Classic Bully – An Amazing Bully Dog Breed For Breeders & Dog Lovers

American Bully Classic Dog Female

American bullies have other types besides the American Bully Standard. One of these is the American Bully Classic that on the surface looks similar to the American Bully Standard.

Physically there are some differences between it and the American Bully Standard. The American Bully Classic is considered an amended version of the Bully Standard. In body structure and build this type of Bully is lighter and has less body mass compared to the Bully Standard. In spite of, these minor differences the dog still has traits found in a Bully.

The head is blocky with shorter square muzzles. The body has muscles, heavier bones, and a compact body. Compared to its relatives the American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Pitbull Terrier the overall substance and bone of the Classic Bully are significantly greater.

In basic terms, the Classic Bully is a lighter variety of the Standard Bully having lighter bone and body frames with less body mass compared to the original. These minor differences aside Classic Bully have the same kind of standard that Standard Bully. The Classic Bully is ideal for dog owners and breeders who want a lighter and less heavy version of a Bully breed.

In temperament, however, the two Bully breeds are very similar. They both have a stable personality, happy demeanor, an outgoing behavior and possess great confidence as a Bully dog. The Bully Standard and American Bully Classic are very obedient dogs who want to please their owners. The two of them have courage and intelligence to their personality.

The social and friendly personality that makes the Standard Bully a favorite among dog owners is also found in the Classic Bully. Bonding easily with a person and family, tolerant of children and strangers are traits that the Classic Bully and Standard Bully have in common. Traits like loyalty, reliability, and trustworthiness are present in both breeds that endear them to their owners.

American Bullies Classic Playing Each Other Pictures
Both breeds can be protective of their owner and its owner’s property. Since both Classic and Standard breed consider their owners as part of the pack this defensive temperament is to be expected. Note that aggressive behaviors are undesirable in a Bully since a Bully owner wants the dog to be friendly, but aggressive towards hostile people is acceptable since it is just a defensive mechanism found in any dog. Of course, the aggressiveness should be normal. check our guide about the best dog food for Pitbulls.

Like the Standard Bully grooming and caring for the health of the American Bully Classic is pretty much the same. Like its cousin the pain tolerance of the Classic, Bully is high. The Classic Bully is also physically strong and agile. Both breeds also have the same food and nutrient requirement to maintain their overall well-being and health.

An American Bully Classic is a very good choice for people who want a different type of Bully but has the desirable traits found in the Standard, which makes both dogs breeds the ideal pet for people.