6 Facts About Labrador Retriever Dogs That You Must Know

These beautiful big dogs are known for their good nature. With their smooth, short, and waterproof coats, they have melted many hearts and are the favorite choice for people looking to get a dog in their life.

They are also very smart and can be trained fairly easily. They are active dogs so they make a good companion for outdoor activities, even swimming! Yes, they love to swim with the help of their webbed paws and wide tail. Good breeders like Uptown Puppies ensure a healthy Labrador Retriever when you are deciding where to get one. A healthy puppy can be a friendly companion and a useful work dog too.

We have written down 6 tops facts you must know about Labrador Puppies.

They are very Lovable

This breed of dogs are very affectionate and love to please their owner. They are also good with kids and can be protective of them. Though they are big dogs, many times they will curl up on your lap like a lapdog to get or give affection. They are usually very happy in nature so they will welcome you when you come back home from a hard day’s work. Also with looks as cute theirs, you can’t help loving them back.

They have Super-Energy

Labrador Retrievers are known to be the highest energy dogs in the world. If you are not a very active person, this could be a downside for you. However, for people who love labradors, this is one of the best attributes. Their positive energy is sure to be contagious and you too will feel refreshed and get a boost of energy after spending some time with them. Their cheerfulness and zest for life are sure to keep away any blues from your life too.

They bring Fitness to Your Life

Where there is a lot of energy, there surely is a need to burn it all! Labrador Retrievers love to go on long walks or parks with you. They are always ready for a play session in the backyard too. If you are looking to get healthy and fit, then this is an ideal companion for you to go for a long run rather than a monotonous run on the treadmill. What more, their energy is not deterred by the weather too. So let it rain but your dog companion will make sure you are getting your bit of exercise and his too.

Fast Learners

If there is one trait you should love about them is their eagerness to please their owners. This makes them take extra effort to get trained and learn what you want them to, just so that they can please you. With their high energy levels, they adapt well to obedience training too. You can teach them several tricks easily as they are almost always ready to learn. A few treats to give them as rewards won’t hurt either but are sure to be gratefully received. Also, they can be trained to be great guides for blind people.

Low Maintenance

An occasional bath (which they enjoy as they love water) and brushing are all you need to do to groom your Lab. They shed on their own and their coats are usually short and dense. No need for long grooming sessions for haircuts, tangles, etc. Just happy and easy grooming. Also due to their keen temperament, they get along with all other sorts of dogs. So you have to worry about taking your dog to a friend who has a dog or a park where they might get aggressive with other dogs. What more, with their openness to all other dogs, they might just you up higher on the social scale.

The Ultimate Family Dog

They are intelligent but they have a hilarious sense of humor too. The silly and goofy acts are sure to bring laughter and joy to everyone in the family. Labradors like to have fun in life and take it easy, a good lesson to learn for all of us. They get along with all ages in the family be it children or older people. They thrive on their families’ loyalty and have a keen instinct to always protect them. If you are looking for a dog who brings a boost of energy and joy to your family life, these labs will be a perfect fit!

One thing that all these facts point towards is that Labrador retrievers are sure to bring in a lot of love in everything they do. And sometimes, love is all we need!

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