American Bully Gottiline – Why Gotti Pitbulls Are Very Popular Worldwide?

Bullies are very popular dogs as a pet for anyone who wants to own one. Selecting a Bullies from a bloodline that has a high-quality pedigree is one key requirement for anyone wanting to own such a dog. There are many kennels that produce such high-quality Bullies, but the dogs of the American Bully Gottiline are one of the most popular.

American Bullies Gottiline and Their Popularity

Cute Puppies American Bully Gottiline

Dogs from the American Bully Gottiline bloodline are one of the most popular dogs in the United States and like other popular Bully bloodlines, they are in demand. However, these dogs are also popular outside the United States. Other countries like Japan, Canada, China and the Philippines have dog owners who have taken a liking to the Gottiline Pitbull dogs.

It is quite remarkable that Gottiline dogs have such good popularity to most if not all countries. This dog’s loyal, friendly and faithful temperament is one of the things that make it so popular locally and globally.

How Was the American Bully Gottiline Bloodline Founded?

West Side kennel’s owner Richard Barajas was the one who founded the Gottiline bloodline. In 1997, he bought a dog from Tony Moore (who owns Grey Line Kennels) named “The Notorious Juan Gotty” at the amount of 1,300 dollars. It was the passing of Richard’s original sire named “Raider” that prompted him to buy Getty who was seven weeks old at that time Richard bought him from Tony.

Take note that the sire of the Bully Gottiline dogs had “I” instead of “y” in its name. Richard Barajas was the one who made this minor change in Gotti’s name. To date, Gotti has produced many males and females who would be the founders of their own bloodline. Most think that this dog would be one of the greatest dogs in the bully style movement’s history.

The Physical and Personality Traits of an American Bully Gottiline Bully dog

Most people say can’t tell or spot the difference between a dog from the Gottiline bloodline and another dog from a different one. The differences between dogs from various bloodlines are there though those differences are not easy to spot. Anyone was trying to spot the subtle differences may have some difficulty doing hence a person with a trained eye for bullies can help. This can be useful in trying to see if said dog is really from the Gottiline bloodline.

In general physical appearance, the Gottiline dog has a more bulldog look. The coloring of their coat have an oil specking or oil spotting pattern that is more apparent if said dog is white. A said pattern may not often appear on a Gottiline dog. The body has a lot of mass which gives the dog it’s stocky, muscular that makes it look similar to a bulldog.

Also, expect a lot of girth from the dog. The head is broad in width, especially between its cheeks.

Said cheeks need to be broad in order to house its powerful jaws. Supporting the head is its neck which is well-defined and thick with muscles. The neck runs into the dog’s chest which is well-sprung, deep and thick. Ears are cropped though it is optional to the dog’s owner.

Eyes are round in shape that is of any color except blue. The Gottiline dog is a strong one and surprisingly agile in spite of its bulky and stocky look. The tolerance of this dog to physical injuries is remarkably strong which often gives the impression that nothing is wrong with the dog. The dog, in turn, needs a regular check-up to a good veterinarian is a must lest the injuries turn fatal for the Bully.

American Bully Gottiline Amazing Pictures

The personality of a Bully form the American Bully Gottiline bloodline is another thing that makes it popular as a pet. While their original stock is that of the original Pitbull, which is an aggressive fighting dog the Bully does not possess that kind of personality.

American Bullies are bred as pets, so their personality is a good-natured one, as well as affectionate and amusing. Has a great tolerance to children, strangers, and other dogs if they were together. Given enough love and care by its owner and family this dog will repay said actions with loyalty and an eagerness to please them.

Most think that these dogs are dangerous and aggressive due to their look, but as the old saying goes “never judge a book by its cover” and Gottiline Bullies shows that the old saying is true for them.

Today the American Bully Gottiline bloodline has other bloodlines related to it. Some bloodlines like Kingpinline’s Goliath and Mikeland’s Kracker and Gator look up to Juan Gotty (or Gotti) as the foundation for their bloodline.

Many Bully Pitbulls that are XXL size have Gotti as their foundation. From one dog came many Bullies of diverse style which is a very remarkable achievement for Juan Gotti and his owner Richard Barajas.