How to Help Your French Bulldog with the Separation Anxiety

Dogs are not the kind of creatures that enjoy living alone. They are pack animals and will constantly feel the need to be with their pack. Because we are talking about the modern dog, its pack became its owner and the family that took the dog in. So, there isn’t a dog that enjoys being separated for too long from its family.

The French Bulldog does not make an exception from this rule, being a breed that is prone to developing separation anxiety, due to its affectionate and playful temperament. This is a matter that can be very harmful to the dog and destructive for your home. Thus, you need to know how you can help your Frenchie deal with those moments when it will be left home alone.

What is Separation Anxiety for Dogs?

Separation anxiety manifests when the dog starts feeling uncomfortable about the absence of its pack, the owner or family members in this case. Separation anxiety is a serious business and a French Bulldog manifesting such behaviors should receive an adequate amount of attention for correcting the negative behavior.

french bulldog on the floor

How Does the Separation Anxiety Manifest?

A dog suffering from separation anxiety will adopt a wide range of behaviors, starting with excessive barking and whining, to door and wall scratching, howling, chewing and damaging items around the house, urinating, or even defecating as a result of high levels of stress.

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Does Dog Separation Anxiety go Away?

It sure won’t go away just by snapping your fingers, and also there is no method or `treatment` to deal with your dog’s separation anxiety for good. However, you can help your puppy with easing the symptoms and make its life more pleasurable. Read our guide on why dogs eat grass?

Is there Medication for Dogs with Separation Anxiety?

Yes, you can use some drugs for your pup to help with this, even though we don’t really recommend them. You can administrate it over-the-counter products (that use natural pheromones) or prescription pet medication for your dog’s nerves.

french bulldog on grass

Please find below ways you can help your Frenchie pup deal with this condition.

Adopt a calm attitude when you are getting ready to leave home. Don’t make room for panic or worries, as the dog will sense your mood and will get nervous as well. Try to ignore your dog as you prepare to leave like nothing is about to happen. Give your French Bulldog a pet only when it is completely calm. Never give it attention when it has a nervous or agitated state of mind, as it will see your attention as a sign of encouragement. You can also choose a safety word that you can say to your dog before you leave, so it will know that you are coming back. Just use a calm voice to say it.

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Give your Frenchies a clothing Item you wore during the day

French Bulldogs, like any other dog, have a sensitive sense of smell, so your scent may calm them down in your absence. Thus, it won’t be such a bad idea to give your dog one of the clothing items you wore before leaving home. Feeling your smell may help it calm down and not feel lonely until you get back home.

Put the dog in a room with a lot of Distractions

The idea is to keep the mind of your French Bulldog busy while you’re away. So, putting the dog in a dark and empty room is not a good idea at all. Instead, choose a room with windows and make sure the dog has a wide array of toys at its disposal. You can even let the TV on, as it will provide sounds that will intrigue the dog and keep its mind questioning, instead of looking for all sorts of unwanted activities. check our guide about Boston terrier and french bulldog

Consider the Services of a Dog Daycare Facility

If the additional costs generated by opting for such services won’t be such a burden for your budget, taking your French Bulldog to a reliable dog daycare facility is not a bad idea at all. This is recommended especially in the case of dogs that adopted a destructive behavior, such as chewing. In a daycare facility, the dog will have the chance to play and socialize with other dogs, while being permanently supervised. It won’t even tell how fast hours pass by until you come and pick it up, so you can both go home happy and calm, and make it love you even more.

Make your Return a Calm Event for your French Bulldog

When you enter the house, your dog will certainly be excited to see you. Although you may be tempted to give it a lot of attention, try not to. Be calm, don’t look at it, and don’t talk to your dog. Give your French Bulldog time to calm down before you establish any contact with it. This way, it will get the message that only a calm behavior and state of mind will be rewarded with attention and pets.


Separation anxiety is not an easy matter to deal with. You will need to be very patient and perseverant when trying to help your French Bulldog get over it. But, whatever you do, never punish your dog. The negative behavior it adopted is a sign of elevated stress and not a choice. There’s even the risk for separation anxiety to become dangerous to the wellbeing of your dog, as some end up self-mutilating them because of the stress. So, yes, it is something you need to take seriously and deal with as soon as possible, but only with the right methods.