American Bully Training: 4 Important Points You Need to Remember

Training an American Bully is a must for any owner of this type of dog. In fact, it is important for the dog’s owner to have their Bully dog pet as soon as the Bully is brought to its new home. The Bully is a lovable, affectionate and playful, gentle dog by nature. Nevertheless, they still need discipline and must learn to be obedient to their owners. This is why the American Bully training is necessary to insure that the dog’s behavior, as well as temperament, is molded in a positive way.

The job of training a Bully requires the patience and determination of its owner. The owner may have an easy or hard time doing American Bully training. Dogs that are older are more or less set in their attitude and mindset so training them will be hard, but pups, on the other hand, easier to train

A trainer must know the important training points that will be used on the Bully. The dog’s owner must bear in mind that a Bully will make some mistakes when being trained. Patience is required when doing American Bully training especially if the said Bully is a mature one. Pups have an attention span that is short. In this case, training should be kept short.

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Learning to obey the owner’s commands – This is a crucial aspect when training a Bully or any other breed of dog. The trainer must teach the dog to recognize his/her voice and obey simple commands like “stay” “come”, and ”sit.” These simple commands can rein in a dog’s undesirable behavior once they learn it. This can also be used to train the dog in obeying commands for playing activities. On another note, a dog can be taught to recognize its name through this kind of training. The owner should keep in mind when giving a command is to make his/her tone strong and firm.

Rewards as a method of training – When doing an American Bully training it is important that the trainer’s charge must know what is right and wrong with its behavior. This can be used in along with training mentioned above. If the dog does its owner’s command partially or fully it should get a treat. The more a Bully is rewarded, the greater is it a positive response to its owner’s commands. Punishment especially physical ones should not be used as a “reward” for bad behavior. Instead, the dog should familiarize (like taking the dog out of the house when it is about to do its potty), and alternatives (giving the dog something to chew if it likes chewing shoes) must be given.

Instilling social skills for other people and other dogs – A typical Bully is a very social dog. If the dog’s owner has a family, then this would a great starting area for social training. To familiarize the dog with people from the outside its owner’s family as well other dogs, an outdoor walk is the just thing it needs. Outdoor walks are an exercise that is very good for the dog’s physical health, and you can train it to get used to leash it is wearing. In addition, to the American Bully training, the trainer should also teach the dog to get used to the idea of visiting the veterinarian. If the dog happens to be a pup that has not been vaccinated yet this part of the training may be skipped until the pup gets vaccinated. This is because pups are going through a biting phase.

Potty training – This is the American Bully training that is considered yucky and icky, but necessary for the dog. The best thing that a trainer should is to let the dog familiarize itself that indoors are not a good place to potty. The trainer should watch the dog very closely. If the Bully does a lot of squatting, sniffing circling and moving around it is very likely that it is time for it to do potty. The trainer should let the dog out or take it out and accompany it while it does its potty. Once the dog is done with it potty its owner should clean up the mess. If the dog does a potty while having an outdoor walk, its owner should cleanup afterward immediately especially if the area is public one like park or playground. This part of American Bully training can be considered a kind of training for the dog’s owner to get used to clean up the potty mess without getting squeamish.

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American Bully training is not just a means to instill discipline and control over the Bully dog. It can be a bonding time for the owner and the dog. These training lessons can be exciting and fun for both human and dog. In time, the bond between grows stronger and the owner can be proud to show to everyone how well-trained his/her Bully dog is.

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