professionals to help you.


Maintaining the overall health of your pitbull may be challenging, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to achieve. By following the tips mentioned above, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to keep your pitbull healthy and happy at the same time.