How to Socialize a Rescue Pitbull (THE RIGHT WAY)

Let’s face it, just like almost the entire world’s population you are a born lover of all things canine! Ever since youth, you have longed to experience “man’s best friend” and have always wanted to be the proud owner of your very own pooch, more specifically, the magnificent pitbull! However, up until now the elements of a chaotic life simply got in the way, restricting you from becoming the proud owner of the magnificent beast! Yes, in past years, time was never on your side!

Whereas now, your lifestyle has changed dramatically and you have finally found yourself with the much-needed precious time on your hands to adopt your very own pitbull! Yes, your lifelong dream of becoming a master to the grand breed is now in reach and you feel now is the perfect moment to rescue your four-legged friend and welcome them into your home and your family.

The truth is, choosing to adopt a dog is a huge commitment and when you become the owner of your own trusty hound the fact is, it does not come with an instruction manual! It is up to you, their master, to provide them with the correct care and training, as your furry friend will rely solely on you for guidance.

One of the most important things that every dog must be taught is how to socialize, as correctly socializing your canine will ensure that they are not only socially trained around family and friends, but also around other creatures of their kind! This will allow your pooch to have its very own doggy social life and will certainly make every day with your new furry buddy a walk in the park!

Socializing is Even More So Important Within the Pitbull Breed!

For many years the pitbull has been portrayed as one of the most ferocious breeds on the planet, due to its reputation of being the ultimate fighting dog. Many people perceive the pitbull to be born into the world possessing its aggressive traits however, according to society could not be more wrong.

They believe that just like any other canine breed it all comes down to how the dog is treated and brought up, and when raised in a positive environment and well-trained, evidently the pitbull will grow into a loving and affectionate pooch.

This is why socializing any dog is incredibly important but is even more so important for the pitbull breed. As being known as the champion of fighting dogs, renowned for its super speed and strength, an unsocialized pitbull poses a major threat to both humans and other dogs! Even though they are recognized for their loyal and affectionate qualities, the truth is, when not socially trained correctly they can cause some serious damage!

This is why owners of the breed must adopt a greater duty of care and ensure their dogs are properly socialized, as an untrained pitbull truly can be a force to be reckoned with! Here are some important tips on how you can arm your pitbull with those all-important social skills to keep both them and the rest of the population safe.

Begin Early!

Fact! The earlier you begin to socially train your dog, the better, no matter what their age, it is key that you begin straight away. The truth is, when it comes to training a puppy, it is a little more straightforward than when training a pitbull of a more mature age. When beginning training with your new pup, It is the best idea to start when they hit the age of between 3 – 12 weeks. This is basically learning prime time in your dog’s life, being the timeframe when they tend to take in and retain the most information.

Now, when choosing to bring an older pitbull into your environment the rule to begin training as soon as possible still stands! Even though your four-legged friend has evidently passed the stages to absorb new information more easily, the truth is, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Whether young or old, the best idea is to start by introducing them to things slowly, for instance, how to play nice with family and not forgetting to implement the rules of the household. Also, think about inviting friends and extended family around to your home, to show your new pooch that visitors are safe, and sometimes it isn’t necessary for them to guard their new habitat like

Fort Knox! Make sure to consistently reward them for their good behavior with positive reinforcement, by dishing out plenty of treats and some well-deserved petting. By doing so, you will be giving your dog the encouragement needed to adapt to its new environment.

Introduce Your Pitbull to As Many People As Possible!

It is a good idea to introduce your pitbull to as many people as humanly possible and get them acquainted with people of all shapes and sizes, tall, short, thin, the works. This will allow them to become familiar with every walk of life and will provide them with the tools to feel safe and comfortable.

However, make sure not to acquaint them with too many people at any one time, as this could cause a setback and they could become totally overwhelmed! Also, bear in mind to avoid overly crowded places until they have been correctly socialized to withstand that specific situation.

Get Your Pitbull Acquainted With Other Canines!

First and foremost, when considering introducing your puppy to other dogs make sure that they have had those all-important shots beforehand, remember folks, safety always comes first! Maybe consider getting them acquainted with an older dog that you are aware to be healthy and most importantly puppy-friendly, this will ensure they will be safe from contracting any nasty illnesses.

Another great way to introduce your pooch to a flurry of friends (post-shots) is to enroll them into a puppy class, (basically doggy playgroup) this will allow them the experience of meeting other puppies of a similar age and their owners in a safe and supervised environment. This will give your four-legged friend the ability to learn that most humans and other pooches are friendly, providing them with both joy and elevated confidence at the same time!

Now, socially training an adult pitbull can be, to say the least, a little more tricky! Particularly if you are unfamiliar with your furry friend’s past background and because of this, should be treated with extreme caution! A good idea would be to maybe place your pitbull into an obedience class, this will help both yourself and them along the way to becoming more sociable. Or you could choose to begin your pooch’s new social life by gradually introducing them to another dog, a canine that you know to be of a friendly nature.

However, it is incredibly important to do this in a safe setting that is also on neutral territory. To begin, try walking your dog close to the other, keeping them securely on their lead, this will allow your dog to explore and fulfill their curiosity about their new four-legged friend safely. Doing so will give you the perfect opportunity to observe your pooch’s reaction and their attitude towards their new furry buddy.

Now, if all goes well then the next step would be to experiment with more than one dog. This can be done by performing the exact same task except for this time with several other well-known friendly, welcoming dogs. After a couple of supervised meets and greets hopefully, you will be able to judge whether your dog is ready to get up close and personal for some fun playtime off the lead!

Yes, becoming the proud owner of this magnificent breed can be such a great and rewarding experience! However, without the correct training, you could very well be setting yourself and your prized pooch up for total disaster. That is why as a responsible owner of the loving yet ferocious breed, it is solely down to you to socialize your pitbull correctly and provide them with that much-needed training and guidance.


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