How To Keep your American Bully Cool During the Hot Summer Days?

The weather in North Carolina during the Summer can be uncomfortably hot especially when the temperature is at 90 degrees. Humans feel the heat very keenly during this time, and they’re not the only ones who suffer from the summer heat. Bully dogs also suffer from the uncomfortable summer heat. Because of the hot weather effects on these dogs, it’s up to their owners to keep them cool or at least mitigate the heat.

Here we have Big Country, who is Carolina Bully Farm’s newest and hottest young upcoming Extreme Bully sitting outdoors with his owner. Big Country’s owner suggests these methods to keep their dogs cooled when they are outdoors:

  • Putting out a kiddies’ pool filled water.
  • The coats on some Bullies need straightening even if the coat hair is short. Combing rids the dog’s coat of extra dead hair. Uneven hair contributes to the rise of heat level in a dog. Use a good comb for the task.
  • Big Country’s owners have their way of keeping out the sun’s heat on the dog. They apply sunscreen to Big Country’s body. The dog’s nose and lips do not have any sunscreen due to its tongue licking the area always.

Another advantage that Big Country has the hot weather is his coat whose color is mostly white. White colors, unlike dark colors, do not absorb heat. This trait helps white-coated Bullies endured the heat produced by a hot weather. The methods used by the dog owners of Carolina Bully Farm help a lot in keeping Bullies cooled.

Final note:  if there is no need for a Bully to be outside during hot weather it is better than the dog goes back indoors or in someplace where there is a shade.


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