8 Essential Nutrients American Bully Puppies Need To Grow Strong

So you have finally got an American Bully Puppy as your very own pet and friend.  The responsibility of caring and feeding a Bully pup goes along with the privilege of owning it.  At this point in their lives, American Bully Puppies must be given the best kind of dog food that possesses the necessary nutrients for its growth. Lack of healthy nutrients can result in an undeveloped Bully or an unhealthy one.

We recommend for Bully puppies that are under a year old quality foods with high fat and high protein. You can feed it with any non-meat products provided that there should be some meat mixed in it. The puppy’s food should have 30% protein content and a 20% fat content at a minimum. Frozen food products are also suitable for your pet. There are a lot of premium pet foods for American Bully Puppies available at the market, and all you need to do is pick the right one to use.

Quantity is a significant factor in feeding your Bully puppy. They should be fed three times a day or if you prefer to let it do an all-day free feeding. The metabolism of a puppy changes as it grows older, so try to ensure that when feeding your pet, don’t give it too much food that can cause overweight in the Bully. Bullies should have a full look at their bodies without being overweight.


What Are The Best Foods For Puppies That I Should Buy & Feed Them?

You need to choose what type of dog food is suitable for your pet. A Bully puppy owner must know the dog food’s nutritional value and the ingredients that can help the puppy’s growth development. Here are the three groupings of dog foods that you can choose from:

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Raw Dog Foods

If you’re the type of person who thinks that American Bully Puppies can benefit a lot from an organic and natural diet, then this dog food type is the right choice for you.

Most people are prejudiced against the idea of pets eating raw foods. What they tend to forget is that we humans are the ones that can’t eat raw foods. Animals, on the other hand, have no problem with eating raw foods.

Raw dog food is a term used to describe food products like yogurt, vegetables, organ meat, pork, turkey, fresh fruits, kelp, lamb, salmon, and eggs. As long as the dog food is organic in nature and is an all-natural product, it can be considered as raw dog food.

The advantage of raw dog foods is that they don’t have additives, preservatives, and chemicals that are the by-products of processed dog food. Your American Bully Puppy can benefit from eating raw dog foods since they decrease the chances of diseases, strengthen the immune system, increased longevity, and greater reproductive capacity.

Gums with healthy teeth along with a well-developed jaw, neck and shoulder muscles are other benefits of a raw dog food diet.

Nevertheless, this kind of food has its dangers in the form of bacteria that can cause E-coli and salmonella. Be sure to consult a breeder or a friend who does a raw dog food diet to get their advice.

Premium Dog Foods

If you want dog foods that have a high quality of standard, then this type of dog food is certainly an appealing choice of diet for your puppy. Most premium dog foods for puppies can be bought at almost any grocery or store.

Better ingredients, along with better digestibility, are what make premium dog foods appealing to dog owners and their American Bully Puppies. As long as the product’s quality of standard is high, the vitamins, antioxidants, and proteins of the dog food are superior.

Premium dog foods are expensive to buy, and this can tempt you to buy other dog foods that are low-quality economy brands. It is advisable not to buy these kinds of dog foods since they don’t give the same health benefit that high-quality dog food does.

Take into account your American Bully Puppy’s age, personality, activity level, environment and physical makeup before feeding it with premium dog food. Consult a veterinarian about the matter just to be sure.


Homemade Dog Foods

Some dog owners prefer to make meals for their American Bully Puppies from scratch. These kinds of dog meals are what we call homemade dog foods. The recipe of these dog foods varies from one person to another.

Even the ingredients differ, as well. One can expect a homemade dog meal to be all fruits, all vegetables, all meat, or a combination of each type.

The dog owner who prepares the food knows what it contains and where it was made. This trait is the advantage of homemade dog foods since the owner has control over the preparation and knows the dog meal’s composition.

Organizing and planning what to feed American Bully Puppies is necessary. You need to decide what ingredients to use in feeding your pet. Big meaty stews, occasional raw bones, healthy soup, and vegetables are just a few examples of homemade dog foods. If you can’t think up of a recipe on your own, ask an acquaintance who has experience in serving homemade dog foods.

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Healthy Nutrients Found In Dog Foods

The various useful and helpful nutrients found in dog foods can aid the growth development of American Bully Puppies. A puppy’s physical development is bone joints, cognitive development, muscle growth, internal organs growth and immune system are enhanced by these nutrients. Here are some of the essential nutrients found in dog foods:

Carbohydrates – An excellent source of energy for energetic Bully puppies. This nutrient can be found in oats, wheat, barley, corn, and rice. Bullies need to eat a meal that consists of 30 to 70 percent carbohydrates.

Fats – Improves the appetite, food consumption, haircoat condition and physical exertion of a puppy. This nutrient can be found in pork or chicken fat, vegetable oil, cottonseed oil, soybean oil, fish oil, etc. Just remember not to give your pet too many fats in its diet.

Vitamins – any dog food must have essential vitamins. Vitamins like Vitamin E help’s your pet’s immune system, while Vitamin A maintains healthy hair and skin in your pup. This nutrient can be found in fruits and vegetables.

Minerals – A growing Bully puppy needs help in specific body functions and deficiency prevention. Potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, and chloride are some examples of minerals that your puppy needs for its development. Meats, legumes, fruits, grains, and vegetables have minerals in them.

Proteins – Meat products like beef, turkey, fish, chicken, and lamb all contain proteins. Soybeans and eggs also have proteins. Proteins are made up of amino acids that can help repair body tissues and strengthen the muscles of a puppy.

Calcium – American Bully Puppies that are still growing and developing need this nutrient to have sharp teeth as well as bones. Calcium can also help build bones and teeth correctly. Yogurt, green beans, okra, low-fat milk and canned fish with bones possess calcium.

Fiber – Fiber is a complex carbohydrate that resists digestion. It is not an essential nutrient for your pet, but it helps in to maintain your Bully’s colon health. It also mitigates constipation and diarrhea in puppies.

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Don’t forget to give your puppy lots of water. Water is a nutrient for American Bully Puppies, but it helps in waste elimination, body temperature regulation, nutrient transport, and prevention of dehydration.

When giving your puppy nutrients don’t overfeed it with food. Too many meals can cause overweight problems in your pet. As with everything else, be moderate in your feeding.

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Feeding a Bully puppy must be accompanied by exercise. Nutrients are well and good, but your pup needs to have a physical exercise to develop its growing body. Too much feeding without physical exertion is harmful to American Bully Puppies and nutrients are practically useless without it. Remember a healthy Bully puppy is an ideal pet that all dog owners can love.

Do you have any puppies? Does the dog food you use have the necessary nutrients for your pets? Please share with us your opinion on the comment section below.

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