Pratt’s Pits – The Legendary American Bully Kennel From California

In San Diego, California, a person looking for a splendid Bully dog can find one of America’s legendary Bully Kennels: the Pratt’s Pits Bully Kennel. Carlton Pratt owns this kennel and proudly shows off the pride and joy of his kennel.  Here are some of the Bully’s of his kennel:

First is King Kamali, who is the winner of American Bully Kennel Club’s (ABKC) 2008 dog competition. He in Pratt’s words is the “pride and joy” of his kennel and was raised by him. Next is Old Man, who is nine years old and is a semi-retired stud though he is still sometimes being used as a breeding stud. Old Man is the first dog used by Pratt in breeding when he first started out in Bully breeding. The dog is still spry and active for his age, but his owner gives him lots of rest for the sake of Old Man’s age.

The next dog is Nemesis, who according to Pratt was the dog who put his Pratt’s Pits on the map. Pratt describes Nemesis as an all-around good dog and the main stud of his kennel.
Sway, the next featured dog, is called by Pratt an “up and comer” dog that showcases the best Bully Pratt’s Pits has to offer. Sway is the youngest of the dogs since he is only seven months old. But according to Pratt he is steadily gaining the mass and proportion that can be seen in a Bully though he still has a lot of filling up to do.
What makes Pratt’s Pits kennel well – known among Bully lovers is how his programs and his Bullies set an excellent example of how Bullies are breed correctly.

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