Popular Bulldog Types – Modern and Extinct Breeds

Bulldogs are popular pets, but there are several types of Bulldogs, so choosing which one is not easy. There are many Bulldog types to choose as a pet, but you can only pick one. The list of different Bulldogs below should aid in one’s decision of what type of canine to get as a pet.

Types of Bulldogs Breeds

1. English Bulldog

Fat English Bulldog Playing


    • Height: About 12 to 16 inches (31 to 40 cm). Bulldogs that are shorter in size are prized candidates in dog shows.
    • Weight: Males are 53 to 55 pounds (24 to 25 kg), and females are 49 to 51 pounds (22 to 23 kg)
    • Lifespan: 8 years though it is possible for the canine to live longer

Unlike another type of Bulldogs, the British Isles was the place of origin of this canine. The English Bulldog is gentle, affectionate, and gets along with children. The dog’s intimidating appearance is a sharp contrast to its gentle nature. Bravery, determination and excellent guarding skills are some of the Bulldogs. The English Bulldog can sometimes be dominating, so its owner needs to show that he or she is the leader.

This canine is a suitable pet for owners living in apartments since they are inactive indoors. Temperate climates are the best environments for the English Bulldog. Despite being a dormant animal, the English Bulldog still needs exercise. A daily walk should suffice though the dog must walk beside or behind the person holding its leash.

You just need a brush with a firm bristle and a comb to groom the English Bulldog’s short-haired, fine coat. Bathing is also essential though you need to bathe the dog only when necessary.

2. French Bulldog

Lazy French Bulldog


    • Height: 12 inches (30 cm)
    • Weight: 19 to 22 pounds (9 to 10 kg) and 22 to 28 (10 to 13kg). It is possible for the French Bulldog to weigh more than 28 pounds, but it ground for disqualification in dog shows.
    • Lifespan: 10 to 12 years

Unlike other types of Bulldogs, the French Bulldog has a comical mindset that can endear it to people. Different Bulldog types and dog breeds tend to yap loudly when they feel enthusiastic; this canine does not want to bark loudly. The Frenchie is friendly, so it gets along with strangers and other pets. Of course, ignoring the dog is a big no-no since it needs companionship. The French Bulldog may become snappish and stubborn if its owner is meekly passive. Hence the necessity for establishing firm leadership as well as discipline to the Frenchie.

The dog is active indoors and doesn’t need a yard to play, which makes it suitable for apartment life. The French Bulldog does well in temperate climates. A daily walk is a good exercise for the Frenchie. The canine also likes to play and run for hours. Make sure to read our guide about french bulldog colors

Surprisingly the dog needs little grooming due to the nature of its coat. Regular brushings are more than enough for the Frenchie’s grooming needs. The breed sheds hair at an average rate.


3. Australian Bulldog

Adorable Australian Bulldog


    • Height: Males are 18 to 20 inches tall (46 to 51 cm) while females are 17 to 19 inches (44 to 48 cm)
    • Weight: Males weigh 60 to 78 pounds (28 to 35 kg), and females weigh 50 to 61 pounds (23 to 28 kg)
    • Lifespan: 10 to 12 years

For those who want a dog that is fun-loving, easygoing, intelligent and loyal, the Australian Bulldog is the perfect choice as a pet. This type of Bulldogs loves to swim or play in the water, making it an ideal companion to bring on a beach. The Australian Bulldog’s alertness makes it a good watchdog, but it’s not good as a guard dog. All types of Bulldogs need obedience training, and the Australian Bulldog is not an exception. The breed’s owner also needs to show firm leadership to it.

Daily walks are an excellent way to give the dog some exercises, and it has a lot of stamina for such exercises. Since the Australian Bulldog loves to swim and play in the water, you bring him to a beach. Additionally, the dog loves to play with a ball or Frisbee with its owner. Living in an apartment is not suitable for the breed, but you can offset this problem by giving it sufficient exercise. Temperate climates are the ideal settings for the canine.

With a brush that has firm bristle and a comb, you can groom the Bulldog’s fine, short-haired coat with ease. The inside of wrinkles of the canine’s face needs some wiping via a damp cloth daily. You can bathe the dog, but only when it is necessary.

4. American Bulldog

White and Orange Coat of American Bulldog


    • Height: Males are 22 to 28 inches (55 to 70 cm), and females are 20 to 26 (52 to 65 cm)
    • Weight: 70 to 120 pounds (32 to 54 kg) for males while females are 60 to 100 pounds (27 – 45 kg)
    • Lifespan: 16 years

Despite the dog’s physical appearance, it is not a hostile animal, but it is brave, loyal, reliable and full of determination. The American Bulldog’s protective nature allows it to act heroically on behalf of its owner and it also loves kids. The dog breed needs a pack leader with a strong personality to know their place and is less aggressive to other dogs. The dog tends to slobber and drool a lot.

Physical and mental exercises are a must to prevent American Bulldog from becoming high strung and uncontrollable. Like other types of Bulldogs, this canine should learn socialization and obedience training when it is still a puppy. You can either put the Bulldog is an apartment or a home with a yard of average size.

The American Bulldog sheds hair on an average basis, and it needs a bath only when the situation warrants it. The short, harsh coat of the dog is easy to groom with brush and comb.

5. Olde English Bulldog

Adult Olde English Bulldog


    • Height: Males 17 to 20 inches (43 to 51 cm) and females are 16 to 19 inches (40 to 48 kg)
    • Weight: Males are 60 to 80 pounds (27 to 36 kg) while females are at 50 to 70 pounds (22 to 31 kg)
    • Lifespan: 11 or more years

This dog breed is docile, yet it is a capable, protective, determined and courageous animal. If someone or something threatens its owner and families, the dog is not afraid to face it. The Olde English Bulldog is a canine that is eager to please its owner. Anyone who owns an Olde English Bulldog must show strong leadership traits to it.

This dog breed is one of the types of Bulldogs that likes to have toys to play. The canine loves to chew rubber toys and some bones. Avoid giving the dog stuffed toys, rawhides and soft rubber for it to play as well as chew. Various types of exercise and work will channel the animal’s energy, which is something it possesses in abundance. Light exercise will maintain the Bulldog’s body shape and keep it fit. Do not let the dog do strenuous activities like jumping. The Olde English Bulldog adapts well to any lifestyle, and they need protection from extreme heat as well as cold.

The Olde English Bulldog is an average shedder and needs little grooming.

6. Miniature English Bulldog

Miniature English Bulldog Puppy


    • Height: 11 to 14 inches (27 to 35 cm) for males while females are 10 to 13 inches (25 – 33 cm)
    • Weight: Around 25 to 40 pounds (11 to 18 kg) for males and 25 to 38 pounds (11 to 17 kg) for females
    • Lifespan: 10 to 12 years though female Miniature English Bulldog live longer. It is possible for the dog to live more than 12 years

This breed finds happiness through the attention it receives from its owner. Miniature English Bulldogs can be gregarious, extroverted, loyal and affectionate to their owners. The dog gets along with kids, but it acts like a scrappy when it comes to unfamiliar dogs. Being determined and bullheaded are some of the traits of the animal. The Bulldog also snores a lot when sleeping.

Unlike other Bulldog types, the Miniature English Bulldog will not want any exercise or vice versa. This two-sided attitude to exercise differs from individual dogs. Nevertheless, a daily walk is still a necessary thing for the canine. Young Miniature English Bulldogs are filled with zest. But the dog breed slows down as they get older. Temperate climates are ideal for the Bulldog. Due to the breed being an indoor pet, you don’t need a yard, and it can adjust to apartment life.

The wrinkles of the dog’s face need cleaning every day, so use a damp cloth. Since the coat is short-haired and fine combing as well as brushing it should be easy. Bathe the canine only when necessary.

7. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

Cute Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog


    • Height: 24 inches (61 cm)
    • Weight: 100 pounds (47 kg) for males and females are 78 pounds (34 kg)
    • Lifespan: 12 to 15 years

It is uncommon for some types of Bulldogs to be a watchdog and guard dog something that the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog excels. Another trait that this breed has that you can’t easily find in some type of Bulldogs is its protectiveness. This dog is willing to fight to the death just to protect their owners. The breed is exceptionally protective of children. This canine has a lot of heart, mindful, active and athletic. Be sure to instill (not harshly of course) to the dog that you are the pack leader.

Either an apartment or a home with a yard big enough for the dog will do just fine for it. Due to the canine’s active and athletic nature, it will need daily walks and some fun romping in a safe area.

The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is a big dog, yet surprisingly it needs little grooming and is an average shedder. Remove the coat’s dead hairs and reduce shedding by giving the Bulldog an occasional brushing and combing. The canine only needs a bath once every two weeks.

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8. Valley Bulldog

2 Loyal and Intelligent Valley Bulldogs


    • Height: 12 to 25 inches (31 to 64 cm), 16 to 25 inches in length and an 18 to 24-inch neck
    • Weight: 50 to 125 pounds (23 to 57 kg)
    • Lifespan: 10 to 12 years

The type of Bulldogs some people like must be calm and gentle, yet have a playful and silly mindset. The Valley Bulldog is such a canine that possess these traits. Because of the breed’s tendency to love being around humans and its clownish nature, it is very friendly with both adults and kids. The dog’s intelligence allows its owner to teach it a lot of things and they can be excellent watchdogs. As a bonus, the Valley Bulldog loves to ride in its owner’s cars.

Bulldog types like the Valley Bulldog are not large dog breeds that can adapt to a house, condo, or apartment due to not needing a lot of space. The dog is very active indoors and will often run around until it tires out. Do not leave the canine outside lest excessive cold or heat affects it and let it sleep indoors. Brisk long walks daily are more than enough for the dog, and it will also run around. However, the breed is fond of chewing things so give it some toys to chew and play. Make sure that the toys are durable and sturdy.

Unless the Valley Bulldog is dirty, it doesn’t require constant baths. However the breed’s genital area and the skin folds of its face, belly as well as tail needs cleaning through a wet cloth. Those body areas must be thoroughly dried to prevent bacterial infection. Many types of Bulldogs tend to suffer from a bacterial infection, so thorough cleaning is necessary. For the canine’s brushing and combing needs, grooming it must be done once in a while.

9. Catahoula Bulldog

White Catahoula Bulldog Appearance and Temperament


    • Height: Around 24 to 26 inches (61 to 66 cm
    • Weight: 75 to 100 pounds (34 to 46 kg)
    • Lifespan: 10 to 14 years

At first glance, the Catahoula Bulldog has an easy-going and laid-back personality, but looks can be deceiving. The canine can become alerted should the occasion arise. The dog is also intelligent, loyal, lovable and easy to train. Catahoula Bulldogs love to please their families, and they have tolerance for children. Unlike most types of Bulldogs, the Catahoula can be a watchdog, guard dog, hunter and tracker of the game.

With sufficient exercises, the canine can live in apartments and must have daily walks to keep fit. Alternatively, due to the breed’s hunting and tracking skills, you could bring it along during a hunt for a game. It may surprise you that the dog only needs a bath twice a year unless it gets filthy. The Catahoula Bulldog nails need regular trimming, and its teeth need cleaning. Catahoula Bulldogs are regular or light shedder, but stress can cause it to shed more hair than usual.

10. Victorian Bulldog

Medium Size Dog Breed Victorian Bulldog


    • Height: 17 to 19 inches (43 to 48 cm) for males while it’s 16 to 19 inches (41 to 48) for females
    • Weight: Males are at 70 to 75 inches (32 to 34 kg), and females are 55 to 65 pounds (25 to 30 kg)
    • Lifespan: 10 to 12 years

All types of Bulldogs, like the Victorian Bulldog, look fierce and intimidating, but their personality is gentle to the point that they love their owners. Aside from being an affectionate and dependable canine, the dog has great courage and will guard its family. The breed is OK with people and gets along with other pets, but tends to be scrappy with other dogs.

The Victorian Bulldog is an indoor pet making it ideal for an apartment. It will be a fantastic bonus if the home has a yard. Temperate climates are the perfect environment for the dog. For the canine’s exercise, a daily walk will suffice.

Like most dog breeds with facial wrinkles, keeping them clean is important. A damp cloth for wiping the dogs regularly will do the job. The Victorian Bulldog’s coat needs grooming using a firm bristle brush and a comb. Giving the canine bath is also important, but only if it the Bulldog needs it.

Other Types of Bulldogs Also Includes the Following:

  1. Alano Español
  2. Amitola Bulldog
  3. Campeiro Bulldog
  4. Catahoula Bulldog
  5. Colorado Bulldog
  6. Continental Bulldog
  7. Mallorquin Bulldog
  8. Mammut Bulldog
  9. Otto Bulldog
  10. Pakistani Bull Dog (Gull Dong)
  11. Red-Tiger Bulldog
  12. Spanish Bulldog (Alano Español)
  13. Titan Bull-Dogge

The bulldog types have health issues that affect all kinds of dog breeds. The health problems are not that serious as long as the Bulldogs owners maintain their physical well-being, take good care of their health and have a checkup with the veterinarian now and then. If you intend to get a pet from a breeder, then make sure that the breeder is legitimate and has the recommendation of dog owners. Breeders tend to breed different types o,f Bulldogs so try to inquire as to what kind of Bulldog breed he or she handles.

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The list above is some of the popular types of Bulldogs as pets. There are many Bulldog types available, but they are less desirable as well as less attractive. So what are you waiting for? Go to a dog shelter or dog breeder to get your very own Bulldog pet. With their rugged looks and gentle demeanor, they the best choice of dog pets for most families.