White Pitbull – 5 Reasons Why Everyone Love This Dog Breed

Having trouble deciding what kind of Pitbull dog you want to get or buy? This problem is understandable since there many types of Pitbulls out there to choose from and take home as a pet. As a recommendation why try getting a White Pitbull dog? It is a beautiful dog, and there are reasons why it is such a good pet.

1. It has a Beautiful and Attractive White Coat

White Pitbull Breed Puppy

When you look at a White Pitbull dog, you can’t help but find it fascinating due to its white coat. For some people who see white to be their favorite color, this dog is a beautiful animal in their eyes. Even if you prefer other colors, you can’t deny that the dog looks adorable in white.

2. It has a Pleasing Personality

White Pitbull Pup

The book cannot be judged by its cover, and if you are choosing a Pitbull solely on looks alone, you might end up getting something poor. A White Pitbull dog is exuberant, loving, loyal, playful, and friendly to strangers as well as kids, adorable and an excellent animal for companionship.  Proper training and socialization can bestow these favorable traits on the dog. That is it is essential to know what the dog’s personality is.

3. The Dog is an Excellent Sentry Animal

White Pitbull Puppy Photo

One of the reasons that humans choose dogs to domesticate is due to their inherent instincts for guarding and protection. Eons and centuries of breeding have enhanced these traits, and in the White Pitbull dog, these instincts come into full play. The physical looks of a Pitbull also help in guarding and protecting. When you view this dog, you can see a fierce and gruff looking dog that looks physically robust. The looks alone of the dog are more than enough to deter malicious intruders or potential dangers.

4. It’s Not Just a Pet, but a Helper as Well

Originally the White Pitbull dog ancestors were bred to fight bears and bulls in blood sports. They were also participants in dog fights that pit them against their fellow Pitbull. However, when the immigrants started coming to North America from Europe, they brought with them some Pitbulls, and these dogs have a different role to play in their new land.

The settlers decided to breed the dog for catching animals, driving livestock, aid in hunting game and companions for the family. The Pitbull already has the necessary traits needed for the new role it has to play, and careful breeding has virtually removed its fighter tendencies. This change of position for the dog proves to be a success, and it was a great boon for the immigrants who were just getting used to their new home.

Full grown White Pitbull Terrier

5. The Dog Also Helps In Upholding And Enforcing The Law

Today’s Pitbulls still help humans in their daily tasks. The role of the dog has extended to law enforcement and has made significant contributions to maintaining the law. The White Pitbull dog job is law enforcement is to locate hidden drugs, sniff out bombs, and apprehend a suspect. The dog is also excellent in doing search and rescue operations alongside their human partners.  Also, the Pit Bull is superb in aiding persons who are in therapy. The dog breed’s current work is more than enough to dispel the notion that they are only suitable as pets not as helpers.

If the great reasons listed above have convinced you to get a White Pitbull dog, then you should go ahead and get one as a pet. Just remember a Pitbull is more than just a pet it is now a part of your family. Give it the love and attention it needs it will do the same for you.

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