Brindle Pitbull Dogs: A Definitive Guide to the “Striped” Pittie

Brindle Pitbull Picture

Pitbull dogs can always perk up any dog-lovers interest. These dogs are always a subject of discussion, especially when it comes to their unique coloring. While coat colors do not affect the love and loyalty that they give, many people still find the Brindle Pitbull dogs to be extraordinary. But are these dogs more special than the others?

Brindle Pits are simply like any others of their kind. But they have unique colorations that are also common in various dog breeds. These dogs are doting, loving and loyal to their owners. It’s muscular built, and strength is nothing when they melt into your arms and bask in your attention. And like any other Pittie, they are friendly, intelligent and well suited as a family pet. Let us tell you more about these striped dogs so that you can decide they are the pooch for you and prepare your home to welcome them in.

Brindle Pitbull Origin

pitbull brindle

Brindle Pitties can be an American Pitbull Terrier or an American Staffordshire Terrier with a brindle coat. These dogs are affectionately called the striped Pitties.

Historically, people bred Pitbulls for blood sports such as bull-baiting and dogfighting. These dogs are strong and muscular with powerful jaws; thus, they seem perfect for such games. Thankfully, these kinds of entertainment are no longer allowed, and these beautiful dogs became excellent working companions.

After their dark experience, Pittie owners utilized them as farmworkers and cattle guard dogs. At present, they serve as search and rescue or as therapy dogs. Their intelligence, low maintenance needs and loving personality make them wonderful companions for work or home. However, these dogs can be stubborn; thus, early socialization and training are a must from a young age.

The Brindle Pitbull Temperament

When it comes to temperaments, Brindle Pit bull dogs have a tough and fierce look. But don’t let this fool you, in reality, they are very loving and loyal pets.

These dogs are brilliant and perceptive. They quickly learn during training and can be quite impressive as they comply with your commands. With the right amount of socialization, they make excellent family pets. So while they are still young, it is ideal for introducing them to each family member and other pets. You should also introduce them to things, strangers and other creatures when you take them for walks.

Brindle Pitties are highly-energetic dogs. They have this incredible zest for life that is a standard for their breed. These dogs consider everything to be an adventure; thus, they feel happy even with the most mundane tasks. They will passionately get your mails and rip them apart like it is the most exciting activity for the day. Likewise, taking them out for walks or a trip to the coffee shop with them will also bring them joy and excitement.

Though Brindle Pits have unique coloration, they are no different from their fellow Pits with other colors. They are affectionate with family and children. In some cases, they serve as nanny dogs because of their tolerant personality among kids. However, they are not fully aware of their strength; thus, you need to supervise their interaction with your little ones.

And although they are good with kids, Pitties are not very tolerant of other dogs. They may handle one to one interactions with other pets, but they sometimes react negatively when surrounded by a pack of canines. Therefore, all interactions with other dogs need close supervision. More so, you have to take note of their body language and prevent any untoward incident from happening.

Additionally, Pitbull dogs are not excessive barkers. If there is a threat to their home and family, there will be more action than noise.

The Brindle Pitbull Dog Appearance

brindle pitbull male

So what does a brindle dog look like? The unique coloring of the Brindle Pittie is what sets them apart from their cousins. Unlike their solid-colored counterparts, these dogs have a combination of dark and light colors patterned like stripes. You will notice that these Pitbulls have predominantly light colors such as yellow and mixed with dark colors like black or dark brown.

Unlike what most people think, Brindles are not a rare breed coloration in canines. There are also brindle Boxers and Greyhounds. The coat is short, stiff, and it does not shed much. Because of this, Brindle Pitties are not high maintenance pets and do not require lots of grooming.

Like any other Pitbulls, these dogs have a stocky and muscular build. It has a wide square face, short muzzle and naturally drop-down ears. You may also find unique Red Nose Brindle Pitties or Blue Nose Brindles.

Brindle Pitties have the same size and weight as other Pitbulls. They can grow up to 17 to 21 inches tall at the shoulders. Likewise, adult Brindle Pitties weigh around 30 to 60 pounds, with males growing more prominent and more massive than females.

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Brindle Pitbull Coat Colors

A Brindle Pittie has a unique coat color that makes them stand out. There are many types of brindle coloring on Pitbulls. However, the American Kennel Club only recognizes brindle coat color variation on the American Staffordshire Terrier. These markings can appear as stripes, alternating or swirling hues of light and dark. Often, they are light hues against a darker shade, for instance, yellow on red, brown or black.

You may find a Brindle coat in black, fawn, red, liver, blue and blue fawn. With all these different coats, it is noticeable that the lighter shade is more visible than the darker shade. Some dogs also have brindle spots or points around their bodies. These points are common in their ears or muzzle and extremities such as the tail and feet.

These dogs have a stiff and short coat. They do not need lots of grooming, nor they shed much. Regular baths will wash off dirt and grime because these dogs are high-energetic and are most likely to play in unlikely places.

Types of Brindle Pitbulls

If you think that these dogs are unique, then you’d be more surprised that there are other types of Brindle Pits. Let’s look into the most popular but rarest ones.

Blue Nose Brindle Pittie

Blue Nose Pitbulls are very popular because of their rarity. These dogs have bluish-grey nose leather which is uncommon in the breed. And Blue Nose Brindle Pitties are even more incredible because of their rare soft blue or grey coat coloring with alternating light brown or fawn. In some cases, these dogs appear to have white markings on their chest and feet.

Often Blue Nose Pitbulls also have blue eyes. And it is also possible for a blue nose brindle to have blue eyes, but they usually get a darker color typical in other Pitbulls like brown. These dogs are more popular than the red nose Pitbull type.

Red Nose Brindle Pitbull

A Red Nose Brindle Pitbull is similar to the Blue Brindle, but in this case, the dominant hue is red. This coat color can appear as brindle markings as well as the dog’s nose leather. Typically, a Red Brindle Pittie has a soft, diluted red coat. It is mixed with other colors such as brown and black, but the more common is fawn. Some canines have brindle markings all over their bodies, but others have adorable markings on their chest and feet.

You will find that Red Nose Brindles have reddish brindle and red nose leather that closely matches their coat color. On the other hand, black nose leather is standard with these types, but they are not as desirable as having a red nose on a Red Brindle.

Brindle Pitbulls Price

How much are Brindle Pitbull puppies? If you fancy having these types of canines, you might be wondering whether it is better to get an adult or a puppy. These dogs are famous for their braveness and loyalty. Their attractive color and coat pattern make them extra unique for fanciers.

Brindle Pitbull Puppy Price

Brindle pittie puppies are likely to cost around $800 to $1,000 depending on the breeder and the bloodline. Ideally, if you are still new at taking care of Pitbulls, getting a puppy is your best move. And choose puppies wisely. Some breeders initiate early training during puppyhood to develop these dogs into the perfect family pet. You should also keep up with their socialization and training so that your pet remains in its best behavior among kids and strangers. It is also essential to supervise interaction with children to ensure safety at all times.

On the other hand, if you are interested in adopting one, you should visit the nearest rescue center or Pitbull organization in your area. It can cost around $250, but you may not find the Brindle colors that you expect. Additionally, adoption is best for experienced dog owners. You need to spend a lot of time and effort rehabilitating adult Pitbulls from a rescue center. It is not a job for faint-hearted novice pet owners.

Training Tips For Brindle Pit

When it comes to training, a Brindle Pit dog can be mule-headed and exhibit their strong personality. This behavior combined with their strength can make training extra challenging. In dealing with Pitties, it is a good idea to show them that you are their leader, and you have to be firm and consistent. When they sense your mindset and acknowledge your consistency, they will respect you, and you’ll have better training outcomes. Here are a few more tips in training your Pittie.

  • Early Socialization – make this your top priority as soon as you get hold of your puppy. Your Pitbull puppy must become comfortable with different people and situations while they are at an early age. Expose them often to kids, neighbors, strangers and other pets. Train them to behave and stay calm when being handled. Like others, these dogs approach everything with excitement and a sense of adventure. Keep everything fun and positive for them. Early socialization is an essential component of their training program.
  • Using Positive Reinforcement – because they are strong and heavy-built, using leash corrections and punishment rarely works for Pitbull training. Using positive reinforcement and reward techniques will give you better results when you are training them for basic commands. Pitties are also eager learners, so they will be happy to comply with the rewards and praises.
  • Proofing or Teaching Your Brindle Pitbull to Behave Properly with Other Pets – these dogs are not always tolerant of other dogs and may hunt down small pets for the game. The best way to counter this to teach your dog to focus on you. Some commands that are handy when there are other dogs and pets around include “look, come or stay”. Practice these commands in various situations and settings until your pooch responds to you even when there are distractions around. Your pet should respond to you whether you are at the dog park or home.
  • Advanced Obedience Training and Dog Sports – Brindle Pitties are intelligent and energetic. Their eagerness to please makes training fun for both pets and owners. They would also do well in advance obedience training and dog sports that involve agility and rally obedience. Engaging them in these activities will help reinforce good behavior while you bond with your pooch. More so, dog sports and advanced obedience provides a combination of physical exercise and mental stimulation that these dogs crave.

Additionally, their intelligence and capability make them excellent working dogs. These dogs can serve for Police tasks, Military tasks, Search and Rescue and as Therapy dogs.

Exercising Your Brindle Pit Bull

Among various dog breeds, Pitbulls are one of the most physically active. They love exercises and are very athletic. These dogs have an impressive endurance level so you can expect to be extra busy and engaged when you have a Pitbull in your hands.

When their daily exercise needs are not met, your Pitbulls may exhibit undesirable behavior and become unhappy. These dogs are at their happiest when they spend time exerting their muscles; thus, it will be miserable when they cannot exercise.

More so, the extra energy they have will manifest through destructive chewing, digging and barking. And considering that these dogs are strong and muscular, this behavior can lead to a serious situation.

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Health Issue

Pitbulls are generally a healthy breed. But like most large dogs, they are prone to hip dysplasia. This condition can lead to pain and uneven gait. On the other hand, you can prevent this health issue with proper exercise and diet control.

Likewise, these dogs are susceptible to Parvovirus in their puppy stage. It is best to get them vaccinated as early as possible. Pitties have a weaker immune system than other dog breeds; thus, getting this virus is common to them.

Another health concern that Pittie owners should look out for is the Cerebellar Abiotrophy. This neurological condition affects the dog’s coordination. It is caused by a mutation in the genes and can lead to reduced muscle control and unsteady gait.

With proper diet, regular veterinary checks and exercise, these health conditions can be mitigated, and your Brindle Pitbull can live a long and healthy life.

The lifespan of the Brindle Pitbull

Most Brindle Pitties live up to 15 years of age

Caring Tips for Brindle Pit Dogs

Brindle Pit dogs have robust digestive systems. They do well on different types of diet. If you prefer to give them dry kibble, feed them two to three cups daily depending on their size and weight. Typically, an adult Pit needs 1,200 calories each day, and this is equivalent to two cups of kibble.

Similarly, these dogs are also good with raw and wet diets. You may give them this type of meal two times a day to match your meals and provide them with a sense of routine. Also, make sure to provide them with proper portions to avoid overfeeding them.

Ideally, choose food that does not contain allergens such as soy, wheat or corn. Some dogs develop skin itching or redness due to allergens. Others experience bloat and other health issues. More so, introduce a new food in small amounts and monitor their reactions to it.

A Brindle Pit diet should be around 18-22 percent protein. It is necessary for their diet so that their muscles remain strong and healthy.

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Loving, loyal, reliable and charming, these are some of the words that best describe a Brindle Pittie. Their unique traits will ensure lifelong fun and happy pet-owner relationship time and again.

These dogs are excellent additions to a family household. However, you need to put in time and effort in caring for them. They crave attention and are always eager to please. Their zest for life is infectious. These dogs consider everything to be an adventure; thus a simple walk around the neighborhood or some cuddle time with you gives them so much joy. Keep in mind that they are not independent. Therefore they need loving family attention to keep them in a stable temperament.

Consequently, Brindle Pit dogs may not be suitable for novice dog owners. They can be mule-headed, and combine this with their strength; a firm and experienced hand is what they need.

If you have set your heart out on having a Brindle Pitbull, it is best to seek out a professional training class for you and your pet. Be sure to keep them physically and mentally stimulated to prevent undesirable behaviors.

So, do you have any thoughts or questions about these dogs? Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment in the box below.