The Top Ways To Honor Your Deceased Dog’s Memory

As our dogs age, we are often faced with the task of making hard decisions regarding their quality of life. When the time comes to say goodbye to our furry companions, many questions rush through our minds as we begin to deal with this loss. How are we going to remember them? What will they give us in return for all that they’ve done for us? Here are some fantastic ideas on how you can celebrate your dog’s memory and continue to honor them long after they have passed.

Custom Pet Portraits

Portraits are a great way to honor your deceased dog’s memory. A lot of pet owners have lost their beloved dogs in the past, and know how difficult it can be to find a good way to memorialize them. Many people use pictures of their pets in order to keep them close, but sometimes just having an image isn’t enough. The professionals at Impersonate Me have suggested that custom pet portraits are a great way to create an artistic rendition of your beloved pet. Usually, there are skilled artists who have dedicated countless years honing their craft and ensuring that each custom pet portrait they produce looks like it could be hanging on the wall in any fine art gallery around the world. The process is usually easy and requires that you simply upload a photo of your dog so that the artist can create a digital sketch. You will have the option of sending in more photos if you would like to edit the portrait. Custom Pet Portraits are also incredibly affordable. If you take into account how many years it could take someone to hone their artistic skills, Custom Pet Portrait prices are very reasonable. They range from $120-$380 depending on what materials they use and what size your pet is painted at.

The Humane Society of the United States is one organization that helps pets and their families through education, advocacy, and animal protection efforts, with over 10 million members and constituents nationwide. You can donate in honor of your deceased pet’s memory by visiting their website. Humane Society offers free support groups to anyone who has lost a beloved pet, along with their family members, caregivers, friends, and other significant people in their lives. The shared experiences that go hand-in-hand with pet loss create an unspoken bond between members of the group that allows them to learn from each other while coping with this life-changing event together. There is also no obligation to adopt if you attend one of these sessions, so rest assured knowing your focus while there will not be worrying about finding that

Remember Your Dog With A Memorial Brick At Their Grave Site

A memorial brick at your gravesite is an inexpensive way to remember your deceased dog’s memory while providing future generations with vital information about you and your beloved pet by sharing their story. Memorial bricks are available at many local pet cemeteries and can be purchased for about $20-$50 depending on the size of your brick.


A proper pet urn is a beautiful addition to any home or garden.  In fact, it can be seen as an art form. The family dog has been a part of the family way before you were born and may even have a special place in your mom’s heart that she holds especially for them.  It would be a shame to let such a loveable pet go without commemorating that love with a lasting memorial that the entire family can enjoy every day.

Public Memorials

So many people have expressed their desire to see some kind of commemoration erected in order to remember all those who have gone on before us, so why erect this statue at the local park?  In its own right, this has been an amazing discovery and if you have ever been to a cemetery or a pet memorial park then you should be able to see why. Another top way to honor your deceased dog is by purchasing a pet monument and memorial disc marker. Standard options include granite, marble, and bronze plaques; cast aluminum, brass, and stainless steel markers; ceramic and porcelain tiles; engraved bricks; and custom-designed special art pieces such as benches, sculptures, or water fountains.

Pet Cemeteries And Memorial Parks

There are many options available when it comes time for your family dog’s final resting place.  The first option is the good old-fashioned traditional burial in which you may purchase a plot of land out in the country at a pet cemetery where your dog can lay quietly until its final day arrives. There would obviously be no headstone marker but there would sleep peacefully alongside other pets who have gone sleep before them.

Gardening or Planting a Tree

Now, this is an option that many people choose when it comes time to find the perfect memorial for their deceased pets.  You can purchase these types of ornaments in stores and through catalogs online but they are not usually very expensive which means you can actually get more than one should you decide to do so after the first purchase. Many pet parents also choose to remember their furry loved ones by planting a tree in their honor at a local park, at your home, or out in nature somewhere special like where your dog had spent most of her days frolicking. This would be a beautiful way to keep your beloved dog close by long after the day they passed away.

Free E-Memorials For Pets

There are many benefits to creating this type of tribute for your beloved pet but the most important thing is that it honors their memory in a unique way that you can put up on your website, share with friends and family on social networking sites, and through emails. Memorial videos offer an inexpensive and touching way to honor your deceased pet’s memory, especially if you’d like to keep the video private for you and your family’s eyes only. A customized video tribute can be delivered to your loved ones digitally or on DVD. In addition, this may create a searchable database where people can come forward and share stories they have about your pet if you allow them to do so.