14 Unique Gift Ideas for the Pet Owner Who Has Everything

As the holidays approach, what do you get your pet owner friend who already owns everything? They’ve got toys, beds, treats, kibble, medicine, and more — all of the basics needed to keep a pet happy. So how do you keep it unique and get them gifts both they and their pet will love? From collagen chews for dogs to pet nail polish, here are some of our favorites:

1. Nerf ball launcher

Let’s be honest — sometimes pet owners don’t have the energy to play. They’re under-caffeinated, working long hours, and are on little sleep. It can be difficult to work up the energy to want to play hard.

A Nerf ball launcher makes fetch much easier, as you can shoot the ball into the air with no problem. Suddenly, fetch becomes as easy as loading the Nerf gun and shooting it off for their dog to catch. Once they bring it back, reload and repeat!

2. ChuckIt! sport ball launcher

Similar to the Nerf ball launcher, the ChuckIt! Sport ball launcher makes fetch fun as you don’t need as much arm strength to really play fetch. With the ChuckIt!, you can launch the dog’s ball much farther than you could by arm, letting the dog really sprint it out. Suddenly, they’re getting out more energy and you’re able to enjoy fetch without having to throw out your arm to achieve more distance.

3. Pet water sprinkler

Sometimes, a dog wants to cool down. Most of all, they want to do it on their own terms – they don’t want you to turn the hose on them. A pet water sprinkler allows them to cool themselves down, whenever they want to.

4. Backyard water fountain

Rather than providing their pet with a sprinkler they can turn on as they like, you can even provide them with their own personal waterpark. A backyard water fountain is a simple way to let them run free, all while playing in and around the water fountain. If the pet owner has a kid, their child and their dog can run free through the water fountain, playing together in the summer weather.

5. A White Claw for dogs

As many say, “White Claw is the law.” So why not let their dog get in on the fun? They can carry around their very own White Claw stuffie, making for a fun toy and an even funnier image.

6. Dog DNA test

Another excellent gift is to provide a pet owner with the exact breakdown of their dog’s breed type. Just as people use 23andMe DNA kits, you can get a DNA kit for a dog. The results will give a thorough breakdown of the dog’s breed types, giving percentages of their various breeds. For instance, you may have been told you had a thoroughbred Labrador Retriever, but you may find they are 55 percent Labrador, 30 percent Border Collie, 10 percent Australian Shepherd, and five percent Chihuahua!

7. Dog nail polish

Who doesn’t love a dressed-up dog? How about a dog wearing nail polish? Now that’s something that any dog owner will love to see.

8. Collagen chews for dogs

We all like treating our pets to tasty treats, but what about chews that are equally healthy for them? Collagen chews for dogs are a great choice, as they provide dogs with the essential nutrients, fat, and protein they need to fortify their muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joint health.

9. Personalized dog portrait

Sometimes, you want to capture your dog’s likeness in a classic dog portrait. So why not give the gift to a pet owner? You can submit a picture of their dog and receive an artist’s rendition, getting a professional print that will truly wow – while making for an excellent art piece within their home.

10. Automatic ball launcher

The ChuckIt! and Nerf launcher made fetch an easier game, but what do you do when you’re busy with work? You can help a busy pet owner out by giving them an automatic ball launcher. Suddenly, their dog can play fetch all on their own.

11. PetPeek fence window

Dogs are interested in the outside world. They like looking out and seeing what’s out there. Why not gift them sight? Installed into a fence, this little bubble window allows a dog to look out at the cars, people, and pets walking by. It can also help to alleviate stress, as they’ll be able to see what’s happening outside, rather than barking at the unknown.

12. Oversized tennis ball

Dogs love to have something to play with. More often than not, they like having something large they can knock around. An oversized tennis ball makes playing that much more fun, as they can chase after their ball while never truly getting ahold of it. Yet, it doesn’t even have to be inflated to be enjoyable. When partially deflated, it will allow a dog to grab onto it with their mouth, giving them something substantial to hold onto and swing around.

13. Antlers for dogs

Healthy treats are great, but sometimes a pet wants more than a chewy treat. Antlers for dogs provide them with something tough to chew on, something they can really sit with. An all-natural treat, it’s a healthy choice for them that also allows them to clean their teeth and get their energy out.

14. Wipe Your Paws welcome mat

The best gift could be the simplest. A rainy or snowy day is no fun for the pet owner, as it will lead to a wet dog that’s bound to track mud and water through the house. So make sure they clean their paws before coming inside.

A simple, textured welcome mat will allow both the owner and pet to wipe their feet and paws before coming inside.

Consider exploring the above gifts for the pet owner in your life. And continue your search if you feel like you could find an even more intriguing gift. From pig ears to scented chew toys to GPS trackers to unique puzzle toys, you’re sure to find a gift that’s going to make a dog happy.