The Benefits of Artificial Insemination For Dogs

American bully breeders have a diverse and unique breed design. The variances in type within the breed require lots of planning and focus on the part of the breeder to pull off good breeding that’ll better the breed. Because of the intense amount of time spent to plan and execute a quality bully breeding, it’s no surprise that many bully breeders turn to Artificial Insemination to produce their litters and keep their breeding stock safe.

Artificial Insemination (AI) is simply the act of depositing a semen sample directly into the uterus of the female to take control of the breeding process and reduce the chances of complications. Simply collect a sample from the chosen stud and inseminate the female in the receptive window of her heat cycle.

Equaling Out the Size Barriers

Along with such marvelous variety, however, come some issues that need to be understood when developing a Bully line. In most breeds, size itself has not considered an issue, since there is relatively little difference in general size throughout the breed. With Bullies, however, it is a completely different story. Sizes range from pockets at around 30 pounds to XL sizes of nearly 100 pounds.

Knowing what issues are common makes it more possible for a breeder to work to correct or avoid them. Artificial insemination allows breeders to have enough diversity and to look for stud dogs that will deliver the size and shape desired while keeping their bitches size and shape in consideration.

artificial insemination for american bully

For a breeder who wants to breed their smaller bitch to a large, muscular stud, it can help make it easier on the bitch and safer as well. For the breeder who wants to breed their extreme bitch to a pocket stud, it makes a monumental task much more manageable. AI opens the doors to all possible combinations giving Bully breeders maximum flexibility in developing their lines.

Breeding to a wide size variation has helped many Bully breeders attain the style they are looking for and to move away from the game style. AI is a great asset to the desire to breed for stockier types of all sizes and to attain extra-large versions. However, there are some issues that the ability to breed such great varieties of breed types. Please always be aware of the risks of breeding a small bitch to a dog far larger than herself. Have money set aside for c-section requirements and be ready to assist at a moment’s notice. Breeding extra-large bitches to smaller, stockier or broader dogs pose far fewer additional risks beyond the normal whelping issues.

Creating Consistency without Narrowing the Gene Pool

Once a particular type is attained, good Bully breeders will usually incorporate strong line breeding techniques to lock the qualities in and keep their distinct type. That’s a very wise plan of action. However, becoming too focused on type without making sure the genetics of the line are not becoming too concentrated is a danger as well. An artificial insemination is a powerful tool for Bully breeders. It allows a breeder to examine similar types from all over, regardless of the distance to occasionally bring in new blood that will help accentuate the positive traits and resolve any negative issues as much as possible without having to bring in, house, train, and care for additional stud dogs.

Ever-Evolving Bully Genetics

The great diversity in the Bully breed means it can be molded to each breeder’s choice. Some Bully breeders prefer to bring occasionally in-game lines to balance out their bullier lines; others do not. There is no wrong or right answer to which is correct. Both are excellent examples of how to make your line your own. However, it can be difficult to breed a Bully to a Pit Bull or other game type bully breeds dog due to other breeder’s feelings on purity. Using AI makes it much easier since all you have to do is purchase straws of available semen from a chosen line or particular stud.

What about breeder objections? You might come upon breeder objections if you attempt to buy semen straws from an outside variety when going directly through the kennel owner. However, there are massive sperm banks that host a wide variety of the most popular and highly sought after lines where it is easy to obtain the genetics desired.

Giving New Puppy Owners a Fast Track to Line Breeding Success

One tool good Bully breeders can incorporate to help continue their lines and help other breeders develop that in their lines are to remind new bitch buyers also to buy several straws of frozen semen of a sibling to the sire of the puppy/bitch they pick out. This will give them the genetics to breed to when the timing is right, without having to return a bitch for breeding to the original breeder.

Adding Perks to the Puppy Packages

Advertising the availability of frozen semen from a line bred siblings with puppy announcements can help increase interest in the litter. It also helps educate buyers on the best forms of breeding to type and getting a lock on the lines they are interested in.

Using AI Kits for Dogs is Easy and Fast

Artificial inseminationcan feel a little weird the first time you attempt it, but it is a safe, fast and effective manner in which to breed your Bullies. Even though dog aggression is not a strong tendency in Bullies like it is in the game style varieties, breeding aggression can happen in any breed of any size. It is especially problematic, however, in breeds with the power and determination of a Bully. A male may be overly aggressive with a bitch to get the job done, or a bitch may not like a dog coming at her from behind for any reason whatsoever, including mating. While it may not happen, it is far better to be safe than sorry, and artificial insemination takes all of the danger out of the situation for dogs and handlers alike.

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