The White Rhino – Why This Pitbull Is Very Expensive?

It is no surprise that breeders of top quality American Bullies often charge a hefty price for selling their dogs. Due to the effort and time they put into raising as well breeding pups that are not defective, sickly or of inferior quality it is justified. One type of Bully breed has a much higher price tag compared to other Bullies: the White Rhino Pitbull, the world’s most expensive American Bully. Other Bully breeds are considered expensive, but when White Rhino was bought with a very large amount that topped the prices of other Bullies along with a lesser but expensive stud fee the other dogs now look inexpensive or at least cheaply priced.

White Rhino Pitbulls or American Bully Picture

The White Rhino Pitbull like others of its kind has the same kind of physical traits like a large broad head and skull, high-set natural or cropped ears, eyes any color except blue, almond to oval-shaped eyes, broad muzzle which is short-medium, strong, well-defined jaws, and a large nose. Their temperament is also the same an excellent family pet that has a gentle demeanor, playful and tolerant to children and strangers. What sets the American White Rhino Pitbull from other dogs is the coloring and pattern of its coat which has colors like brown, black, etc. that is mixed with a very prominent white color that tends to be the dominant color in its coat. It is this prominent white coat coloring of the dog that gives it is his name. Of course, it’s not the coat coloring that made into the most expensive American Bully. Here an overview About White Rhino:

Who Is A Person or Breeder That Owns White Rhino Pitbull?

White Rhino has gone through several owners. Mike R. Wallander of Mikeland Kennels was the first owner of White Rhino. Mike, who is a breeder, produced the dog by breeding Mikeland’s famous stud resident Kracker Jack to his other his female Ghost, who also belongs to Mikeland Kennels. The pitbull produced by Kracker Jack and Ghost turned out to be the best quality pups, and Mike was soon known for producing the best studs who owe their lineage to Kracker Jack. Mike later sold White Rhino to a person named Armando Perez. Under him, his White Rhino gained some no small notoriety among the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) and Bully breeders community. It was during this time White Rhino would change owners again. Armando was approached by a gentleman named David Potter, who is associated with Iron Kast Kennels.

David made Armando an offer that he can’t refuse: David offered to buy White Rhine from Armando with a property whose worth value is $250,000. That’s a lot of money for one dog, and since Armando is into Real Estate, it was easy for him to use one of the properties he owned for buying White Rhino from David as means of a business transaction. There was some compilations concerning the transaction at first but was eventually resolved. With usual paperwork and notarization in the Texas State (where the property was located) for a property, the transaction is official and done with. The object of the transaction a Bully dog would be later known as most expensive American Bully to be sold. With that kind of amount, White Rhino is a worthy bearer of that title. Check our Review on Dry Dog Food for Pitbulls & Best Dry Food for American Bulldogs.

White Rhino Male and Female Expensive Bullies

What is This Bully’s Breed?

White Rhino is an American Bully although he looks whiter compared to others of his kind. White Rhino is the product of the breeding of Kracker Jack Mikeland Kennels most famous stud and Ghost, a female dog who is also part of Mikeland Kennels. There couldn’t be a more fitting sire for White Rhino since Kracker Jack has sired other dogs like Bully Bear, Cali Kingpin’s Bomba, Gottyline’s Nicky, Black dice and Escalade, and Mikeland Kennel’s very own Nitro DNA-P and Salara. Mikeland Kennels is known for raising family-oriented dogs who have big blocky heads and Max body width. White Rhino, the most expensive American Bully, got all of these qualities from his sire. Only his predominant white coat is his own. Read our List of American Bully Vitamins.

What Is The Price Of The Stud Fee For White Rhino?

Armando Perez was offered a property that is worth $250,000 by David Potter who used it to buy White Rhino. The stud fee for White Rhino is not as expensive as the purchasing, but the price is more or less beyond the price range of all but the richest. White Rhino’s stud fee is $65000 an amount that would make some people’s jaws drop in shock and amazement. Some have criticized that the amount is exorbitant for a Bully and that the money is almost equal to a new quality car or college education. The amount that was used to buy White Rhino along with his very high-priced stud fee is more than enough to make the most expensive American Bully.

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