Why Deworming is Important to your Bully’s Health

When you are bringing a home a new Bully puppy, you are bringing not just the cute and joyful pup who will one day become your most ideal pet companion when it grows up. Also, parasites that are lurking with your new pup necessitating the need for making an American Bullies deworming schedule to remove those icky pests. If those parasites are allowed to fester in your pup’s body, they will adversely affect its health, and worse some of those parasites are transmittable from the Bully dog to its owners and their family. Therefore, it is important to deworm the pup as soon as possible.

When is the best time to deworm the puppy?

Generally speaking, as early as possible the owner should set up an American Bullies deworming schedule when said owner buys the pup from a breeder. Parasites are transmitted a Bully pup via in utero or through the milk that they drink from their mother. The ideal time is when the pup is two weeks old.

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First, check if the pup’s breeder had dewormed the pup through a vet. Then ask for any copy the usual paperwork like info and records about the date of the deworming and any follow-up deworming. The necessary information or copies of it are needed when taking the pup to a new vet for a medical appointment. If the breeder did not do a deworming just take the dog to the vet. Bring also some stool samples that you collect from your pup so that the vet can identify what parasites are lurking within your pet.

  • Deworm the pup when it is two weeks old. Deworming must be done every two weeks until it reaches the age of 3 to 6 months.
  • Once it is 3 to 6 months old, deworm it once a month.
  • At the age of six months, any adult recommendations can now be used on the pup.
    Vets mostly use Nemex to deworming a dog. Nemex is used against the parasite known as “roundworms” the most common type of parasite found in Bully puppies and dogs.

Types of parasites found in dogs and puppies as well as the symptoms of infestation

When setting up an American Bullies deworming schedule with a vet, it would help if the vet has a stool sample to examine what are the unwanted boarders living in your Bully pup. Here are some examples of those unwanted boarders below:

  • Roundworms – The most common parasite found in pups and dogs. Roundworms infect a dog through its mother milk by drinking and blood when in utero. Licking the ground or eating small animals that have the roundworm larvae is other means of infecting the dog. Diarrhea, weight loss with increased appetite vomiting with roundworms often visible in the vomit and a bloated abdomen are signs of roundworms.
  • Hookworms – These things attach themselves to the dog’s small intestine and suck its blood. A severe case of hookworm infestation is capable of killing puppies. Expect your dog to have decreased appetite, low stamina, weakness, loss of weight, bloody diarrhea and anemia.
  • Tapeworms – A dog that ingests a lot of rodents, wildlife and fleas can get this parasite. Unlike the other parasites, there are no visible symptoms expect for tell-tale signs of tapeworm segments found in the dog’s stool or near their rectum.
  • Whipworms – Like their fellow parasites the hookworms these things suck blood though they tend to live in the dog’s large intestine. Expect symptoms of bloody or mucous stool, weight loss, anemia and low appetite if your dog is infected with these parasites.
  • Heartworms – These things live and breed inside the heart of the dog. Symptoms include cough and getting tired quickly. Dogs living in warm climates are prone to be infected with these parasites, and the one affecting the dogs are mosquitoes whose bites are the means that heartworms use to enter the dog’s bloodstream and affect its heart.
  • Coccidia – Intestinal parasites that infest puppies bought from a pet store or boarding facilities that cause diarrhea mixed with blood. Most adult dogs have innate immunity to these things which is why coccidian in adult dogs are uncommon.

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Some of these parasites can be seen by the naked if they are present in the dog’s stool. Some require a microscope to see it during a checkup. Go and set up an American Bullies deworming schedule when you see these kinds of symptoms in your dog. Once the identified by the vet through a checkup, they can administer the proper medicine. Do not try to diagnose your dog’s parasite problem by yourself or try any dubious homemade remedies. Your dog might end worse that before and only a good vet can properly deworm your dog.

Even after deworming your Bully pup there is always a chance that they can get it again. Make sure to keep your dog clean, the surrounding areas clean and avoid anything unhygienic to prevent parasite infection. Should your dog displays symptoms of infestation arrange an American Bullies deworming schedule with a capable vet as soon as possible to ensure that your Bully remains healthy.

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