The Biggest Pit bull in the World: Hulk of Dark K9 Dynasty

Meet “Hulk” the pet and Dark Dynasty K9 stud dog of Marlon and Lisa Grennan a couple living in the State of New Hampshire, USA. Hulk is the Largest Pitbull in the world is given the training to be a protection dog.

Marlon and Lisa Grennan founded dark Dynasty K9 Kennels. The specialty of Dark Dynasty K9 is training protection dogs that can be good pets for families. Hulk shows in his interactions with the Grennans especially their son Jordan that a dog breed like him can be a good pet. Hulk is the Pride and Joy of Dark Dynasty K9 XL Kennels. His pups may become XXL Pitbulls themselves when they grow up. Marlon Grennan personally trains each dog of his kennel from birth.

Lisa Grennan and the biggest pitbull in the world Hulk

Additionally, he does not believe in separating each dog whether they are in training or not. By removing any fences, physical restrictions and barriers the dogs train and live together as a pack that teaches them how to socialize with other. So right are the dogs’ training that they can socialize and interact with the Grennan’s three-years-old son Jordan.

Jordan and Hulk the biggest pitbull Today

Protection dogs are a breed of dogs that are bred to guard as well as defend human families, livestock, and homes. Such breed of dogs includes the German Shepherd, Bullmastiff, Rottweiler, and Pitbull. Some protection dogs are also pets, while some are strictly in the security job. Pitbulls can do both. They were also used as fighters in blood sports. But now thanks to animal welfare laws they are no longer utilized for that kind of thing.

We look forward to the future that Dark Dynasty K9 Kennels and their main stud Hulk who is the biggest Pitbull in the world will produce more quality protection dogs.

Hulk is the largest Pitbull dog of recent times. In fact he the current Pitbull that holds the record for being the world’s Largest Pitbull. Hulk himself a legend for this reason of his head size which measures 28 inches and weights at 174 lbs (or 79kg). Hulk is roughly three times the size of a regular American Pitbull dog. If Hulk stands on his rear legs, you can see that he is almost equal in height to human. As the biggest Pitbull dog if his breed Marlon and Lisa Grennan’s son Jordan rides him like a horse.

Hulk despite his looks huge, fierce and intimidating as well as being a Pitbull is a dog who has a kind nature. The Grennan has trained Hulk to be protection dog which entails him to be fiercer. But due to his socialization training, he is also a member of the Grennan family. The Grennan family loves Hulk and even lets the dog take a bath with their son Jordan. The young boy Jordan for his part loves Hulk. In return, Hulk himself reciprocates the Grennan family’s love.

Pit bull dogs are large animals and have big bodies as well as large heads with big jaws. When you compare them to other dog breeds, they outclass some of them in size alone. You may think that there can’t be a bigger Pitbull dog that can become the biggest Pitbull dog which is greater than usual Pitbull. But the biggest Pitbull in the world did exist and said Largest Pitbull is a friendly giant.

Some say that biggest Pitbull breed dogs are dangerous in nature, and Hulk’s massive size and big jaws seem to reinforce this idea. The Grennans, however, disagree with that sentiment. Hulk has shown love and kindness to them. The Grennans believe that Pitbulls with the right training and care can be gentle and balance dogs. It is something that Hulk has proven to them time and time again. In fact, Hulk lets three-year-old Jordan ride him, something that the biggest Pitbull loves doing with is owner’s son.

Thanks to his protein-rich diet he grows to be huge size dog and will still grow even bigger. Marlon and Lisa Grennan are the ones responsible for his protein-rich food. They believe that the bigger the dog, the better.

Pitbulls originated in the United Kingdom by breeding Terriers and Bulldogs. Their original purpose are fighting dogs participating in blood sports. By the early 20th century some people have found some other use for the dogs besides fighting in blood sports. Thankfully the practice of blood sports was eventually outlawed though some secret, as well as clandestine blood sports, were still in place. Some people found other uses of Pitbulls as hunters and drivers of livestock, catchers, guardians and family pet companions.

Hulk is the current biggest Pitbull breed in the world would fit right in being a fighting dog in a blood sport due to his size. Thankfully in these modern times, the world’s biggest Pitbull is not a fighter. Hulk is a protector and great family pet. It is a good thing for Hulk that he is not force to fight.

Today’s Pitbulls fill the role of being companion dogs, therapy dogs, police dogs and family pets. The Pitbull dogs situation today is a vast improvement from their original blood sport fighter origins.

The world’s biggest Pitbull has fathered eight Pitbull puppies


Marlon and Lisa Grennan along with their son Jordan have much to be proud of their dog. The world’s biggest Pitbull has fathered eight Pitbull puppies, and all puppies are in excellent health. The pups can become protection dogs with the proper training.  The possibility that one of Hulk’s adorable puppies will another record breaking dog when it comes to being the biggest Pitbull in the world like their father, Hulk excites the minds of the Grennans. Due to belonging to a famous bloodline, Hulk’s puppies cost about half a million dollars. To be precise, that would be $55,000 per puppy. It goes to show according to Marlon and Lisa Grennan how Hulk is so famous that his sired pups fetch a high price.

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