Why Most Breeders Love American Bully Pocket?

This is another breed of Bully that is different from other breeds of its kind. The American Bully Pocket breed is the shortest of its kind and no, in spite of the word “pocket” in its name it does not fit in a pocket like some kind of toy. It’s just a Bully dog whose height is short.

Like other Bully’s of this breed, it is another amended version of the original American Bully Standard. It shares physical traits common to other Bully’s, but in terms of height, the Pocket Bullies are shorter and more compact compared to the other breeds. This Bully has been specifically breeding for Bully dog owners who want a small and compact size Bully that looks cute as well as being a dog fit for a person with an average lifestyle.

Blood the 2 American Bully Pocket Size

Some physical traits of a Bully Pocket dog that any would-be owner needs to look for. Be aware that in all Bully dog competitions judges will be examining if a Bully has faults:

Head is large, heavy and broad in form. Ear are set high and can either be cropped or natural depending on the dog owner’s preference. Eyes set in the skull’s low down are shaped like an oval or almond. Color depends on the Bully’s pedigree, but blue and albino eyes are not desirable in an American Bully Pocket. Also, the top line of the muzzle is in a straight line with the dog’s nose as well as being blocky or slightly squared. Its jaws must be well-defined. Teeth should not look like an overshot, undershot or even a wry bite.

The looseness of skin neck is either absent or minimal with a heavy and muscular look that is slightly arched. If the dog’s neck is too long or too short as well as being too weak and thin, then there is a fault in the dog.

The body must be small and compact with heavy muscles and bulk. The Bully Pocket looks short, but it gives people a sense that it has excellent power for a dog of its size small. Chest features should not be exaggerated. A deep, well filled and broad chest must be the dog’s chest feature. It must also have a barrel chest that looks well-rounded that helps in giving the impression that the Bully dog is dominant. The tail should be medium in size that tapers to an excellent point and set low in the rear.

Pocket Bully Mr. Toad Krush

Like its other Bully’s the coat of the Pocket Bully must be smooth to stiff when touched. There is a glossy look in the coat that is not longer than ½ inch. Long, wavy curly or any combination of the traits mentioned is considered faulty.

Like other Bully’s regardless of breed, The friendly and social temperament must be present in the American Bully Pocket breed. Caring for the health Pocket breed is very similar to the Standard breed so what works for the one dog breed work for every dog breed.

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