The Tri Color American Bully: Why it has an Uncommon Three-colored coat

There are types of Bullies have three-colored and are officially called “Tri-color Bullies.” Your average Bully normally has a two-colored coat that is the standard for these kinds of dogs, but there are Bullies that possess than two colors on their coat. These Bullies are considered an uncommon breed even if they normally come from non-three colored sires.

Color examples of Tri-colored Bully Dog

There are several designations for Tri-color Bullies depending on their primary color. Some examples are black tri, blue tri, champagne tri, fawn tri, chocolate tri, etc. Tri-colored Bully dogs are popular if only for their tri-colored coat that can be aesthetically pleasing to the eye of their owners.

Why is the Tri-colored bully rare or uncommon?

The popularity of Bully dogs as pets to lovers is increasing, but they are still uncommon or is some cases rare in terms of rarity. The main reason for this is that many breeders did not breed tricolored dogs for several generations since they can be mistaken as mixed breeds and mixed breed Bullies are something breeders try to avoid producing. The caution of the breeders is understandable since a pure-breed Bully dog with a distinguished pedigree is one of the many traits valued by any potential buyer. There is also the fact that many breeders prioritize the game qualities rather than the aesthetics of coat color in the Bully’s original sires the American Staffordshire Dog and the American Pit Bull Terrier. As a result, the Bully gene pool rarely produces tri-colored dogs even when breeders try to breed them purposely into existence.

Genetic causes of tri-coloration on a Bully’s coat

Best American Tri Color Bullies

As mentioned above the Tri-color Bullies History of breeding is one of the factors that causes of this uncommon coat coloring. The other factor is in their genes called Agouti genes. This gene is the one responsible for determining the pattern and color of the Bully’s coat. Depending on the Agouti locus alleles (or variations) found in the sires or bloodlines APBT these various coat colors are produced:

  • A – Causes a solid black coloring that is the dominant color. Blue, black or chocolate color variations are the most common.
  • Ay – Produces a dominant yellow color. Buckskin and red tri-color Bullies possess this type of Agouti locus alleles.
  • At – Produces solid colored tan point Bullies. Compared to this gene to the two alleles mentioned above this gene is recessive.

Producing a tri-color Bully of the desired color

Breeders will carefully match or pair two dogs to get the desired tri-colored coat that they want on a pup. Here are some examples of various pairings and the results.

-A tan and black dog have inherited two copies of the At or tan-point gene from its parents.

-A pup with an At gene who also inherits the Ay gene is buckskinned or red.

-Dogs with a solid black color have inherited the At gene and the A gene that is responsible for the solid black color.

Note that the At gene or tan-point gene is the recessive type of gene. Because of its recessive nature it remains hidden for several generations in the gene pool and will often unexpectedly pop-up even when a breeder is not breeding a tri-colored dog.

Unwarranted prejudice against tri-colored Bully Dog’s

There are some reasons that some people has a prejudice against Tri-color dogs. For some, the tricolored coat itself is the reason. They feel that this is not the typical coat color of a Bully. For most people however they think that a tri-colored dog is a sign that the dog is the result of mixed breeding. By mix breeding, these people mean that said Bully has a sire or dame that breeds with other dogs like a Terrier, Rottweiler, and Doberman. Said reasoning shows a lack of how basic genetic principles work. It is simply not possible to the kind of mixed breeding that these people think. Another reason mentioned earlier is that breeders shunted aside coat color in favor of game qualities in the American Staffordshire dog and the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Tri-Color American Bully Pitbull For sale

Are Tri-color Bullies different from ordinary Bullies?

The only difference between Tri-color Bullies and normal Bullies are physical in nature since the pattern and color of their coats are different from each dog. In temperament and personality, the two are the same.  Your typical Bully regardless of coat color and pattern is gentle, friendly, playful and an ideal companion to its owner and family. The dog personality is very tolerant of children and strangers.

In the end, the choice of owning a normal Bully and a Tri-color Bully is determined by aesthetics taste of the potential owner of said dogs. The important here is that the owner will care and love the Bully regardless of its coat color and pattern.

Here Are Some Few Pictures of Tri – Color Bullies Incase you love interested in buying or just click the photos.

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