Border Collie Pitbull Mix: Is this Fun-Loving and Energetic Mix For You?

The Border Collie Pitbull mix is an amazingly unique cross between the American Pitbull Terrier and the Border Collie. Some people call them Border Pit, Border Collie Pitbull, Pitbull Border Collie mix, or Borderbull, but they are all adorable just the same! It’s no wonder these mixed breeds are growing popular by the minute!

The Border Collie Pitbull mix is a highly energetic and independent dog. They will need plenty of exercises and a lot of patience for training them as they grow up. These dogs are ideal for homes with wide spaces where they can run and exercise. With capable and responsible owners, these dogs can be the perfect family companion.

If you want to have a Border Collie Pit mix for a pet, you should learn more about their origin, personality, exercise, and grooming needs. Knowing more about this specific dog breed will also help you understand your future pet’s peculiar needs. You should also remember that they are still part Pitbull dogs; thus, you should check your local ordinances if allowed in your place. So, let’s jump in and take a good look at these remarkably mixed breeds!

Border Collie Pitbull Mix Origins

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As a relatively new designer breed, there is not much information about the origin of the Pitbull Border Collie mix. The best way for you to know more about their origin is to look at their parent breeds.

There can be a lot of surprises on how mixed dog breeds will turn out. Your puppy will likely take more after one of its parents. It is rare to have a mixed breed that is a perfect combination of the two parents.

The American Pitbull Terrier dogs are touted to be aggressive breeds. Its bad reputation is rooted in its history as fighting dogs. Irresponsible breeders trained them to become aggressive dogs while they are also neglected and abused. Thankfully, the sports became illegal, and Pitbulls became popular farm working dogs. They also served during the war, and later on, as service dogs and excellent family companions. In the United States, they are widely known as the American Staffordshire Terrier, but there are other Pitbulls such as the American Pitbull Terrier and the Bull Terrier breeds.

Pitbulls are active dogs with high energy levels. They will need plenty of exercises to prevent restlessness, boredness or develop destructive habits. Despite their bad reps, these dogs are very tolerant of little children. The American Staffordshire Terrier dogs are fondly called nanny dogs because of their patience and affection for kids.

Meanwhile, the Border Collie is a herding breed that comes from Scotland. They are known as the “king of herding dogs” because of the capability of handling their flock. Collies are extremely active, especially in their first few years of life. It is recommended that you have a big yard if you plan on adding a Border Collie or its mix to your family. They need a job to accomplish, and there should be plenty of room for them to run around.

Additionally, Border Collies are some of the most brilliant dogs alive. They can train in agility, obedience, and for work. These dogs can master a task after a few repetitions only. They are also great around kids and will do well in a multi-pet household. However, it is best if these dogs have obedience training early to discourage nipping at the heels. Border Collies are common parent breeds in mixes because of their friendly nature, intelligence, and laid-back personality.

When it comes to the Pit Bull Border Collie mix, you can expect to have an energetic hybrid because both parents are also highly active breeds. These dogs are also likely to be loyal and affectionate companions. But because of their high energy needs and herding instincts, it is best to train them properly at an early age.

The Border Collie Pitbull mix is a well-balanced pet that will go above and beyond to please its owners. They are incredibly healthy and are not prone to common health conditions; thus, they’d live a long and exciting life with your family.

The Temperament of the Border Collie Pitbull Mix

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Border Collie Pitbull mixes are friendly, social, and affectionate dogs. Both its parent breeds are known to crave affection from their owners. It is also common for them to experience separation anxiety; thus, it is crucial that they are not left alone for long periods. If you intend to take one of these mixes home, be sure that you can spend time with them or have family members who are always home. These dogs love to snuggle and will make excellent lounging companions after a vigorous workout!

These dogs also have the physical strength of the Pit Bull and the energy of both parents. Apart from physical exercise, keeping them mentally stimulated will also help them from becoming bored. Take them out for tasks or a game of fetch. And although having a large yard is not required, having one is highly recommended for the kind of energy output these dogs have.

Appearance and Size of the Border Collie Pitbull Mix

Typically, Border Collie Pitbull mix dogs will be medium-sized mix-breeds not exceeding 50 pounds. They can grow to a height of 15 to 16 inches at the shoulders. They have a lean and muscular built, which is standard because of the activity level. It can have ears that are mostly erect or semi-erect. The eyes can be round or oval, and there is a probability that each eye’s colors are different!

If they look after their Pit Bull parent, they may look slightly intimidating with 25 to 50 pounds of solid muscles. If you are lucky, your pup will grow to become a perfect looking blend of its parent breeds.

Coat and Colors Border Collie Pitbull Mix

When it comes to coat colors, Border Collie Pitbull mix dogs come in a wide variety of colors. If they inherit more from their Pitbull genes, you can have a surprising blue or coppery red-colored mix. They may also have merle, brindle, black, white, and various colors in between.

Also, a Pit Border Collie mix is likely to have a coat length somewhere between the Border Collies’ fluffy hair and the Pitbull’s short, coarse coat. Fortunately, its coat will not shed as much as its Border Collie parent does.

Exercise Needs and Recommended Living Conditions for a Pitbull Border Collie Mix

Exercise and physical activity are well highlighted for pet parents who plan on getting a Border Pit mix. These dogs are highly active with very high energy levels!

You will need to allow at least one full hour each day to walk, run, hike, or play fetch with them. Take them to a park or engage them in outdoor activities. If you cannot commit to this, you should have a large yard where your mix can run around. Ideally, you should have the ability to play thug with them, throw balls and interact with a Pitbull Border Collie mix to help burn off their high energy levels.

These dogs are prone to developing destructive habits when not adequately exercised. Please find the best and most durable toys for it to withstand the abuse your pet will give it. And although they can survive living in apartments, it is not recommended unless you can commit your time to provide much-needed exercise, physical and mental stimulation for your Pitbull Border Collie mix.

Training Your Border Collie Pitbull Mix

An ideal period to start obedience training for dogs is while they are still puppies. Doing this will be beneficial for your Border Pit because they love listening and following instructions. They are intelligent dog, highly trainable dogs that are almost equal to their purebred Border Collie parents. They excel in basic obedience and agility training, but they will also love learning tricks.

During training, the Border Collie Pitbull mix will likely need bribes. So, prepare some treats to keep them focused on your session. They respond well when there are fruits and veggies to keep them motivated!

Health Issues of the Pitbull Border Collie Mix

Both the American Pitbull Terrier and the Border Collie are sturdy breeds; thus, the Border Collie Pitbull mix-breeds are lucky to have healthy genes. However, there are still some mix health problems that would-be owners should know about them. These dogs still can inherit genetic health conditions from either of their parents.

Border Collie Pit dogs are particularly prone to hip dysplasia. This condition roots from the abnormal formation of the hip socket, and it affects both parents. It can lead to lameness and painful arthritis.

Border Collie dogs are also predisposed to renal atrophy, epilepsy, deafness, and Collie eye anomaly.

More so, Pit bull terrier breeds are prone to skin and coat allergies and cardiac diseases. They may also need cerebellar ataxia tests, a brain disease that causes a progressive decline in muscle coordination and voluntary movement.

Reputable breeders will ensure that the parent breeds and the puppies are evaluated, tested, and cleared for any of the above-mentioned health problems.

The Lifespan of the Collie Pit Mix

The Pit Bull terrier has an average lifespan of 12 to 16 years, while Border Collies have 12 to 15 years. Fortunately, both are very healthy breeds. With proper care, regular veterinary check-up, a nutritious diet, and plenty of exercises, Border Collie Pit mixes are expected to live a long and happy life with their families.

Nutritional Requirement of the Border Pit

Pit Bull terrier dogs require a diet that is rich in high-quality protein and less starch. While Border Collie breed need high-energy giving diets to help with their activities. Although you also need proteins in Collie’s diet, avoid giving Pit Border Collie mixes raw proteins. Based on their parents’ nutritional needs, Border Collie Pits should have a high-energy carbohydrate and protein-rich diet. Thus, aside from kibbles, you can also give them whole foods to meet their vitamin and antioxidant needs.

Proteins will help your pet’s muscles grow while energy giving food fuels the body for their activities. Pit Bull Collie mixes do not do well with raw protein food; thus, consult with your veterinarian if you intend to add this into their meals. You may also bring in bones that are safe for your pup to chew to satisfy their extreme chewing habits.

Opt for high-quality branded kibble for your Pit Collie mixed breed. The portion and kind will depend on your pet’s growth stage. If your pet is significantly bigger, go for a diet that is fit for the Pitbull. But if your dog is on a smaller size, they will do well with a dry-kibble diet suitable for a Border Collie.

Grooming Requirements of a Pit Collie Mix

The Pitbull Border Collie mix is expected to have short to medium-length coats. They are relatively easy to groom, though there is also a high potential for shedding. They will need thorough brushing at least once or twice a week to prevent matting and shedding.

This mixed breed is also likely to catch pests such as ticks and fleas because they spend plenty of time outdoors. Thus, always check your pet’s coat for dirt, pests, and parasites. Ticks and fleas can cause skin reactions and infections. Additionally, check your dog’s skin for signs of allergies from food, drugs, and other allergens.

Bath your pet and use a pet-friendly shampoo whenever the need arises. Brush its teeth regularly to prevent oral infections. Routine eye and ear cleaning will also keep them clean and prevent issues from developing.

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Rescuing a Pit Collie Mix

Rescue centers and shelters often have various dog breeds under their care. Locating a specific mix breed can be a challenge if you plan on adopting an adult Border Collie Pitbull mix, but it is possible.

One of your options is to visit shelters that specialize in either the Border Collie or the Pitbull. You may have to extend your search further to find the perfect hybrid for you.

And once you find them, take things slow so that they can adjust to their new surroundings. You can initiate an exercise routine soon for you to start bonding, helping them burn off excess and nervous energy. This way, they will feel more at ease and content with their new environment.

Where to Find a Pitbull Collie Mix?

To find a healthy Border Collie Pitbull mix, approaching reputable and ethical breeders are the best place to start.

Designer breeds have become more popular than ever, and it might take time to find breeders with certifications and health clearances for their breeding stock. Make sure to visit the puppy’s living quarters first before deciding to buy a puppy. Also, ask to see at least one of the parents to determine its health and temperament too.

You can expect to find Border Pit puppy mixes with prices starting from $700 and above. But if you are lucky to find them at a rescue shelter, you’ll only need to pay for adoption fees!

Are Border Collie Pit Mix Great Family Dogs?

A Border Collie Pitbull mix is a perfect match for families that spend plenty of time outdoors. These dogs will reel in the experience of playing and running with their family. They will be happy and content to just lay beside you on the sofa after a tiring day. They are affectionate and loyal dogs who need plenty of activities.

Early socialization and training will help curb the Pit Collies herding instinct and aggression towards other dogs. They are not ideal for first-time dog owners, families with very young children, and those who cannot commit to its excise requirements.

Is the Border Collie Pit the Right Mix For You?

No one else can decide whether a dog is a good pick for you but yourself. Before you commit to any dog breed, you have to learn everything about them. For mixed breeds, you have to look into the traits and temperaments of two different parent dogs. Remember that having a dog is a huge responsibility and commitment.

The Pit Collie mix is a robust, high-stamina, high-energy mix that calls for owners capable of providing training, exercise, and socialization. These are some of the smartest dogs around too. If you can commit to at least an hour of exercise each day, then that’s a brownie point for you. Ideally, it would be best if you also had a spacious yard where these dogs can run and spend their energy in case you can take them out for some exercise.

So, if you are looking for a pet to cuddle around the house, look somewhere else! Border Collie Pit mixes are excellent companions for people with an active lifestyle, are patient, and ready to make the relationship work!

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Final Thoughts

Many mixed breeds will do fine as family companions. But the Border Collie Pitbull mix makes excellent family companions for those who understand their needs and requirements. They are a robust breed that you can expect to live a long time with you. It is relatively easy to care for this mix, you only need to keep up with some grooming, and they will be all set. When you decide to take a Pit Collie home, you will indeed become happier and healthier!

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