How To Choose A Good Dog Harness? Different Types and Styles

Dog harnesses come in many different styles, shapes, sizes, and materials. Some are designed for the use of large dogs, while others are intended to fit smaller breeds. Some are made from leather, while others are made from nylon or spandex. The options are almost endless, so it’s common for dog owners to see themselves clueless on what dog harness to buy.

A lot of dog owners want to know how to select a good dog harness for their furry friends because harnesses will give them better control over their pets, and reduce strain on their dogs’ back and neck. If you’re planning on doing the same and buy the best dog harness, there are a few things that you ought to keep in mind, such as:

Check The Different Types Of Dog Harnesses

You may have been wondering what types of dog harnesses are available. Well, there are several types, and each one has its own unique design and features. Before you decide on which type of dog harness to purchase, you need to research and click here, so you’ll know the different types of dog harnesses and determine which one suits your dog’s needs.

Flat collars

These are the most commonly used type of harness today. Most dogs wear flat collars to display their tags. Well-trained dogs can be walked using a flat collar and standard leash.

Front-clip dog harness

A front clip harness is a simple, cheap way to make your dog more secure. It also gives you complete control over your pet, especially when you’re taking them for walks. This type of harness can discourage your dog’s natural pulling instinct, making it easier for you to control their behavior when you’re outdoors.

Back clip dog harness

Back clip dog harness is designed with a strap that goes around the dog’s shoulders. It provides comfort and support to the dog’s back, and prevent tangling that can lead to injuries.

Dual clip harness

As the name suggests, this type of dog harness can be used either as a front clip or back clip harness, or both. A dual clip dog harness can provide more flexibility and control to dog owners like you.

Consider The Size

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When you’re choosing a good dog harness, one thing you should keep in mind is the size of your dog. Never pick a dog harness that’s too big or too small for your furry friends as this will only cause injuries and put your money down the drain. How do you think can you use a harness that isn’t the appropriate size for your dog?

Most dog harnesses available in the market today are labeled small, medium, large, or extra-large. These labels will give you an idea on which type of dog harness best suits your pets. But, since not all dogs fit this standard, consider bringing your dog when you’re buying a dog harness for them. This will enable you to choose the perfect size harness for your dog as they can fit the item on the spot.

Assess Your Dog’s Comfort

Using a dog harness will make it very easy for you to control and train your furry friend. However, the dog harness you’ll pick should not only benefit you, but it should also provide comfort to your pooch as they’re wearing it. A harness that’s uncomfortable to wear can cause injuries to your dog to the point where they won’t listen or obey your orders.

Aside from making sure that the harness fits your dog, pay attention to their ability to move as they’re wearing the harness. Can your dog move easily with the harness on? Can they walk, run, and jump with ease when you put their harness? These factors are vital when choosing a dog harness.

The right size of harness will provide comfort to your dog, but if you don’t want to take chances, you can also buy a padded or cushioned dog harness. This type of harness can be expensive, but this will surely prevent your dog’s skin from developing irritation regardless of how frequent they use the item.

Check The Material Used

It’s also important to assess the type of material used in making the dog harness. This is especially important if your furry friend is susceptible to skin allergies.

Aside from the size of your dog, the material you choose for them should also suit your location’s climatic conditions. Buying a harness that feels too hot when used can cause irritability and discomfort to your dog. This can become the reason why they would dislike wearing their harness.

Leather is one of the best materials you can choose for your dog’s harness. This material is aesthetically pleasing, durable, and suits different sizes and breeds of dogs. Also, leather can easily be maintained as this will only require minimal polishing.

Leather is a great option when shopping for your dog’s harness, but this material can get very expensive. If you’re looking for cheaper options, consider looking at dog harnesses made from household fabrics, such as cotton. This material is appropriate for hotter climates and won’t cause irritation on your dog’s skin.

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Don’t Forget The Durability

The next thing that you want to consider when choosing a dog harness is its durability. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a dog harness that falls apart after a few months of use, right? Buying this kind of dog harness can cause a lot of stress and will require you to spend a lot of money in the long run.

As a dog owner, you should only invest in a dog harness that’s durable and can stand the test of the time. Aside from the materials used, pay attention to the quality of the stitching. A dog harness is made up of different parts, and you need to make sure that all of these parts don’t fall apart regardless of how strong your dog is or how often they pull the harness.


As you can see, you’ll have countless of options when you decide to buy a dog harness. However, if you want to end up with the perfect dog harness, you shouldn’t visit pet stores right away. Instead, you should know what factors to consider when buying a dog harness so you can easily narrow down your options.