8 Big and Small Best Dogs for College Students

College life can cause stress and anxiety, making students short-tempered and irritable. It involves numerous assignments, classes, discussions, and regular extra-curricular activities. With such a demanding routine, students need ways to improve their lives; having dogs is one such method. Having a dog can make your life exciting. Besides, it teaches you to be responsible, knowing you are accountable for another creature’s well-being. This review will be a perfect guide if you are looking for a small or large dog.

3 Best Big Dogs for College Students

Basset Hounds

Basset Hounds have a height of 12 to 14, although they can weigh up to 60 pounds. The breed is characterized by dangling ears and a droopy expression. These dogs are friendly and outgoing, which makes them great pets for college students. Unlike most pets, they are patient and less likely to become irritable when left in an enclosed environment for a long time. Therefore, if you are a fan of large pets, you should consider looking for a basset hound. However, the dog might be a nuisance because of a high tendency to bark carelessly. If you live in a quiet neighborhood, it might help to reduce boredom. However, before adopting one, you should confirm with your neighbors or roommates if they are comfortable with a loud pet.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are among the best emotional support dogs for college students. Their popularity is attributed to a playful and entertaining attitude. The breed is quite intelligent and derives pleasure in creating a vibrant atmosphere. Golden Retrievers have a high energy level, meaning they require enough playing space. Therefore, you should only pick this breed if you are sure of visiting the park regularly or going for daily walks. Otherwise, your pet may develop separation anxiety, especially if you leave it at home wherever you go to school. So, if you live in a hostel or a crowded room in a small apartment, it would be wise to look for other options. However, if you have a big house with a large compound, a golden retriever can make your life less stressful and livelier.

English Bulldogs

English Bulldogs, popularly known as bulldogs, are good pets for college students. They are friendly and don’t require maximum attention. Besides, they are less energetic and demanding since they don’t need regular training and exercise. If you want a less destructive pet, you should consider this breed. Bulldogs are patient and can stay for long hours without destroying your stuff. However long you stay in school, you will always find your house in order. Nevertheless, the dogs require adequate potty training because they drool frequently.

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Best Small Dogs for College Students


Pomeranian is one of the best dogs for college students. It is popular because of its small size, which makes it ideal for scholars. The most interesting fact about this species is its ease of adaptability. You can easily train a Pomeranian puppy in the comfort of your home without seeking professional guidance from a veterinarian. Besides, the dogs are loving and peaceful, especially when you give them attention. However, they can develop regular tantrums when neglected. So, you should always set aside time to pamper them and stroll around your neighborhood.

Pembroke Corgi

Pembroke Corgi is your ideal pet if you are interested in rearing a dog despite your tight school schedule. They come in shades of red, tan, black, and fawn. This breed is friendly, energetic, loyal, and adorable. As a college student, you need time to go for walks, visit your friends, and enjoy your company once in a while. Pembroke can be your best companion. It is playful and can help you break boredom without the need to bother other people. The pet is responsible, happy, and always energetic. However, it requires regular exercise to keep fit, gain muscles, and stay lively.


Poodles are small furry dogs that love interacting with people. They are affectionate, lovable, and potable. They are among the best apartment dogs for college students, especially first-time pet owners. You can bring them to school because, unlike most pets, they are always excited, especially in an environment with new people. Besides, they are a perfect fit for people with allergies because of a hypoallergenic coat. Therefore, if you don’t like animal fur, you should try out this breed.

Boston Terriers

As a college student, you might not have time to do a deep cleaning of your living space daily. That means you should have a tidy pet to keep your house clean and free from bacteria and other disease-causing organisms. So, a Boston Terrier could be a perfect fit for you. These dogs don’t drool everywhere, love interacting with humans, and are more comfortable in smaller apartments as long as they have enough exercise. They are intelligent dogs and can fit in any social setting. Besides, they are less demanding and can stay calm if you leave them alone for a long time, on condition that they are well-fed.


A Papillon is a good pet for busy college students. It is an adorable French dog that can be a perfect companion during leisure time and while reading. Papillons have draped hair and erect ears with long fringes. They are easily adaptive and can live in the countryside, city, and other neighborhoods. Therefore, you can travel with them to your home during the summer and winter holidays without worrying about changes in their health status.

Final thoughts

College life may be extremely busy, hectic, and boring, especially on weekends. Therefore, having a pet can be an excellent way to spice up your life. Dogs are among the ideal animals for college students. Having a canine friend has numerous benefits. For instance, it reduces anxiety and boredom, helps you to avoid depression, control anger, and live an active lifestyle. Besides, dogs are less demanding and can teach you important life lessons such as patience and how to show selfless love. There are various animals you can opt for. Hopefully, this review will help you understand the types of small and large dogs and guide you in selecting the one you like.