7 Advantages and Benefits of Dog Wearing Shoes

Your dogs’ paws are just as sensitive and fragile as your feet are. Dog shoes are necessary for your pet to feel comfortable and protected. When your dog wears shoes, they’ll be free to roam around and you can be sure that you won’t worry about their safety.

Here are some advantages of having your dog wear boots:

Protection from Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures affect how your dog experiences walking on the ground. When it’s extremely hot, your dog can experience a burning sensation when they step on the ground. Imagine the times when experiments are done to judge how hot the ground is. One example of such an experiment is that of the egg getting cooked on the driveway ground. Now imagine your dog’s paws stepping on the same driveway that can cook an egg. It’s no doubt that your dog will experience excruciating pain, blisters, peeling, and boils on their paws.

The extreme opposite is the cold temperature when it’s raining or snowing. Your dog needs to be protected from these harsh conditions. Many consider getting a dog coat for such weather; however, a dog coat also keeps your dog from enjoying the cold weather comfortably. Keep in mind that during snow season, people sprinkle salt on pavements to help with melting. If the salt gets into your dog’s paws, it may be irritating and painful. Boots can prevent such scenarios from occurring. If you’re unsure of what to choose for your dog, you can check out a list of dog boots from Canada so can get a better grasp of what your options are.

Safe Navigation

American Bulldog wearing winter shoes

Your dog can safely navigate the outdoors when wearing boots. For example, if you decide to go hiking with your dog, you can never be too sure of the terrain. You may reach grounds that have plants that prick or a sharp rock that may injure them. Just as you would get hurt by such things, the same risks are posed for your dog.

Your dog can comfortably tackle activities such as with you when wearing boots. Dogs that are involved in duck hunting, for example, can only do so if wearing dog boots because of the water terrain. You can comfortably take your dog along to such activities because of the grip that the boots provide. It’s therefore important to make sure that you buy quality boots that have this grip feature to be certain about your dog’s safety.

Boots also give dogs the grip that is needed for wet or slippery slopes. If it is raining and your dog goes outdoors, you don’t have to worry about him or her slipping, or his or her nails getting caught on an edge and getting injured. These incidents can be avoided if your dogs are wearing boots.

Clean Paws

If your dog is wearing dog boots, you also don’t have to continuously monitor him or her to make sure that he or she doesn’t get dirty. For example, with dog boots, a jump in a puddle of mud simply means that you will have to wipe the mud off the shoes. This is easier than having to thoroughly wash your dog every instance that he or she jumps in the puddle, even when you didn’t intend for wash day.


Some dogs are sensitive to outdoor elements such as pollen and weeds. Wearing boots is one way of protecting your dog from stepping on the ground that may be infested with allergens. Signs of an allergy include swollen paws, a red rash, blisters, or pimples. It’s important to notify your vet if you recognize any of these conditions on your dog as these may also be indications of underlying health conditions.

Indoor Protection

As beautiful as your dog is, he or she can cause havoc inside your home, meaning the indoors may need some protection. For example, your dogs’ paws can be the reason why your couches may have torn parts, your curtains may be dangling, and why your floor may have marks in it depending on the type of material. If your dog wears boots inside, you may be able to protect some of your furniture from some damage to some extent.

Dog owners may decide to have their dogs spend more time outdoors than indoors for this reason. If you, however, wish for your dog to be indoors though you don’t know how to protect your furniture, look no further than dog boots.

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If your dog has been injured and the wounds are still exposed, dog boots act as a shield. The fact that the wounds or blisters won’t make direct contact with the ground means that the paws may heal faster. You need to make sure that you buy quality boots that are comfortable for your dog otherwise, boots that aren’t of quality may just hurt the injuries more.


Boots can also be a fashion accessory for your dog’s outfit. If your dog is accompanying you to an event, he or she will look fashionable in boots. You can find boots to match your outfit meaning and your dog will make a fashion statement wherever you go.

If you are one of those owners who enjoy getting your dog into fashion competitions, you are spoilt for choice regarding dog boots. You can match the type of boots with the potential winning outfit.


Dog boots are important to keep your dog protected from external factors. Extreme temperatures may cause your dog to feel uncomfortable when stepping on the ground. Dog boots act as a shield from the hot or cold ground. Your dog can safely navigate different terraces when protected by shoes. You don’t have to worry about him or her getting pricked by thorns or slipping on a slope. Your dog may also be allergic to various outdoor features and boots may protect him or her from these.

Your interior is protected from the claws when your dog is wearing boots, limiting wear and tear. If your dog is injured, boots facilitate for faster healing and these are also fashionable.