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Who is Dave Wilson and what are his accomplishments?

Dave Wilson is a dog breeder who is well-known for developing the American bully breed known as “Razor’s Edge” a popular pit bulldog breed. The Razor’s Edge is the product of Dave’s vision of what a Bully dog should be:  American bully breeds that possess the pit bulls traits of strength and stamina while having the American Staffordshire terrier’s calm personality and gentle behavior.

This American Bully breed has the athleticism and temperament needed for showmanship, which Dave Wilson seeks to emphasize in his American bully breed. In physical terms, his own unique on this Bully Dog is that this American bully breed will be a specimen that is shorter, squat with a pointed snout and chest that is big.

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Wilson came up with this idea in the 1980s, and by traveling across the country, Dave began looking for a dog breeder who has the American bully breed dog that has the right qualities useful in breeding stock. The process wasn’t, and it was arduous, to say the least, but by 1990 Dave Wilson vision and dream of his ideal American bully breed have finally become a reality. Today his Razor’s Edge Bully dogs are one the most well-known breeds and are very popular among Bully dog lovers.
Currently, Dave Wilson is the president of the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC).

Dave Wilson’s perspective:

Dave Wilson American Bully Razors Edge

What is the role of the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) in ensuring the progression and longevity of the American bully breed?When it comes to organizing an American bully breed dog shows the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) is the one who sanctions the above dog shows.

Any ABKC-sanctioned dog shows about American bully breeds should use the ABKC’s rules, criteria, guidelines, and judges. This ruling applies to all American bully breed organized in the US or around the world. Their conditions are quite reasonable since it ensures competitiveness and quality of the Bully dog entering these kinds of dog shows.

Dave Wilson is very concerned about the future of the American bully breed. This concern is about the dog breed that is still at its infancy stage even if the breed is well-known. According to Dave, there are some who are confused about what an American bully breed is due to the public’s misconception of what the dog breed is all about. Some Bully dogs don’t even conform to standards of what the ABKC would consider a real Bully dog.

This non-conformity to standards is the reason Dave says that the ABKC has criteria for registering dogs into the studbooks. ABKC has implemented stricter guidelines so that they won’t take any dogs that are a new process of Bulldogs or those that are too much of a Pitbull. These strict guidelines ensure that it protects the American bully breed’s consistency, quality, and health of the bloodline’s gene pool.

Wilson admits that when they were starting out, they were a bit lenient about the rules, criteria, and guidelines. Eventually, the ABKC decided to become more particular about the quality of the American bully breed. They also enforce the strictness of the rules, and the judging criteria are more discerning about the dog’s attributes. If a dog does not fit a designated class, then the dog is worth the prize ribbon.

By becoming stricter on the flaws of some American bully breed the dog breeders started to move away from breeding Standard Bully dogs. The move enables dog breeders to put more mass in the bone head and exaggerate some of the American bully breeds’ features without destroying the functionality of the dog.

For Dave Wilson, the longevity of the American bully breed is paramount, and he hopes that one day people who see an American Bully will say “that is a 100 percent American Bully breed.”