American Bully and Pitbull Ear Cropping: A Closer Look at 3 Popular Styles

American Bulldogs and Pitbulls have that distinct feature that sets them apart from other canine breeds – cropped ears! If you are a bully parent, you might consider getting an ear cropping procedure to achieve this unique look. However, you might also be worried about the safety of your pup and the process. But do you need to crop your pup’s ears? 

Some of the most common questions that Bully parents ask include the best age and the type of ear crop that is suitable for their pup. This popular procedure has triggered many debates from both sides because ear cropping is still misunderstood by many. For first-time Bully parents, here are some essential things you should know about it.

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If you breed an American bully or Pit Bull and you want your pet to look extraordinary then crop your dog ears. Cropping Dog Ears is very popular for American Bully and Other Bully Pit

Popular Ear Crop Styles for Bully Breeds

Different earcrop for american bully and pitbull

Apart from American Bulldogs and Pitbulls, some other breeds that often sport the cropped ear style include Boxers Doberman Pinschers Great Danes and Boston Terriers. Usually, the procedure is done when the puppy is about eight to twelve weeks old, and the ear cartilage is not fully developed. The most common styles for the American Bully and Pitbulls are the Battle Crop, Short Crop, and Show Crop.

Show Crop – this style is the most popular ear crop done on American Bulldogs. It is the longest of the three conventional methods, and it gives Bullies the general appearance of alertness. 

Short Crop – this style is best for all American Bully and Pitbulls. It is a combination of the Show and Battle Crop. It does not look too flat or too long on your Bully’s head. 

Battle Crop – the battle crop style is the shortest among the three ear-cropping for American Bully and Pitbulls. It is trendy among Bully fans, but sporting this kind of look makes your pet’s ear more prone to infections. If you decide to get this kind of look for your dog, make sure to clean properly and use veterinarian recommended medications.

Common FAQs About American Bully Cropping

What is the Best Age to Have American Bully Ears Cropped?

Typically, Bully puppies take ear cropping surgery at eight to 16 weeks old. Most people believe that the ears will stand better if cropped while they are still puppies. However, this is not true. A bully’s ears will stand up regardless of the age when cropped. If you want, you can have the procedure at any age. Just keep in mind that the older your dog is, the more challenging it will be to treat and heal their wounds. Likewise, ear cropping at a very young age may take a while to heal because the cartilage is still not well developed. 

How Long Does Healing Take After Cropping?

Healing time for each dog varies widely. Usually, the stitches need to be cleaned and removed in two to three weeks after the procedure. In case the area is injured for some reason, healing time may extend up to three to four weeks. Be on the lookout for signs of infections during the healing stage too. 

What is the Price Range for Ear Cropping in American Bulldogs and Pitbulls?

The cost of ear cropping procedure varies widely. Since this is a painful surgery, only professional Veterinarians should conduct ear cropping procedures. You can expect to find charges from $150.00 to $800.00. But the average price is around $250.00 and includes follow-up visits, medications, and, if necessary, antibiotics. 

Is Ear Cropping on American Bully Necessary?

Ear Cropping in Bully breeds is purely cosmetic. It is typically done to make the American Bully and Pitbulls look extraordinarily good. But fans of this practice claim that it has plenty of health benefits for your dog.

Often, the prevention of ear infections or Canine Otitis Externa is cited as one of the significant benefits of ear cropping. It is said to improve airflow to the air canal and potentially reduce the risk of bacterial and fungal ear infections.  But the American Veterinary Medical Association states that floppy ears in Bully breeds do not increase the likelihood of such diseases. More so, no specific dog breeds have a higher propensity for this medical issue over other breeds. 

Aftercare Tips for Quick Recovery of Cropped Ears in Bullies

After an ear cropping surgery, your veterinarian will provide a set of instructions on how to clean and take care of your Bully during the recovery period. In most cases, antibiotics are prescribed to be administered for at least 10 days after the operation. 

It is essential to follow these instructions religiously and ensure that no injury will come to your pet’s ears during the recovery period. Cleaning is twice a day using Bactine spray to reduce discomfort, irritation, and prevent infections. Then apply hydrocortisone cream around the area and triple-antibiotic cream on the stitches and cuts. 

Apply Bactine spray and hydrocortisone cream when you notice your pup attempting to scratch the ears. This care should be maintained until the stitches are removed, and the cuts have recovered. 

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Ear cropping is mainly suggestive of American Bully and Pitbulls as it has been done in their ancestors. If you are considering having your Bully’s ears cropped, it should be done by a certified professional veterinarian to ensure safety and proper surgical operation. We at the American Bully Daily do not advise ear cropping, and this discussion is for information purposes only.

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