21 Bulldog Mixes: Unique and Adorable Mixes You Should Know About

English Bulldogs often crop up images of muscular canines with tongue-lolling smiles and slobbery kisses. These dogs have that frump-appeal that is exceptionally charming! But what happens when you cross them with other canine breeds? You will indeed have a hard time resisting these extra adorable Bulldog mixes!

Bulldog mixed breeds are sweet, courageous, and have a calm demeanor. They may inherit the physical appearance and characteristics of both their parent breeds. They may take on one of the parents’ looks or have a delightful and perfect mix of two.

Because of their bruiser charm, many people are falling in love with these English Bulldog mixes. Are you interested in having one? Please take a look at our list of the most popular bulldog combinations and find out which is the best one to take home!

1. English Bulldog + Boxer Mix (Bull-Boxer)

adorable mixed breed outdoors on the woods

Bull-Boxer is a common name given to Boxers crossed with various types of Bully breeds. Boxers are a working breed. Thus, they are energetic and intelligent. Your Bull Boxer mix will need plenty of physical exercises as well as mental stimulation. If these needs are not met, your Bulldog mix might develop destructive behavior due to boredom. In terms of appearance, this mix is slightly bigger or taller than a pure Bulldog. Its looks will depend on which breed it takes more strongly from, but typically, Bull-Boxers are less wrinkly-faced than Bulldogs.

They are medium in size ranging from 70 to 90 pounds in weight and up to 27 inches in height. They are generally healthy, but they are prone to health conditions that affect flattened face dogs. And although they look quite intimidating, English Bull-Boxers are big softies as the heart!

2. English Bulldog + Rottweiler Mix (Englishweiler)

chubby brown dog
image from IG @stephanie_disilvio

An Englishweiler is a huge bulldog mix between the English Bulldog and Rottweiler breeds. Depending on which parent it takes, they can grow up to 100 pounds in weight and 25 inches in height. Thus, these dogs are not an ideal choice if you live in condominiums or apartments. They can be loyal, cuddly, and lovable, but they are stubborn when training. Englishweilers get along well with other pets, and they love being with their family.

This English Bulldog mix is generally healthy with minimal to medium exercise needs for their level of activity. The average lifespan is around 14 years, and it does not suffer a lot of hereditary issues. On the other hand, they can suffer from joint conditions later in life.

3. English Bulldog + Australian Shepherd (Bull-Aussie)

handsome dog on a trail
image from IG @farmersdaughterphotography

Combining the hard-working Australian Shepherd and the stumpy English Bulldog brings us an adorable pup with short, dense hair and exciting color patterns. Bull-Aussies are high-energy and intelligent crossbreeds; thus, they can be a handful at times. These dogs will need early socialization, training, and firm harm to correct their rebellious or stubborn nature. With proper care, plenty of exercises, and a firm owner, this mix can become an extraordinary canine companion.

Bull-Aussies are medium-sized dogs weighing between 50 to 70 pounds and stand up to 23 inches tall. They are a healthy breed with a lifespan of up to 12 years. Some health issues to watch out for in this Bulldog mix include hypothyroidism, cherry eye, entropion, and hip dysplasia.

4. English Bulldog + Beagle Mix (Bea-Bull)

Beagle and English Bulldogs both have adorable looks that pet parents love. When you cross these two breeds, you will get an offspring that takes some of the loveliest characteristics of both. A Bea-Bull often has facial wrinkles from the English Bulldog and the large floppy ears of the Beagle. These mixes are relatively short, medium-size dogs at 30 to 50 pounds weight and 16 inches in height at the shoulders. They are very friendly, courageous, and playful; thus, they may be the perfect family dog! But of course, like any other mixes, you will never be sure about the physical look and temperaments of the Beabull.

These Bulldog mixes are typically healthy with a lifespan of up to 13 years. Some health issues to look out for when you have a Beagle Bulldog mix are hypothyroidism, canine disk disease, and hip dysplasia.

5. English Bulldog + Pug Mix (Miniature Bulldog)

image from IG @petstart101

Combining the English Bulldog and the Pug gives you the super adorable looking Miniature Bulldog or the Bullpugs. Their small size makes them an appealing choice for people who live in apartments. However, for health reasons, these dogs are not an ideal Bulldog mix to have.

Having parents that are both brachycephalic breeds, a Pug Bulldog mix will typically inherit the breathing issues that their parents have. They may be prone to health intolerance, overheating, and other respiratory health conditions.

6. English Bulldog + English Springer Spaniel Mix (English Bull Springer)

mixed dog sleeping on couch
image from IG @makingahomeatno31

The English Bulldog and the Springer Spaniels are two English heritage dogs. A mix of these two gives you an interesting offspring that ranges from midsize to large dogs. Bull Springer mix typically has curly, soft hair from its Springer Spaniel parent. But the other physical attributes will be a delightful mix of both the parent’s looks. In terms of temperament, English Bull Springers are gentle and friendly, but they are also very active pets.

These dogs can live up to 13 years and remain healthy and active throughout. English Bull Springers get well with young kids and other pets, so they are ideal pets for families with children.

7. English Bulldog + Jack Russell Terrier Mix (Bull Jack)

black dog playing on grass
image from IG @r.j_dio

If you prefer smaller dogs, this mix between the English Bulldog and the Jack Russell Terrier could be the perfect puppy for you. A Bull Jack is a low-maintenance mix with short, dense hair. These dogs are highly active and are very mischievous. Its destructive nature can come through, thus be sure they get enough physical and mental stimulation. Among bulldog mixes, the English Bulldog Jack Russell Terrier mix is not for everybody. They need a job to do more than other larger working dogs.

Bull Jack dog breed typically have a lifespan of 10 to 12 years, and they remain full throttle for as long as they live. On the other hand, these mixes are prone to health problems such as hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, and glaucoma.

8. English Bulldog + Labrador Retriever Mix (Bullador)

big black mixed breed on sofa
image from IG @lola.labrabull

When you cross two of the most popular dog breeds, you are guaranteed to have an amiable, social, and loving mix – the Bullador! This mix between the Labrador Retriever and English Bulldog combines the friendliness and loyalty of both parent breeds. You are bound to get a dog that is a sweet, fun, and loving companion. Typically, this Bulldog mix is a large dog ranging from 50 to 80 pounds. The exact appearance is unpredictable, but you can expect your Labrador Retriever Bulldog mix to have both its parents’ physical characteristics. They come in various shades like tan, black, red, or mixed with white.

Expect your English Bullador mix breed to be fiercely loyal, brave, and protective. They can be stubborn and challenging to train. Thus positive reinforcement training and early socialization are essential. In case your Bullador inherits the flattened face of its Bulldog parent, watch out for some respiratory issues common with brachycephalic dogs, such as heat sensitivity, breathing problems, and others.

9. English Bulldog + Chihuahua Mix (Bullhuahua)

dog staring at camera
image from IG @peytzz3512

This unique mix between the English Bulldog and the tiny Chihuahua produces medium to small-sized dogs depending on the most prevalent genes in a pup. English Bullhuahua pups will fall somewhere from 3.5 pounds to up to 55 pounds! And though the parents have different personalities, these mixes have a charming combination of traits that you will love.

These dogs are friendly and family-oriented, but they can be dominant if you let them. It will need a firm leader, early socialization, and proper training so that they will get along well with other pets. This Bulldog mix is also prone to separation anxiety and can become destructive when left alone for long periods.

English Bullhuahua is generally healthy, with an average lifespan of 20 years. Some health issues to look out for in this bulldog mix include eye conditions, hip dysplasia, and heat intolerance.

10. English Bulldog + Poodle Mix (English Boodle)

big black dog sleeping on the floor
image from IG @vnkramer

If you are aiming for a unique, intelligent, and social Bulldog mix, look no further than the English Boodle. This mix between the English Bulldog and the Standard Poodle produces pups with light-shedding curly hair, but they are not hypoallergenic. The graceful height of the Poodle mutes the chunkiness of the English Bulldog.

When it comes to personality and temperament, the English Boodle is a playful, highly social, and fun companion. They don’t need a considerable amount of exercise and will do well with some playtime or a run at the dog park. Their average lifespan is about 12 years. Some conditions to look out for in this English Bulldog mix are joint problems, skin infections, and digestive disorders.

11. English Bulldog + Pitbull Mix (English Bullpit)

black dog sunbathing
image from IG @cocoabean

A cross between the Pit bull and the English Bulldog mix is a medium-sized dog that is typically stout and muscular. They grow up to 80 pounds and stand up to 20 inches tall. Despite their reputation for being dangerous and their intimidating look, the English Bulldog Pit Bull mix is a calm and laid-back family pet. They share the same temperaments with their cousins the American Bulldog and other bully breeds. With proper training and early socialization, these dogs grow up to be well-behaved, friendly, and loving pets.

English BullPits are aggressive chewers thus, give them durable toys to play with. The average lifespan for these Bulldog mixes is 12 years.

12. English Bulldog + French Bulldog Mix (English Frenchie)

brindle color mixed breed
image from IG unleashed_bulliez

Many Frenchie lovers consider the French Bulldog and English Bulldog mix to be the perfect dog. This mix between the French Bulldog and the English Bulldog may look extra adorable, sweet-natured, friendly, and loving. They are small, compact dogs that weigh less than 28 pounds and stand up to 13 inches tall. It has a short coat that sheds all year through. These dogs are an ideal family pet and great companions if you live in a small house with limited space. They are also a brilliant mix, but they can be stubborn during training.

Freelance Bulldogs are also prone to several health issues due to their brachycephalic features. They may suffer from heat exhaustion, respiratory problems, and others. Additionally, always supervise them around water. These dogs can’t swim.

13. English Bulldog + Akita (Bullkita)

dog sleeping on carpet
image from IG @tali.and.lola

A cross between the English Bulldog and the Akita brings us big and handsome dogs that can grow up to 22 inches tall and 90 pounds in weight. If you are interested in taking a Bullkita home, you should have a large house with a spacious yard. These dogs are friendly and loyal, but they go well with owners who enjoy a regular schedule and stable environment. Changes in routine can lead to anxiety in this breed. Likewise, they are not ideal for families with other pets and small kids because of their high prey drive.

English Bulldog Akita mixes are relatively healthy, with an average lifespan of 9 to 11 years. They are prone to drooling, though, and some health issues they can inherit from their parent breeds.

14. English Bulldog + Catahoula (Catahoula Bulldog)

Another unique and seldom seen Bulldog mixes are those between the Catahoula Leopard Dog and the English Bulldog. These mixes vary widely in size depending on which parent it takes from the most. They can grow up to 100 pounds in weight and 26 inches in height. If they inherit more of the English Bulldog parent, they will have muscular, stocky built. On the other hand, if it takes from the Catahoula, the puppy will be more athletic. Catahoula Bulldog mix can have eye-catching coat colors like patched, merle, solid, or leopard.

These mixes are intelligent, confident, loyal, and eager to please. They have high exercise needs as both parents have a guarding and hunting background. You need to socialize them early and train them properly. Watch out for health conditions such as hip and shoulder dysplasia as this Bulldog mix is prone to it.

15. English Bulldog + German Shepherd Mix (English Bull Shepherd)

dog on patio
image from IG @bethanyas

A cross between the English Bulldog and German Shepherd breed is a medium to large dog with a strong and robust build. These dogs can weigh up to 90 pounds and up to 26 inches tall at the shoulders. If you are interested in having the German Shepherd English Bulldog mix, you will need a house with plenty of outdoor space for their exercise requirements.

Depending on which parent your dog inherits most, it can have a moderate shedding coat that needs minimal grooming requirements. These dogs are confident, loyal, brave, and highly trainable. They need early socialization and training to prevent unwanted aggression with other dogs and strangers. These dogs are very protective of their owners. Thus they need a confident and experienced owner to handle them.

These mixes are generally healthy but lookout for some health conditions unique to the breed, such as Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis, eye issues, elbow, and hip dysplasia.

16. English Bulldog + Corgi Mix (English BullCorgi)

mixed breed dog playing in the grass
image from IG @susan_factor

If you want a unique and adorable English Bulldog mix, you might want to consider getting an English Bullcorgi. These are medium-sized dogs that weigh around 22 to 53 pounds and stand from 10 to 16 inches tall. As a gentle type of canine, English Bullcorgi mixes love hanging around with its family. However, if it has a dominant Corgi gene, it may not be too keen on small children and try to herd them.

These mixes require moderate amounts of exercise each day and are quite laid back in playtime. Its average lifespan is about 12 years; they are a generally healthy breed.

17. English Bulldog + Basset Hound Mix (Bully Basset)

image from IG @otto_thebullybasset

A mix between an English Bulldog and Basset Hound will produce odd-looking pups that are sure to delight everyone. These dogs have elongated bodies and short, stout legs characteristic of their Basset Hound parent. They weigh up to 60 pounds and up to 16 inches tall at the shoulders.

These dogs are suitable for families living in small apartments or homes, but they do need lots of exercises. You can take them for walks or a game of fetch if you have a garden. This English Bulldog mix is generally healthy but do lookout for some health issues that may affect them, like back issues and hip dysplasia.

18. English Bulldog + Bernese Mountain Dog Mix (Mountain Bulldog)

a powerful dog sitting on snowy mountain
image from IG @claudfrau

This unique mix between the English Bulldog and the Bernese Mountain Dog produces a large dog breed. You will need a large home with plenty of outdoor space to accommodate this bulky canine. They can grow up to 120 pounds in weight and 24 inches tall at the shoulders. Additionally, they are friendly, loyal, and very protective of their family. They go along well with other pets and kids in the family. Likewise, these dogs are also intelligent and will enjoy activities with the family, whether at home or when traveling.

Mountain Bulldog mix is generally healthy, with an average lifespan of 12 years. Watch out for signs of joint problems as they are susceptible to it later in life.

19. English Bulldog + Shih Tzu Mix (Bully-Tzu)

cute bulldog shih tzu mix puppy
image from IG @yuppiepuppykelowna

Mixing the friendly English Bulldog and the adorable Shih Tzu seemed like the perfect combination to have. These dogs may be different, but both of them are brachycephalic breeds. How these dogs will look depends mainly on which breed they take the most from. It can have the sweet face and elegance of the Shih Tzu or inherit the sourpuss expression and stocky body of the Bulldog.

In terms of temperament, this English Bulldog mix is loyal, playful, and affectionate. You can expect your Bully-Tzu to be a well-rounded pup that makes an excellent companion for the family. On the other hand, they may display a bit of stubbornness, especially during training. If you intend to have this mix as a pet, you should know that they are prone to breathing and respiratory difficulties. They may also develop eye diseases, vision problems, and obesity.

20. English Bulldog + Dachshund Mix (BullDach)

bulldog mix staring at the camera
image from IG @puppycutsbyjenna


Mixing the English Bulldog and the Dachshund produces a loyal and courageous medium-sized dog known as the English Bulldach. They come in black, brown, silver, white, or a delightful mix of these colors. They are a multi-talented English Bulldog mix, and they need regular exercise to stay healthy and happy.

Ideally, you can allow them to join a wide variety of activities like hunting, herding, and guarding. These dogs are generally healthy, with an average lifespan of 10 to 14 years. Some health concerns you should know about BullDachs include hip dysplasia, overeating, skin allergies, and breathing issues.

21. English Bulldog + Mastiff Mix (Bull Mastiff)

big black dog
image from IG @ladybugmastiff

Having a gigantic mix of two powerful and giant breeds will turn heads. A mix between the English Bulldog and the English Mastiff is known as the English Bullmastiffs. This English Bulldog mix was bred by hunters to guard properties and estates. They grow huge up to 130 pounds and are mighty dogs. These dogs need an experienced and firm owner who will socialize them early and provide proper training.

English Bullmastiffs have a broad head, solid built, and dominating appearance. They are firm, brave, agile, but they are not aggressive enough to be feared. In fact, despite their massive size, they are scaredy cats and are not okay to be left alone. The average lifespan of these mixes is about 14 years. Likewise, they may also suffer conditions common in designer breeds, such as eye conditions, hip and elbow dysplasia.


Breeders often combine unique dog breeds to create extra adorable designer dogs. You can look back at this list of Bulldog mixes and agree that these pups are not only cute or charming, they are also well-mannered and brilliant pets.

Still, owning any type of English Bulldog mix is not ideal for everyone. A pure English Bulldog dog breed is predisposed to various health concerns from the eye, dental, joint, and respiratory illnesses similar to their American Bulldog cousins. The English Bulldogs’ most worrying aspect is their flattened facial structure or the brachycephalic syndrome, which makes them prone to respiratory distress such as trouble breathing, overheating, and others. They also snore and snort and are prolific droolers!

Despite all these, English Bulldogs are well-loved for their sourpuss expression, calm and affectionate demeanor. English Bulldog mix with other breeds may significantly reduce the likelihood of severe health risks. However, the risk may increase when they are crossed with other Bully breeds or those with the same flattened-face syndrome.

Therefore, as cute as they are, getting a Bulldog mix is not for everyone. You need to choose your mix wisely and consider your lifestyle if you can accommodate their unique needs. Best to do your research about the breeds you are interested in so that you can prepare yourself and your home for your new pet.

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