Excalibur & Ryu Gotti – The 2 Popular American Bully in California

Excalibur American Bully

Meet Excalibur the famous American bully in West Coast and One of the California Bully Legend. Frank Arellano is the Owner of Excalibur. If you want to know more about Frank Arellano and his famous American Bully Excalibur Watch the Video:

Notorious Ryu Gotti

It’s a beautiful sunny day in Signal Hill, California, and it’s a fine day to go out and have a walk. Zeke takes advantage of this excellent day to go for a walk and with him is best dog pal Ryu of Gottiline.

Taking a Bully dog-like Ryu for walk attracts a lot of people who show interest in the pet. People often stop Zeke and ask questions about Ryu like what breed does he belong, how old Ryu is, etc. Some even jokingly say that they want to take the dog back home with them. The reason for this is that Ryu possesses most if not all the traits found in a Bully, and it gives the dog a certain charisma. People who meet Ryu find his body and structure to be an amazing thing. They also like his pleasant and friendly personality traits that are necessary for a Bully dog.

Zeke also notes that when he takes out Ryu out for a walk he meets lots of new people. One of these individuals he met is a lady from San Jose who asked Zeke to borrow his dog for a while and take him for a walk.  Said girl found out that Ryu is very powerful for being a big short dog. Nevertheless, the lady had fun borrowing Ryu.

Another person they met is Tiffany, who sat down with Ryu and tried to get him to do the whole Street Fighter-Ryu stuff.
For Zeke meeting a lot of people who interest in his pet is a good thing. For Zeke, any day that many people show an interest in Ryu and want to get acquainted with the Bully is a good day for both of them watch the video about Ryu.