Meet King Leonidas The American Bully Grand Champion

American Bully Grand Champion – King Leonidas

This big muscular, friendly dog who lives in Granbury Houston Texas is the current American Bully Kennel Club or ABKC top champion. King Leonidas possess a structurally sound as well as a healthy body, and this dog energy never runs outs allowing him to do outdoor activities.

This trait allows King Leonidas to play ball by chasing it down even on days that are humid. A very useful feature considering that Houston tends to have days that are humid.

Ryan McCawley, who belongs to Smokin’ Barrel Bullies, owns The ABKC Champion King Leonidas. According to Ryan McCawley, King Leonidas’ bloodline is from both GAFF and Gottyline bloodlines. His GAFF bloodline is 75 percent while his Gottyline bloodline makes up for the remaining 25 percent.

For an American Bully Kennel Club champion, King Leonidas is a young dog. He is three years old with a height of 17 inches and weighs about 80 pounds.

Becoming an American Bully Kennel Club’s number one Grand Champion is no easy task for any Bully dog. Thanks to his owner Ryan McCawley, King Leonidas is in top physical condition and combined with his energy-filled strength. This American Bully is the best representation of what a Bully dog should be. In physical terms, King Leonidas have a well-built body and sound bone structure giving him the look of a powerful as well as a fierce-looking dog. In spite of his physical appearance, King Leonidas still possesses the typical traits of American Bully Dog: moderate temperament, playful, friendly and loyal to it master.

Ryan McCawley still enters his Bully dog into competitions. However, he is focusing on producing another future American Bully Kennel Club dog using King Leonidas’ bloodline.

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