Pitbulls Are Safe! Here’s Why!

Happy Pitbull Photo

The Pitbulls are some of the most misunderstood dogs in the eyes of the public to the point that most people view them as dangerous animals. Some polls show that 50 percent of the populace will not adopt or buy a Pitbull. Some cities, states or countries forbid or limit the ownership of Pitbulls. So does the public have a legitimate reason to fear Pitbulls?

For starters, fear of the dog stems from lack of information and stigma based on the dog’s origins. The fact that the breed used to be a fighting dog does raise alarms, but only if one ignores the fact that nowadays Pitbulls are being bred as pets.

Another factor is the media’s focus on Pitbull attacks. In real life, there are other dog attacks caused by other the breeds, and yet if the dog is a Pitbull, the media tends to put a lot of spotlights on the issue.

The Pitbull is considered by some to be very unruly in its temperament, yet the Chihuahua, Dachshund, Chow Chow, Doberman Pinscher, and Dalmatian are top five of the unruly dog breeds. Research indicates that in a 10-year range dog attacks, none of the dogs involved are Pitbulls.

Viciousness is said to be a Pitbull trait, yet this stereotyping ignores factors, and each Pitbull must be judged on their own merits. A vicious Pitbull often lacks proper training and has suffered from neglect its owner hence its behaviour.

Pitbulls are aggressive, but not in the way people would think. Some people would Pitbulls that are aggressive to both humans and other dogs. Unless the dog has inadequate training, it will not be aggressive towards humans. Pitbulls that are aggressive towards other dogs is not the same thing as aggressive towards humans.

Another problem when it comes to saying that Pitbulls are vicious is that people tend to confuse other non-Pitbull breeds with actual Pitbulls. Shelters and pounds tend to take in all dogs so a regular Joe will get confused seeing actual Pitbulls and their look-alike kindred.

State policies that limit or ban Pitbull ownership, as well as laws that penalize misconduct, can sometimes be arbitrary.  Many Pitbull dogs clubs like the American Kennel Club argue that these policies tend to affect responsible owners and their well-behaved dogs negatively.

Some researchers have noticed that most if not all dog attacks have nothing to do with the Pitbull breeds. Lack of an able-bodied person that could have intervened and stopped a dog attack is a most significant percentage of these dog attacks Other parts are dog attacks are due to Pitbulls not exposed to positive human interaction and has a history of being neglected by their owners. So it is likely that social factors are the leading causes of dog attacks.

So Pitbulls are still man’s best friend, through misunderstanding and misinformation are slowly driving a wedge between humans and Pitbulls. Discarding the old stereotypes about Pitbulls coupled with giving

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