Razor Edge Pitbulls – The Phenomenal and Amazing Bully Dog Breed

Pitbulls have always been surrounded by controversy for many years. Different people have different views on these canine breeds. Because of their dark past, many people believe that these dogs are fearsome and aggressive. However, there are also others that believe otherwise.

Pitbull dogs raised for competitions have a majestic physical appearance. They are muscular and powerful in their stance. But these dogs are also loveable companions. Each dog is an individual and has a unique characteristic that makes them a well-loved pet.

Razor Edge Pitties

And because of their growing popularity, breeding Pitbulls has become a phenomenon in the US. Breeding them improves one or more of their natural traits, thus making them an ideal companion pet for the American family. Among the kennels that have developed an excellent bloodline is the Razor Edge Pit bulls.

Pitbull dogs under this bloodline are short and muscular. They are bred selectively to develop calm, loving, and loyal dogs. Let’s find out more about this bloodline and why they’re much-coveted by Pittie fanatics.

What is Razor Edge Pitbull?

The Razor Edge Pitbull first came out in the 1980s. These dogs were bred to become Bully companion dogs rather than a traditional Pitbull. Some notable traits of dogs under this bloodline are their desirable social skills and ability to adapt to any situation.

Razor Edge founders, Dave Wilson and Carlos Barksdale initially thought of breeding game dogs. They set out gathering information about their focused breed – a Pitbull.

American Bully Razor’s Edge Bloodline Founder Dave Wilson and Carlos Barksdale

The two of them headed out to George William’s Wildside Kennels and got the Pitbull named “Diablo.” However, the banning of the Pits happened in the county, thus, Dave accepted a sudden job offer as a pet store manager in Virginia. He worked as a manager, a dog trainer and pursued his dream of having a kennel and breeding business. He started the Razor Edge Pitbull Kennels.

At present, the bloodline has now created more than seven generations of pure Razor Edge Pits. Though the initial intent was to breed big and brawny canines, Dave successfully came up with a bloodline that is physically close to the traditional Pitbull but has less game drive and a calmer temperament. His success made this bloodline a high-sought after breed causing a steep increase in its price.

Razor Edge Pitbull Appearance

gotti pitbullDave Wilson opted to have American Bully dogs for his Razor Edge Pits. However, under this bloodline, the dogs came out with a distinct physical appearance.

A Razor Edge Pit has a large head and a short, square muzzle. The dogs are also big-boned, with a short back and broad chest. Its head is medium length with a wide skull and short blocky muzzle. The ears can be either cropped or not. Eye and nose colors can vary, but albinism in the eyes are unusual in the Razor Edge bloodline.

Skin patterns and color also vary from one dog to another. Though rare, the kennel also produces some incredible Red nose Pitbull and Blue nose Pitbull sometimes.  The Bullies here have a short coat that is close to the skin and stiff to touch. It appears glossy and sheds minimally, so you don’t need maintenance or grooming.

Looking at these dogs, one would notice their strong shoulder blades. It is wide, sloping and massive. Razor Edge Pits feature a wide and deep chest with ribs sitting close to each other. These dogs require lots of activity and exercise. They need relief of their physical and mental energy, otherwise, they can turn on your furniture and stuff.

Like most Pitties, dogs from this bloodline also have a high tolerance for pain and often, they would ignore any physical injury. It is best to have regular veterinary check up since these dogs will not show any signs of injury.

The Temperament of Razor Edge Pitbulls

While Dave aims for massive Pits for the Razors Edge bloodline, he also worked hard for his dogs to become the ideal companion. Like any other American Bully, the Razor’s Edge Pitties are calm, affectionate, outgoing and good-natured. They are very social and very tolerant when it comes to kids and strangers. Despite its massive looks, these dogs are not aggressive and are rather versatile. These unique mixes of strength, agility and impeccable temperament made the Razor Edge bloodline very popular across the US and other parts of the world.

Bullies under this bloodline are considered as high-quality family dogs. These are dogs that always want to please their owners. Bully-lovers would be proud to have a pet with this kind of bloodline. Thus, even with its very expensive price, many people are still hoping to have a Razor Edge Pit.

How Much Does a Razor Edge Pitbull Cost?

Cute Razor Edge Pit

Bullies with the Razor Edge bloodline are highly-sought after canines. These dogs are of high-quality in terms of physical appearance, temperament and health aspects. It is no wonder that a Razor Edge puppy will fetch a very high price. The lowest price you can get is at $1500. There are also $2000-$2500, but the premium pups have a price as high as $3000.

For those who are not aware of the Razor Edge Pit quality, the price can be too much for a pup. But fanatics will always claim that these prices are worth it.

It is currently the standard price. Thus, if a breeder offers a puppy with the Razor Edge bloodline at a lower cost, it is already a shady deal. It means that the puppy is fake or a half-breed. Also, some breeders are selling half-breed pups as full-blood Razor Edge Pit at exorbitant prices. The best way for you to get an authentic puppy with this bloodline is to personally connect or visit the Razor Edge Kennels.

Founder Dave Wilson claims that they will continue to breed these dogs. More so, they will work hard to develop more American Bullies of excellent quality ideal for a family pet.

Although the bloodline is a recent one, Bully fans hope that it will continue for a long time. Pittie lovers around the world wish they can have a Razor Edge Pit that has the perfect combination of a massive built and softie personality.

Are They Aggressive?

One of the traits that Dave Wilson worked hard for in perfecting is his Razor Edge Pits is non-aggressiveness. His dogs are just like any American Bully. They looked like ripped and muscular athletes, but they are family-oriented. These dogs keep their natural guard dog instincts, but they are loving, charming to their family and tolerant of strangers.

Training Tips For Razor Edge Pitbull Puppies

razor edge gottiTraining a Razor Edge Pitbull puppy should be like any other dog. However, since it is a big Bully breed, you have to expect a bit of stubbornness. Training these big babies is not for the faint-hearted, they need a steady hand, lots of patience and a firm commander when training. Some tips to keep in mind when training bullies are the following:

  • These dogs thrive on praises and aim to please their owners. Use lots of positive reinforcement. Make training sessions a fun and entertaining activity that both of you will look forward to.
  • Socialize them at an early age to dogs, people and things around them. It might sound too much but introducing them to everything and everyone helps prevent antisocial traits in canines.
  • Avoid showing them your frustration and never shout or scold your puppy. Be responsible in everything you do with them.
  • Patience is key when training Bullies. Repeat your sessions until they finally understand what is expected of them and don’t hold back on praises.

Wrap Up

Razor Edge Pits is a recent bloodline that has been making a lot of noise in the bully world. These dogs have impressive looks which can be quite fearsome. They have muscular bodies, power and grace. But Razor Edge founder prides himself with creating a type of Pitbull that is non-aggressive, tolerant of strangers, and charming while keeping true to its guard dog instincts. These dogs make the perfect family pets, but they do fetch a very high price. But Pittie fans will always say that these dogs are all worth its price. So, if one of these dogs is your dream canine companion, you’ll never go wrong in making this choice.

Do you have a Razor Edge Pitbull? How are they as family pets? Tell us more about them by leaving a comment in the box below!