Things You Need To Know About American Bully Extreme

Bully dogs have different types of breeds and depending on the person who wants to own one he/she may choose a Bully breed whose form and personality is pleasing to said would-be Bully owner. If the person likes his/her Bully dog heavier and bigger the choice of Bully dog would be the American Bully Extreme breed.

So what exactly is a Bully Extreme breed? The dog is basically an amendment of the Standard Bully breed just like the Classic Standard. What makes this Bully breed different from the others is its build and body structure. The dogs of these breed regardless of their gender have a greater body mass giving it the appearance of having more substance compared to other breeds of Bully. Its body frame is heavier due to its bones which happen to be thick. They also have a distinct look that gives the impression of being wide and wrinkling. There is no particular height and/or weight found in the American Bully Extreme though said height and/or weight measurements may differ from breed to breed.

Male American Bully Extreme MEGA DOME

Here are some particular details about American Bully Extreme. The info can be helpful for anyone trying to determine if said Bully breed is an Extreme. It can also be used as a guide for Bully dog shows:

The lips of these breed are semi close in shape. Said lips can also be loose, but some Bully owners do not prefer his kind of characteristic though said looseness of the lips is acceptable.

The skin around the American Bully Extreme’s neck can either be loose of tight (but not too tight). This physical trait is acceptable for other Extreme Bully varieties.

The rear of this breed is slightly higher compared to other Bully breeds. Also acceptable in other varieties of the Extreme Bully.

Its hindquarters or the hocks are slightly turned out. Still an acceptable trait for other varieties of this breed.

At their withers a male Bully is measured over 17” to 20” while a female Bully is 16” to 19”.

Caring for the health of a dog of this breed is simple enough. Some simple grooming, a bit of nail clipping and regular ear cleaning as well as visiting a vet for some physical checkup is all the dog needs. Feeding the dog with enough nutritious food and some outdoor exercises helps in maintaining a good health for a Bully dog.

Female American Bully Extreme ICEE

Like other Bully's of different breed the American Bully Extreme is a social and friendly dog. It is shows lots of affection and is loyal to its owner and/or family. As a sociable animal it is tolerant to strangers and children. This breed has a remarkable tolerance to pain which can be a good thing and a bad thing hence the physical check as described above is necessary. A Bully that is aggressive and is prone to biting as well as snapping is not a desirable pet.

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