How to Train American Bully Puppy Like a PRO?

As an owner of a Bully pup, you must know why it is important to train American Bully puppy. All types of dogs including Bullies are innocent little animals, but they do tend to have tendencies that can be irksome to their owners and other people. Dogs like American Bully puppies tend to chew stuff, jump up and down a lot, bark constantly and dig a lot. As a result, the pup is difficult to live with and may cause annoyance rather affection.

This various annoyance is one of the reasons why training American Bully puppies is important. Other reasons for it are to ensure that there is a bond between you and your pup. This training can also be a means of keeping your precious pup safe by discouraging some of its actions that can be a potential danger to it. Your puppy will also learn how to moderate its behavior and follow your wishes.

Now that you have a good reason to train your precious pup, the next step would be to know what the best training for puppies is. Now bear in mind that puppy training need not be an onerous task. If you love that adorable Bully pup of yours, the training can be fun and exciting one for you and your pet.

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5  Types of Training for your American Bully Puppy

Training American Bully puppies is a good way of instilling discipline and acclimatizes the pup to your household and other situations.

Training in Household rules

As an owner of a Bully puppy, the first thing that your pet must learn is that some of its behaviors are not allowed or tolerated in your home. Sure they may look fun for the pup or even for you, but, in the long run, these antics can become troublesome. It may even lead to the pup becoming an unruly dog.

Some examples of these unwanted behaviors are:

  • Toilet paper shredding.
  • The pup is wildly jumping up and down on the furniture. This action could ruin a good piece of furniture.
  • The puppy was barking into the kitchen when meals are being prepared.
  • The puppy is bullying and hurting on other dogs.
  • Puppy is barking unnecessarily at several things.
  • Snatching or stealing food. If not corrected the pup will end up as a thieving dog.
  • The pup is doing potty inside the house.

Watch American Bully Potty Training

Housebreaking Training

American Bully puppies at the age of 2-3 months lack control over their bladder. This unreliable bladder control can mess up your home and your surroundings. It is advisable that once you have bought your puppy home, the housebreaking training should start immediately.  With the right training from the start, your pup will soon learn to potty properly.

Some methods for housebreaking American Bully puppies includes the use of a crate, small potty yard, a doggy door for access to said potty yard and a litter box.

Crate Training

The crate is considered the den of the pup that is secure and safe in spite of looking like a jail or a “doggie jail.” The purpose of crate training is letting your pet get used to the idea of being comfortable while inside the crate. A Bully has to get in a crate from time to time to use it as resting place and a means of not getting in the way of activities in the house. A crate is also used as a transportation method to prevent your pup from being lost or wandering around. Travelling can often be long for both of you, and the Bully puppy must get used to the idea that being inside a crate is for its safety and protection.

Crate training for american bully

Make sure that the crate is not too restrictive for the pup. Just because that puppy should go in its crate doesn’t mean that the crate should be too small for it.

Handling Training

From time to time you or another person may need to touch or hold your pup physically. A pup would often shy away from this and might object to being handled. By training your dog to learn acceptance from being handle, you can do things like health maintenance without your pet giving much hassle. The training can make things a lot easier.

When giving your Bully pup grooming, nail clipping, medicine giving (especially with syringes), tick removal and collaring they would often feel uncomfortable. If you want to do these things to you pup properly it must learn to get used to the idea of being touched by you or others.

American Bully puppies not trained in this have a tendency to be too stand-offish or worse become an unsociable pet. The whole point of having a pet is for social reasons and being unsociable is a big no-no.

How to be gentle Training

A problem with American Bully puppies taken from their mothers when they are seven weeks old is that they tend to be rough when playing and does a lot of nippings. Pups like this are unrestrained and will cause many problems when it grows up. So right at the start teach your pup restraint that involves setting the limits for its behavior good or bad.  Normally the pup’s mother is the one supposed to be teaching the puppy, but since you are the owner, it is now your responsibility to teach it the pup.

These are the points that are the best training for puppies. All of these should be the first things that a dog must learn.

When to train your puppy and the ideal age to start teaching it?

So when to train your puppy? The ideal age is when the Bully pup is about 2 to 3 months old. Typically at this age period Bully puppies are being taught by their mother. However, since they are taken by humans (That is you) as pets, then there is no chance for the mother to teach her pup. This phase of the puppy’s life is a critical period for it to be trained and since you are now the puppy’s owner, it is your responsibility to train it properly.

As a final note when training your Bully, be sure to make the pup learn that you as “pack leader” of the home is a respectable one. American Bully puppies that have the proper respect for their owners are trained easier. Refrain from using punishments like scolding and leash corrections since they tend to discourage the puppy. Instead, use punishments that do not hurt physically or are non-frightening. If your pup does well in its training reward it with something good. This method will properly motivate your Bully pup to learn the training that you are giving to it and will ensure that there is little or no punishment that will not damage relations between your and your pet. Just remember when you train American bully puppy you are turning it into one lovable and excellent pet.


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