Why Famous Breeders Love American Bully XXL (We Love It Too!)

If you are the type who likes your Bully to big in terms of size and shape, then one particular type of Bully breed will appeal to your taste in Bully breeds. Meet the American Bully XXL the biggest Bully in terms of size among it fellow dogs of the same breed.

This breed of Bully dog has the same physical characteristics and friendly temperament like other Bullies. In fact most would say that this Bully is just an amendment of the basic Standard Bully dog. The only difference this American Bully XXL dog breed has with others breeds of its kind is the height which is higher than all of those Bully breeds.

Famous Trainers Loves American Bully XXL too!!

American Bully XXL Standing Dog

Expect an American Bully XXL to have these basic physical traits: glossy coat that is short close and stiff. A skull that is broad with muscle cheeks that are very pronounced along with ears that are set high. The round or oval eyes have different color depending on each dog individually, but albino color is not its trait. Jaws are well-defined and definitely strong-looking. Skin is not loose, shoulders are strong, short slightly sloped back and chest that is deep and broad with ribs close together.

As mentioned earlier height is the only thing that differentiates this Bully dog breed from others of its kind. Withers of males are measured under 17”. Females XXL Bullies measure at less than 16” at their withers.

Additionally the American Bully XXL dog is a loving and gentle creature to its owners as well as other people since they are tolerant to strangers. Temperament must be good-natured, happy, affectionate, amusing, stable and most importantly a loyal family pet that anyone can love.

The overall development of the Bully dog breed has encountered many mixed reactions concerning the dogs. Those who breed the American Pit Bull Terriers dogs (the breed that Bullies were derived from) consider them inferior to said dogs. Some consider the Bully breed to be a very distinct breed compared to the Terrier and the Staffordshire. Other would label the Bully as a Pit Bull in spite of the fact that they are a very distinct breed from Pit Bulls. One concern is that breeders who has no experience and/or is careless enough to breed Pit Bull Terriers with American Bullies then pass of their offspring as pure Pit Bull Terriers.

2 American Bully XXL with Woman

In dog shows the American Bully XXL often faces stiff competition other Bully breeds. The title of “Grand Champion

” or “dog of the year” won’t often go to XXL breeds. The problem here seems to stem from the difficulty of breeding a XXL Bully dog. So breeders of this breed must be aware of this small detail when trying to breed a Bully XXL dog that matches the requirements of a confirmation correct Bully dog. Pocket Class, Classic Class and Standard Class Bully dogs are mostly the ones who come out on top in these dogs’ shows. Classic and Standard dogs are the most common winners due to being bred easily to match the requirements of a confirmation correct Bully dog.



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