Miniature Bull Terrier – This 15 Facts Will Make You Fall Inlove About This Bully Breed

There is so much more to the Miniature Bull Terrier than what meets the eyes.

People from many parts of the world love this particular breed for many compelling reasons. It is a small sized terrier dog originating from England. The breed is also believed to have its origins from the English White Terrier, which is already extinct, the bulldog and the dalmatian. The breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club or AKC on May 14, 1991.

Before you finally decide to look for Miniature Bull Terrier puppies to add to your family, there are some interesting facts about these canines that you have to know.

1. These dogs are known for their small size but a muscular and vigorous body. They have rectangular and dark colored eyes with erected and little ears. They have an oval or egg-shaped head, and they carry their tail horizontally. They also have a harsh, flat, short and glossy coat. In general, you can see these canines in a solid white color or other marked colors such as black, fawn, red and at times, even tricolor with a touch of white.

2. The athletic build of this particular breed makes them very suitable for people who often spend most of their time outdoors doing activities such as jogging or hiking. They stand around 10-14 inches high at the shoulder and can reach a weight of 25-30 pounds.

Happy Miniature Bull Terrier

3. On the average, the Miniature Bull Terriers can give birth to one to 5 puppies. There are instances when it could give birth to as many as nine puppies. This is the reason why the owner must take extra care of the animals and consult a vet for some assistance.

4. These dogs are also seasonal shredders. They have a thick and short coat that is very easy to maintain. You brush its coat once or twice every week using a bristle brush while daily brushing is also possible during the shedding season. You can also rub its body using a damp towel once every week as this is enough to maintain its healthy-looking coat. It is advised to bath these canines only when necessary using only mild shampoos. The eyes, as well as ears, must be properly cleaned to avoid infections.

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5. As an active breed, the miniature bull terriers will need lots of exercises. Longways on a daily basis are critical for the excellent physical and mental well-being of these dogs. Walks should be supplemented with jogging as well as romping out in an open but secure place as often as possible.

Adult Mini Bull

6. This breed must never be let off its leash in public areas as this has the tendency to chase around small animals. They also have the tendency to gain weight pretty fast so you must avoid overfeeding it. These dogs are also prone to bloat that is why it is recommended to have small frequent meals instead of one large meal.

7. As long as they are socialized to people and other animals and well-trained, Miniature Bull Terriers are good family pets and get along with both other dogs and kids. Their high prey drive makes these ill-advised as members of the households where there are pets of some species, particularly hamsters, gerbils or some rodents. By nature, a bull terrier is wary of strangers and sounds the alert when somebody approaches your home. His bold personality requires strong leadership with discipline consistently.

8. Miniature Bull Terrier is a high energy dog who likes getting absorbed in the activities, which engaged the body and mind. A dog of this breed is highly attached to his family and doesn’t like being alone.

9. This dog may fare well in apartments as long as he gets at least forty-five minutes of brisk activity every day and has different puzzle toys and chew toys to entertain himself while you’re away. Otherwise, when left alone in the house or yard, Miniature Bull Terrier takes out his frustrations through chewing, digging, engaging, and barking in some unwanted behaviors.

Black n White Miniature Bull Terrier

10. The miniature bull terrier is friendly, playful, stubborn, and courageous. This dog is an excellent companion for humans and it likes to play with kids. It is said to be courageous as it might face some big dogs without thinking about their size.

11. Miniature bull terriers are healthy most of the time. However, these might be prone to several health disorders. The common health conditions that affect such dogs are heart problems, deafness, PKD or polycystic kidney disease, BTHN or Bull Terrier Hereditary Nephritis, lens luxation, and skin problems.

12. Ensure to maintain the health of your Miniature bull terrier through giving him exercise regularly and do not overfeed him as this may cause him to gain more weight. In the case of unusual symptoms or emergency situations, consult the vet immediately and follow instructions carefully.

13. Healthy and high-quality food are recommended for Miniature Bull Terrier for its good health and proper growth. Don’t overfeed the dog and ensure to follow and prepare food schedule. For drinking, consider using only clean water as well as quality milk. During the pregnancy period of this dog, special care is highly recommended.

14. Miniature Bull Terrier is primarily small in size. But, it could possess danger from some big animals as this picks a fight with them sometimes. Therefore, proper supervision is needed from the owners and never let any animal come near the dog.

15. Once the appropriate age is attained, little bull terrier must be ready for breeding and see to it to have professional breeding so it says healthy and may give birth to healthy Miniature Bull Terrier puppies.

Cute Bull terriers mini

Mini bull terriers are one of the best dog breeds that you can consider as your family pet. It’s not as dangerous as you think. It is friendly and a lovable dog once you trained him well and adequately.

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