Standard American Bully – The Bulky and Muscular Dog Breed (Quick Guide)

American Bully Standard and American Bully Pocket

If you want a dog as a family pet or looking to breed one you can try picking the American Bully Standard for said purposes. Don’t be fooled by its looks and size because this dog is more than meets the eye.

At first glance, the American Bully Standard looks directly related to the Bulldog due to its looks and size. You might be surprised to know that this Bully dog is actually more related to the American Pit Bull Terrier. Others breed like the Old English Bulldog,

American Bulldog and English bulldog breed are mixed with it. While the American Bully Standard does have some relation to the mentioned Bulldogs, it is first and foremost related to the American Pit Bull Terrier. This dog was originally bred to be a show version of the American Pit Bull Terrier and as a companion dog in the 1990s, but due to its looks and temperament it has gained ever-increasing popularity among dog owners and breeders.

In appearance, the dog looks compact and thick-bodied. However, there are other characteristics that the dog possesses. The head is broad, heavy and large yet it is proportional to its body in spite of its broad skull and the cheek muscles that are very pronounced.

The body has a proper muscle tone and a muscular build. So the head and the body of the American Bully Standard must be in proportion with each other meaning that there must be no exaggerated features in the dog. It also should have great stamina and tremendous power.

American Bully Standard Head

While its appearance gives it the impression of a rough and tough kind of dog, it’s a social and friendly temperamental dog. One of the traits that dog owners like in this dog is its affectionate nature to its owner, the owner’s families (if any) and other friendly people. Because of this, the Bully dog creates a very strong bond with the family or owner that owns it especially if they are friendly with the dog.

Children need not fear the American Bully Standard breed since this is one of the dog breeds that have a very good relationship with children since it has an inhibition to snapping and biting. It also has a tolerance for strangers and can easily accept them.

Caring for American Bully dog is really not that hard. An owner and breeder just need to do some basic care for the dog. Regular brushing instead of professional grooming is preferable since the coat of the dog is short. A few minutes of brushing does the trick. Also, regular ear cleaning and nail clipping are also required. Keep an eye out for the hair shedding the Bully dog does. Some American Bully Standard tends to shed hair constantly through some shed hair lightly. Also, make sure to check if the dog has any injuries. Bullies are very tolerant to pain, so they won’t show signs that they are injured. This could be very bad for the dog since the injuries can be very serious or in some cases fatal.

Caring and breeding a Bully dog can be fun. If you want one as a pet, then you won’t be disappointed with it.

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